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1943 UTC Unid Jazzy R&B tune (There was a bit of LSB also, so I'm thinking this was wideband sideband, as the signal was distorted in AM)
1945 UTC OFF
(Signal was S7 with light noise)

2231 UTC Unid ambient music (S7 and solid above the noise...excellent audio)
2236 UTC Synth voiced OM with ID and date..."album "Munroe!" by Tom Fahy" followed by the album

0026 UTC Solid S8 above the noise here with another show of ambient music from Tom Fahy
0030 UTC Synth voice OM with "77 Lima Juliet Sierra...broadcasting from the elephant cage" and description of the upcoming program
0031 UTC Ambient musical composition

Other / Echo Charlie Jammer 6660 LSB 2359 UTC 6 JUL 2023
« on: July 07, 2023, 0009 UTC »
2359 UTC I'm hearing music I can't ID amidst a lot of static crashes
0002 UTC Different song with OM singer...sounds like a blues rock tune with harmonica
0008 UTC OFF
(Signal was just above the heavy T-storm static. I'm not certain this is European origin, but I've heard music on this frequency before!)

Here's the last few minutes of the broadcast...

2254 UTC Just tuned in to catch an SSTV in progress...late for the party!

2315 UTC Unid song at tune in, followed by OM DJ with mention of the last song as "Footstomping", then "You Don't Want Me No More"-Barbara George
2319 UTC OM DJ with mention of the last song followed by a Paul Anka song I forgot the name of
2322 UTC OM DJ talking about old times and causing mayhem, followed by "Sweet Soul Music"-Arthur Conley
2325 UTC OM DJ with ID, followed by "Let the Little Girl Dance"-Billy Bland
(Signal so far is a solid S9 with light fading and light noise...excellent audio!)
2327 UTC OM DJ chat followed by an unid song-OM singer
2330 UTC Unid song-OM singer
2335 UTC OM DJ chat followed by "Morgen"-Ivo Robic
2338 UTC OFF

Thanks for the tunes KRAP!

QSLs Received / All Azteca Marathon #7 via AARS eQSL 1 JUL 2023
« on: July 03, 2023, 0025 UTC »
Thank you yet again for another fine eQSL in the series! Thanks for the shows!

QSLs Received / Radio Time Machine via CSR eQSL 1 JUL 2023
« on: July 03, 2023, 0021 UTC »
Thank you very much RTM and CSR! Always appreciated!

Received this one also! Thank you MSR and CSR!

QSLs Received / Re: Ball Smacker Radio eQSL 1 JUL 2023
« on: July 03, 2023, 0015 UTC »
Also received this tasty eQSL! Thanks for the show and the eQSL Ballsmacker team!

2016 UTC Very nice sounding piano composition (S5 peaks with light noise...excellent audio)
2019 UTC Pause, then another piano tune
2025 UTC Pause, then another piano tune
2052 UTC Still sounding good, with peaks now to S7

Here's a 15 minute recording from 2016-2031 UTC:

0315 UTC Radio Azteca interval signal
0316 UTC Bram Stoker with opening ID in Spanish
0320 UTC Show #19...then listeners letters
0331 UTC Radio Azteca coverage of women in the shortwave hobby..."How about a DXpedition in the woods"
0333 UTC Reggae music followed by "Actual Stuff"...The Serenading Condom
0336 UTC Top 10 list...Latin American football scores...KJES (What numbers stations are)
0340 UTC "Ask Dr Radio"..."Difference between a QSL hound and a QSL whore"
0344 UTC DX program...other definitions of the term "DX"
0348 UTC "Albatross"-Fleetwood Mac
0350 UTC Bram Stoker bringing program #19 to a close
0351 UTC Horn fanfare IS, followed by some discordant orchestral music
0355 UTC Bram Stoker with program #20
0357 UTC "Monique the Mailkeeper" introduced
0404 UTC Chris Smolinski mentioned
0410 UTC DX program
0413 UTC Top 10 DXer pick up lines..."great looking knobs"
0415 UTC "Actual Stuff"
(Signal has dropped to S7 and only partial copy in the noise now)
0424 UTC Signal back up again with OM with southern accent talking
0427 UTC Program #20 coming to a close (Signal back up to S9!)
0428 UTC Closing testimonial from Reverend Billy Bob, followed by Horn fanfare
0430 UTC Program #21
0432 UTC "Cantilever Bra" commercial
0433 UTC Mention of Monique the mailwoman, then Bram with listeners letters..."milked a cow and a cowgirl at the same time"..."valuable Radio Azteca QSL cards"
0437 UTC "Albatross"-Fleetwood Mac
0439 UTC Mention of WPIG and the Alan Masyga Project
0443 UTC Back into the noise again...
0445 UTC Radio Azteca the station that gives you gross, not net
0447 UTC "You might be a DXer if", followed with mention of "Montezuma's Revenge"
0449 UTC "From our new home office in Kentucky", followed by a Top 15 list....songs with altered titles
0451 UTC "YMCA Parody"..."IRCA"  ;D
0452 UTC A new book on the market...The Psychic Guide to world band radio...Radio Quebec International and Radio Pennsylvania
0454 UTC "Actual Stuff"...The Gerbil story...illegal to spread birdseed on the ground
0459 UTC "Dippity Dong" advertisement
0500 UTC Bram bringing Program #21 to a close
0501 UTC OM with ID for AARS Radio Azteca marathon #7

Thank you for another gross but tasteful evening of entertainment!

0101 UTC Tuned in to "MacArthur Park"-Richard Harris (S9 with light fades and light noise...excellent audio)
0107 UTC "Tutti Frutti"-Little Richard
0110 UTC "Strawberry Letter #23"-Brothers Johnson
0114 UTC "Blueberry Hill"-Fats Domino
0123 UTC "Peaches"-Presidents of the United States
0125 UTC YL with ID, followed by "You Keep Me Hanging On"-Vanilla Fudge
0128 UTC "American Pie"-Don Mclean
0145 UTC "Strawberry Fields Forever"-Beatles
0152 UTC "You Sexy Thing"-Hot Chocolate
0205 UTC "Sweet Child O' Mine"-Guns N Roses
0220 UTC "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You"-Sugarloaf
0224 UTC "Cherry Pie"-Warrant
0227 UTC "Sea of Love"-Honeydrippers
0230 UTC "Ice Cream Man"-Van Halen
0241 UTC Wildfire IS, then OFF

Thanks for the tunes!

0010 UTC Tuned in to a C&W tune with repeating lyrics "Cowboy Blues", followed by what sounds like a military march song-movie theme music segue into a jazzy instrumental tune
(Signal is S9 peaks and sounding great!)
0016 UTC Sounds like ice cream truck music or carnival tune
0017 UTC OM with ID over ambient music ("Radio Time Machine", followed by an old NBC? audio clip, then an accented OM with another different ID?)
0032 UTC "Mystery Science Radio Mailbag" followed by some kind of movie theme instrumental music
0036 UTC Unid bluegrass tune
0043 UTC Foreign language parody of "Yellow Submarine"....German?
0047 UTC OM with email address mysteryscienceradio@yahoo.com
0048 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Friday evening entertainment!

2314 UTC "The Waiting"-Tom Petty (S3 peaks and just above the noise)
2316 UTC "A Woman In Love"-Tom Petty
2320 UTC Unid Tom Petty song
2324 UTC Easypal mode...app no on!
2326 UTC Ambient intro followed by "You Got Lucky Baby"-TP

2337 UTC "Don't Come Around Here No More"-TP
2340 UTC OM DJ chat

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