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0132 UTC Unid piano jazz tune (Fairly good signal for these parts!)
0137 UTC Horn or Sax solo now
0141 UTC Bud Bigly speaking now but I can only make out a few words
0142 UTC Sounds like Frank Sinatra
0222 UTC OFF after Dock of the Bay

Nice to hear you again B-Side!

0106 UTC "Addams Family" theme song (Signal is low in the noise this evening with choppy fading)
0110 UTC "Zombie"-Cranberries
0115 UTC "Love Potion #9"-Searchers
0117 UTC "Superstition"-Stevie Wonder
0121 UTC YL with ID and pinfall, followed by "Thriller"-Michael Jackson
0128 UTC (Really tough copy now with the signal at the noise floor)
0228 UTC I still have the carrier here with just a trace of music
0250 UTC SSTV but it would not decode

2207 UTC A song I forgot the name of, then OM speaking...mostly just above the noise with moderate noise level
2209 UTC "Monster Mash"-Bobby Boris Pickett & Crypt Kickers
2211 UTC "Haunted House"-Jumping Gene Simmons (Same song as 2207 UTC)
2213 UTC "The Blob"-The Five Blobs
2216 UTC "Ghost Busters"-Ray Parker Jr
2220 UTC Waterfall image sound...app not turned on!
2221 UTC Twilight Zone theme music
2223 UTC "Purple People Eater"-Sheb Wooley
2226 UTC Addams Family theme music
2227 UTC Easypal image

2228 UTC "I Put A Spell On You"
2230 UTC Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"-Unid singer
2232 UTC Unid song
2234 UTC Robot 36 SSTV

2236 UTC "Ghost Chicken In the Sky"-OM singer
2238 UTC "War of the Worlds"..."From the Meridian Room of the Park Plaza Hotel"
2251 UTC "This is Orson Welles", followed by Martin 1 SSTV

2354 UTC Chickens clucking, OM with ID..."Thunder Chicken Radio, then OFF

Thank you for the continuing the tradition of the War of the Worlds broadcast! Seems every year someone steps up to give us the yearly fix!

1946 UTC Electronica sounding theme from "The Exorcist"
1949 UTC OM with ID...K---, followed by an OM and YL telling a story about a man in a house? "Man in a rocking chair starting rocking back and forth violently"...OM with a groaning scream, then OM and YL again..."even notified the police"
1953 UTC Mention of "possession case"
1955 UTC OM with ID "This is KRST-Cursed Radio....ID repeated 2 more times
1956 UTC OFF
(A new one for me!))

Thanks for the early spooky show KRST! Here's my recording of the show:

QSLs Received / Crapola Radio Postal Card for October 19, 2023 show
« on: October 27, 2023, 0012 UTC »
I missed the broadcast on shortwave, but listened to it on the Crapola Radio Soundcloud site and was very pleased to have received this awesome card! Thank you kindly Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet....now I have my own pic of our esteemed host and hostess! Love the graphics and the envelope with stamps...a superb effort! Thank you very much!

2223 UTC Tuned in to Alan Maxwell speaking with mention of the Flying Dutchman
(KIPM is best listened to without the interruptions of having to post details of the madness! I'll post my recording after the show. THANK YOU Dr Benway! Signal is solid S9 with light fades and excellent audio.)
2318 UTC Alan Maxwell with ID and the name of the program was "Alan Maxwell's Flying Dutchman"
2320 UTC End of program...carrier off at 2321 UTC

Thanks for the relay of the Flying Dutchman show Dr. Benway! True to form Alan Maxwell for sure! The man has a way with words...
Here is my recording of the show:

0147 UTC Seems to be a relay of PSA's by OM and YL
0150 UTC YL with weather report...possible KOMA ID, followed by a credit union advert
0151 UTC Sounds like an ad for a place in Montana
0152 UTC OM with clear ID..."Thanks for listening to the Voice of Montana, 560 KMON", then OFF

Here's a link to my recording:

Never heard Montana in all my years of radio listening!  8)

0043 UTC On suddenly with funky jazz instrumental music. Solid S9 here and sounding very nice!
0049 UTC OFF 
0051 UTC On again with a different jazz rock fusion tune
0057 UTC "Up Up and Away"-5th Dimension
0059 UTC The Yeah Man with ID and "6925", into "Happy Together"-Turtles
0102 UTC YM with "Wacky Wednesday", followed by shoutouts to posters
(Thanks for the shoutout YM!)
0104 UTC "Daydream Believer"-Monkees
(Signal has dropped to S6 and the noise level is high)
0106 UTC YM chatting, into "This is Dedicated to the One I Love"-Mamas & Papas
0110 UTC "How Can I Be Sure"-Rascals
0112 UTC YM chatting, but no luck on the copy...the noise is brutal, followed by "Sunday Will Never Be the Same"-Spanky & Our Gang
0117 UTC Signal is buried in the noise  :(

Good to hear The Yeah Man again! Thanks for the show!

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: NEW COUNTRY, NEW STATION LOGGED!
« on: October 25, 2023, 2156 UTC »
Nice catch Paul! I am guessing you meant to type 4750 khz instead of 750?

QSLs Received / Re: KXKVI relay via NAPRS - 22 OCT 2023
« on: October 25, 2023, 2135 UTC »
Also received the same interstellar reply here...thank you very much NAPRS!

QSLs Received / Re: Peele Island Broadcast System E-Qsi 30 Jan 23
« on: October 25, 2023, 2133 UTC »
Also happy to receive the same alt-QSL here...a fine job! THANKS!

0203 UTC Unid dark ambient sounding music (S6 peaks amidst moderate noise...very nice audio)
0207 UTC Spooky laughter and unid Halloween sounding music
0210 UTC OM repeating something about a "Hotline"
0212 UTC Sounds like a goat man skit  ;D
0214 UTC "Who's on first" skit
0219 UTC "Brain Damage"-Pink Floyd
0223 UTC Unid jazzy reggae tune
0227 UTC Unid skit with crazy talking OM..."Have you taken any illegal substances", then some jazzy surf music
0230 UTC YL gospel singing looped...then OFF

Thanks for the entertainment! One can never have enough goats for Halloween  8)

0112 UTC Unid easy listening spacey movie theme music...Solid signal here with light fades
0116 UTC Spacey sounds and sound effects
0119 UTC Unid ambient spacey music and a mechanical sound
Damn jamming fool again...
0122 UTC OM with ID in between the jamming
0126 UTC Jammer gone and hearing unid music now
0130 UTC OM said something...not sure if ID
0131 UTC OM talking now...clear ID now with mention of 49 meter band too
0132 UTC Music then animal sounds? and OM with clear IDs as KXKVI
0133 UTC Music then sound effects, then OM with more ID's (Starting over I think)
0136 UTC Easy listening instrumental music
0159 UTC OFF

Thanks for the old one NAPRS! Here's my recording of the show, including the jamming:

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