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0032 UTC Tuned in to some funky jazz music (S9 peaks and above the very high noise level this evening)
0034 UTC Funky jazz tune with OM rapping
0046 UTC OM with ID "Aurora Borealis Radio", followed by some harder edged jazz rock fusion
0053 UTC Unid jazz rock fusion tune
0103 UTC OM with ID, followed by more funky jazz fusion
0114 UTC OM with ID, then back to previous song
0130 UTC OFF

Thanks for the entertainment!

0131 UTC Tuned in to "Turn Up the Radio"-Autograph (S7 peaks with high noise and deep fading)
0136 UTC OM DJ chat, but no luck on the copy

2139 UTC Very weak fade up to the noise floor here...I can tell somethings there but that's all
2141 UTC Another fade up of unid music...threshold copy
2224 UTC Robot 72 SSTV followed by music at or just above the noise floor

2246 UTC Martin 1 SSTV, followed by unid song-OM singer (mostly solid above the noise now)

2317 UTC Martin 1 SSTV

QSLs Received / Radio Static eQSL 12 JUL 2023
« on: July 12, 2023, 1532 UTC »
Thank you very much Radio Static! It is very much appreciated! Also, thanks for the ID on the station name!  8)

0315 UTC Just above the noise here with unid rock music-OM
0319 UTC Different rock song
0326 UTC Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-Hard rock version-OM  (Music is well above the noise now)
0329 UTC Unid blues-rock instrumental
0333 UTC OM said something briefly, then Scottie2 SSTV's, then OFF

Thanks for the tunes! Here's my recording from 0315-0335 UTC:

0204 UTC Unid techno/disco tune-OM rap (Signal just above the noise floor here with light fading...excellent audio)
0208 UTC Jazzy flute music now, then electronica music
0210 UTC OM talking over the music?
0216 UTC Something much louder just came on with Jazz music...signal jumped up or somebody else just signed on over the first station...modulation on this song seems to be perfect!
0219 UTC OM talking now, but tough copy in the noise
0220 UTC Jazz music now, but some deep fading
0232 UTC "Lonely Is the Night"-Billy Squier
0236 UTC OM said something, then "Radar Love"-Golden Earring
0243 UTC OM, this time with a clear ID, followed by "Juke Box Hero"-Foreigner
0248 UTC High noise level, so only partial copy on the Mr Sycko chat...following song at the noise level
0250 UTC Signal dropped deep into the noise  :(
0300 UTC Getting some threshold music at noise level

Thanks for the entertainment! Here's my recording from 0204-0251 UTC:

QSLs Received / All Azteca Marathon #8 via AARS eQSL
« on: July 12, 2023, 0111 UTC »
Thanks again AARS! It is appreciated!  8)

Also received the same here! Thank you very much RTM and CSR!  8)

2339 UTC Jazzy piano version of "Light My Fire" with a segue into "The End" (S9 with no fading or noise)
2342 UTC "This Radio Time Machine tribute to George Winston has been relayed by Cloudsplitter Radio"
2343 UTC OFF

Wish I had tuned in earlier! Thanks RTM and CSR! Here's what the last few minutes sounded like here:

0349 UTC Tuned here from 6865 USB and found a fair to good signal with music in progress
0350 UTC Redhat on the mic chatting...mention of the relayers
0351 UTC "Saying goodnight and thank you"...names of posters (Thanks!)
0354 UTC Redhat talking over the beginning of a Rammstein song

0245 UTC I tuned over to 6865 USB from 5185 AM, and the signal is S9+10 here!
0252 UTC YL with a Mix Radio ID, followed by music
0256 UTC Redhat on the mic...IDing the last songs played
0312 UTC End of a long song, followed by ID's and what sounds like a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song
0330 UTC Redhat IDing next song by Depeche Mode
0333 UTC Redhat on the mic with previous songs playing...getting pretty close to putting the breaks on the show, followed by a song from the 70's "Water of Love"-Dire Straits
0359 UTC Synth voiced ID by YL "Mix Radio International" and snippet of disco tune, then Mix ID and some R&B music
0400 UTC OFF

Thanks X-FM and MRI!

0111 UTC Red Hat on the microphone talking about the 3 relays, then chatting about the upcoming playlist
(S8 peaks with light fading and mostly solid above the noise)
0115 UTC Redhat talking about the recent loss of Mr. Porrell and Mr. Torgo, then shoutouts to the HFU posters. THANKS!
(Excellent audio...music is sounding real good!)
0128 UTC Redhat on the mic with live TC, shoutout to osiris and Mr Mom B
( email address is xfmshortwave@proton.me )
0201 UTC "Black Summer"-Red Hot Chili Peppers (Great tune!)
(Getting some strong fading...M-class flare in progress at the moment)
0218 UTC Signal recovered...now S7 peaks with moderate fading
0233 UTC Redhat on the mic...chatting
(Fading and noise are taking it's toll on 5185 AM...tough copy now)

Here's my recording from 0126-0226 UTC:

Thanks X-FM and Radio Illuminati!

0107 UTC Tuned in to classical piano music (S7 peaks with high noise and light fading)

0026 UTC Tuned in to a very weak, but steady carrier
0100 UTC Have heard no audio since 0026 UTC, but the carrier is still there. No clue if this is NA or Europe or ?

0420 UTC Mostly a carrier here with some very weak fade-ups of music
0429 UTC A fair fade-up with music...no Shazam here, so I can't ID the song. The noise level is very high.
0435 UTC Might have been an announcer in there
0439 UTC Sounds like an OM talking...doesn't sound like a peskie
0524 UTC Hearing a rap song-OM singer now
0536 UTC "A Hard Rains Gonna Fall"-Bob Dylan   8)

Here's a 5 minute recording heard directly here...0430-0435 UTC...nothing earth shaking, but the audio rises above the noise, especially a couple minutes into the recording. Is there an ID for this station yet? Thanks whoever you are!

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