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0238 UTC Unid progrock music (S7 peaks amidst the static crackles...nice audio)
0241 UTC Unid skiffle song..."I'm A Wanker" lyrics
0244 UTC Unid rock tune
0254 UTC Spoken word skit and music
0256 UTC Jazzy rock music

0329 UTC Easypal image (App not turned on here!)
0336 UTC Thanks for the shoutout!

Thanks for the show! Here's my recording:

0003 UTC Tuned in to a 50's tune ending, and another 50's tune started-YL singer
(S8 peaks with light fading and light noise...excellent USB audio)
0005 UTC "Jailhouse Rock"-Elvis Presley
0008 UTC YL DJ chat...followed by Professor Plum...2800 dollar light bill...moved upstairs....majoring in law correspondence school...YL...3 years making license plates....make another drink
0009 UTC "Dream Lover"-Bobby Darin
0012 UTC "Johnny B Goode"-Chuck Berry
0014 UTC YL and OM with ID's "All free all the time"
0015 UTC "Suspicion"-Terry Stafford
0017 UTC "Life Alert" Parody advertisement...OM thanking all the listeners...link for news and past shows... crapola_pirate_radio located on the reddit site ...
0019 UTC "The Great Pretender"-Platters
0022 UTC OM with "Brain Brothers" ID, followed by "Unchained Melody"-Righteous Brothers
0025 UTC Scarlett and Professor Plum chatting..."Do not listen to Crapola Radio if you are allergic to it or if operating heavy machinery....hair growing on knuckles...lack of interest in employment" (nice segue into the next song!)
0027 UTC "Since I Don't Have You"-Skyliners
0029 UTC YL with ID, OM with ID, followed by "Crazy"-Patsy Cline
0032 UTC "Stagger Lee"-Lloyd Price
0035 UTC YL with crapolaradio@proton.me address for reports. OM with thanks to HF Underground....
0036 UTC "Star Spangled Banner"-OM vocalist 8)
0038 UTC JFK with Ask not what your country can do for you...Ask what you can do for your country", then OFF

Thank you for another great program!  :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6955 USB 2341 UTC 1 SEP 2023
« on: September 01, 2023, 2346 UTC »
2341 UTC "Stayin' Alive"-Bee Gees
2344 UTC "Too Much Heaven"-Bee Gees
(S9 with light fading and noise)
2346 UTC Pause
2347 UTC "You Baby"-Turtles
2349 UTC "Happy Together"-Turtles (cut off)
2350 UTC Unid 60's song-OM singer
2353 UTC "Happy Together"-Turtles
2355 UTC "You Showed Me"-Turtles
2358 UTC "Elinore"-Turtles
0000 UTC "Sympathy For the Devil"-Rolling Stones

0115 UTC Horn fanfare IS...Bram with "Kulpsville Especial #4" (S9+ with light fades and excellent audio)
0119 UTC Ad for "Cantilever Bra"
0120 UTC Bram talking about programming
0123 UTC Music...new book on the market..."Psychic Band Guide for DXer's"
0125 UTC Survey why DXer's weren't coming to Kulpsville..."Top 10 excuses"...Glenn Hauser wasn't coming...Glenn Hauser was coming....Nookie night
0128 UTC "Scarfman" DX studs...serious dxtacy...
0130 UTC Bram giving Kulpsville schedule and events
0132 UTC "Albatross"-Fleetwood Mac and "Whammo Whiz Bag" Advertisement
0134 UTC Bram interview with Scarfman
0139 UTC "Bobs Erections" Antenna advertisement
0140 UTC Especiale #4 coming to an end...
0142 UTC "Top Dog Law" skit
0143 UTC Horn fanfare IS followed by Radio Azteca Kulpsville Especial #5
0146 UTC Electronica music, then Bram...Scarfman's DXtacy
0148 UTC "Legs"-ZZ Top then Bram with events not on the official schedule
0151 UTC "Cantilever Bra" commercial
0153 UTC Bram talking about Monique the Mail Woman...Gross but Tasteful Review Committee...Gerbil World Grand Opening...plug for Doctor Radio...
0158 UTC "Pyschic Friend Guide to World Band Radio"
0200 UTC DX program...Winter Olympics for DXers
0202 UTC "Albatross" with "Wham-O Whiz Bag"
0205 UTC "Top 10 reasons don't come to Kulpsville"
0207 UTC Antennas..."Bobs Erections"
0209 UTC Especiale #5 coming to an end
0210 UTC Good Byes and dramatic music, then Top Dog Law skit
0212 UTC Horn Fanfare IS, then "Sheba"-Johnny & The Hurricanes
0215 UTC Music and ID special #3
0216 UTC Baseball fan favorite song(pause during song)
0221 UTC Bram with first song played on Radio Azteca #1 program
0226 UTC Bram with ID dedicated to Tony ?, followed by Hawaiian song..."Aloha"
0229 UTC Bram followed by "I Like You Too"-OM singer
0233 UTC Radio Azteca, more fun than a room of horny teenagers
0234 UTC Piano song-OM singer Tom Lehrer?
0237 UTC Bringing program to a close...IS...Top Dog Law skit
0239 UTC AARS ID "Broadcast #16"....total of 48 programs... allaztecarelayservice@gmail.com...Bran Stoker the 2nd...73's
0240 UTC OFF

0125 UTC "I Will Survive"-Gloria Gaynor (S9 and sounding good!)
0128 UTC Yeah Man with "Wacky Wednesday" and a shoutout to me..thanks!
0129 UTC "Backstabbers"-O'Jays
0132 UTC "So Into You"-Atlanta Rhythm Section
0140 UTC "Strawberry Letter #23"-Brothers Johnson
0145 UTC "Patches"-Clarence Carter
0149 UTC "Boogie Nights"-Heatwave
0152 UTC "Don't Pull Your Love"-Hamilton, Frank Joe & Reynolds
0155 UTC "Beach Baby"-The First Class
0159 UTC OFF

Thanks for the mid week show Yeah Man!

North American MW Pirate Radio / UNID 1740 AM 0101 UTC 31 AUG 2023
« on: August 31, 2023, 0109 UTC »
0101 UTC Hearing some weak music fading in and out of the noise and then a deep fade
0107 UTC Some rising musical tones, then OM speaking (no copy), followed by a deep fade
0113 UTC Fade up of threshold music then fade out again

MW Loggings / Re: 1570 AM CJLV malfunctioning loop 30 AUG 2023
« on: August 30, 2023, 0437 UTC »
I've been listening to this since 0410 UTC...A sultry voiced YL with piano music. No clue what the language is. Here's a 2 minute recording amidst the noise:

0123 UTC Unid electronica dance music
0124 UTC Sounded like a station jingle with YL, followed by R&B/rap tune
0128 UTC OM with ID, into jazzy R&B music intro to metal music
0138 UTC "Paradise Theater"-Guns N Roses rap mix
0140 UTC "Werewolves of London"-Warren Zevon rap mix/Sweet Home Alabama All Summer Long
0145 UTC Mix Radio ID-OM and YL followed by unid music
0206 UTC "Walk This Way"-Aerosmith rap mix
"Chop Chop Slide"-Insane Clown Posse...My first time hearing this... :-X
0223 UTC "Land Down Under"-Men at Work dance mix
0236 UTC "Owner of a Lonely Heart" Riff dance mix
0242 UTC "Superfreak"-Rick James
0244 UTC "Bohemian Rhapsody"-Queen intro to a dance mix

1818 UTC "Takin' It To The Streets"-Doobie Brothers (Nice S8 signal with light fading and excellent audio)
1821 UTC Unid Doobie Brothers song
1825 UTC "Rio"-Doobie Brothers
1829 UTC Unid Doobie Brothers song
1838 UTC "Wheels of Fortune"-Doobie Brothers (Signal dropped down to S3, then back up to S8)
1852 UTC "It Keeps You Runnin"-Doobie Brothers
1857 UTC OFF

Thanks for the tunes whoever!

0202 UTC YL with "Now they won't laugh at you" looped, followed by YL with ID

QSLs Received / All Azteca Marathon #15 eQSL
« on: August 27, 2023, 0201 UTC »
Thanks again AARS!

2357 UTC Testing 1, 2, 3 Interval signal
0000 UTC Unid jazzy big band tune-OM singer (S9+ with high noise level tonight)
0003 UTC "Let The Good Times Roll"-OM singer
0011 UTC "Good Rockin' Daddy"-Etta James?
0013 UTC "Hey Good Lookin"-Hank Williams
0016 UTC "Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)"-OM singer
0019 UTC "You're No Good"-Unid YL singer
0021 UTC "I Got You (I Feel Good)"-James Brown
0024 UTC "Good Vibrations"-Beach Boys
0027 UTC "Good Lovin"-Rascals
0030 UTC "We Could Be So Good Together"-Doors
0032 UTC "Good Shepherd"-Jefferson Airplane
0037 UTC "Good Times Bad Times"-Led Zeppelin
0039 UTC "I've Seen All Good People"-Yes
0046 UTC "Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues"-Danny O'Keefe
0049 UTC "Let The Good Times Roll"-Cars
0053 UTC "Life's Been Good"-Joe Walsh
0101 UTC "Good Thing"-Fine Young Cannibals
0104 UTC Unid tune-OM singer
0109 UTC Unid tune-OM singer "Been So Good Up Till Now" lyrics
0113 UTC "Perfectly Good Guitar"-John Hiatt
0118 UTC Unid tune-OM singer

0246 UTC Bram chatting with Actual Stuff reports (S8 peaks with moderate noise and fading this evening)
0248 UTC Dippity Dong advertisement...in the cosmetic section of your sporting goods store
0250 UTC Bumper music...Doctor Radio...bodily function radio...we've now used "shit" or "shitload" 5 times in this show...DXing provides no useful product or service...
0252 UTC Peruvian music...then surf music
0254 UTC Top 10 List from Maryanne Faithful Kehoe...top 10 reasons to know a DX convention is coming up...
0256 UTC Bram talking about Radio Azteca being relayed from 3 countries...music
0257 UTC Kulpsville...we hope all your wounds and rashes clear up...Radio Azteca Kulpsville Especial 2
0258 UTC Horn fanfare IS, then Top Dog Law skit, then IS again
0301 UTC Bram with "Are you ready"...ID by Charlie Loudenboomer?, then drum and keyboard music
0302 UTC Radio Azteca Kulpsville Especial Three...SPAM...Scientifically Produced Animal Matter
0304 UTC Mailbag intro music followed by different music mentioning the DX Merry Go Round program
0307 UTC One of our more recent sponsors...new book on the market...Psychic Guide to World Band Radio...even a pirate section...do not send cash...you know the address
0310 UTC This isn't the fake real Radio Azteca...music...mention of Top 10 List...Very first Kulpsville Top 10 list...for not coming to Kulpsville...heard that Radio Azteca was going to be on the air...going to clean out the cesspool...outstanding warrants in Pennsylvania...interviews with famous DXers...slapping pickle
0313 UTC Bumper music...regular features is Actual Stuff...Doctor Gene Scott continues to be the best source...Animal Stories...Police seek man who said he could detect breast cancer over the telephone...lyrics in Country & Western songs..."I don't know whether to kill myself or go bowling"..."I wouldn't take you to a dog fight even if I knew you'd win"..."If you got the feeling I don't love you, feel again"..."I'm ashamed to be here but not ashamed to leave"
0321 UTC Cartoon bumper music..."We've upped our standards so up yours"...Emiliano Zamboni...talking about a QSL Whore...self edifying aspect of the hobby...QSL whore coupons..."Ask Doctor Radio"
0326 UTC Marching music..."Cantilever Bra commercial"
(Signal has dropped down to S7 but still mostly above the noise)
0328 UTC Dr Gene Scott scavenger hunt...New FRG 747...modification requires 2 people to operate
0330 UTC Peruvian music...Nobody gets Montezumas revenge like Radio Azteca
0331 UTC "If we tickle your fancy, take a picture of it"...
0332 UTC Horn IS, then Top Dog Law skit
0334 UTC Horn fanfare IS, then It's commode hugging time in the valley followed by Sheba by Johnny & the Hurricanes
0336 UTC Radio Azteca Music and ID Special #2, followed by an odd song
0340 UTC A little bodily function ditty-OM singer "Last Night I Stayed Up Late to Masturbate"
0342 UTC Lone Ranger Theme
0345 UTC Ragtime piano tune-OM singer (The Vatican Rag by Tom Lehrer), followed by "Banana Boat"-Harry Belafonte cover version
0350 UTC "Best autopsy music on shortwave", followed by an unid Country & Western tune with MF bombs
0353 UTC Bram with address and ID, then Horn fanfare IS and AARS ID Marathon program #15
0354 UTC OFF

Thanks again AARS!

Late posting here due to internet outage! From my scribbled notes....(S9+10!)

2246 UTC YL with repeated "Now they won't laugh at you" with audience laughter, followed by YL with spoken word I couldn't copy
2248 UTC Unid punk rock tune
2250 UTC OM with "maiden broadcast of Voice of ?"..."I'm your host Billy Pilgrim"..."Kilgore Trout" (Slaughterhouse Five-Kurt Vonnegut!)
2252 UTC "Billy...American bombers in second world war...American planes...corpses...over France, German planes flew backwards...backwards over German cities...factories operating night and day...never hurt anybody ever again...everybody turned to babies...
2253 UTC Unid punk rock song-OM singer
2257 UTC OM with ID..."Voice of Tralfamadore"..."you can get your very own QSL", followed by YL with ID, then spoken word by OM and a YL or child...(talking about time)
2300 UTC OM with ID..."joining me in the studio is Montana ? and Kilgore Trout"..."QSL at the end of our program", followed by "Jimmy Jockstrap Johnson's Butt Plug Outlet" advertisement, then unid punk rock tune-OM singer
2305 UTC YL..."This is Montana ?" with ID...followed by OM with spoken word..."Dresden firehouse...killed eaten excreted by human beings...pigs waiting to be butchered...latrine with buckets under it...Slaughterhouse Five..."And now a short story by Kilgore Trout"...about a tragic failure to communicate...flying saucer...how wars could be prevented and cancer could be cured...farting and tap dancing...danger they were in"
2306 UTC OM "We're going to call that a wrap...Montana Wildhat, Kilgore Trout...thank you for joining us...QSL...votshortwave@gmail.com...detailed reception report...sending you an actual QSL by US mail", followed by rock music
2309 UTC YL with looped "Now they won't laugh at you" and audience laughter
2310 UTC Show repeated and ended at 2333 UTC

Thanks for bringing to mind the old high school days with Kurt Vonnegut novels providing us with a cheerful outlook on life!  ;D

0001 UTC "When It's Love"-Van Halen live (S6 peaks and mostly above the noise)
0012 UTC "Ain't Talkin Bout Love"-VH live
0050 UTC "Running With the Devil"-VH
0055 UTC "Cluck Cluck Cluck"

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