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Peskies / Re: Unknown 6958 USB 2358 UTC 11 May 2023
« on: May 11, 2023, 2356 UTC »
2354 UTC I have it here also, with 2 OM conversing in Spanish...one of the OM's has a distinct echo to his signal. Both are quite strong here. I believe these are peskies
0001 UTC OFF
Here's a recording of this from 2353-0000 UTC:

0051 UTC "Dancing With Mr D"-Rolling Stones (Nice S7 and above the noise)
0054 UTC "Hyacinth House"-Doors
0057 UTC "Goat Man Radio" ID by OM, followed by some Zappa-"Don't Eat the Yellow Snow"
0122 UTC Mr Sycko with shoutouts (THANKS! Love the playlist! 20 watts is doing nicely here)
0157 UTC Mr Sycko chat...."One more and we're gonna get the hell out of here"
0158 UTC "We Gotta Get Out of This Place"-Eric Burden & Animals
0201 UTC Singing jingles, then OFF

Thanks for the great tunes tonight Mr Sycko!  :)

0030 UTC S8 peaks here with a song sounding like the Mama's and the Papa's
0034 UTC "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone"-The Flies
0037 UTC "Paper Sun"-Traffic
0041 UTC Zeke on the microphone with ID "KING"

0018 UTC I have some threshold audio directly here! Can't ID the song with the high noise level
0021 UTC "Eye of the Tiger"-Survivor
0028 UTC Faded out or OFF (I don't dectect a carrier now)

Nice! It is good to hear you again Radio Parade! It has been a long time!  8)

2144 UTC "I Love Rocky Road"-parody version-Weird Al
2146 UTC "Another One Rides the Bus"-Weird Al
(S5 peaks with moderate fading amidst high noise level)
2149 UTC "Eat It"-Weird Al
2152 UTC "Like A Surgeon"-Weird Al
2155 UTC "Amish Paradise"-Weird Al
Thanks for the Weird Al today! I have not been able to ID the music after the Weird Al tunes...
2224 UTC OM said something, but tough copy with the noise here
(The instrumental music reminds me of Montovani or maybe 101 Strings)
2239 UTC OM said "Believe it or not, this is Weird Al"  8)
2249 UTC OM DJ chat..."Happy Hump Day...you got the Thunder Chicken here", followed by a genre change

QSLs Received / Radio Azteca Marathon QSL 1
« on: May 10, 2023, 0508 UTC »
Received this very nicely designed eQSL from allaztecarelayservice@gmail.com for the relay of show #1, 2, and 3! It is very much appreciated!

2328 UTC OM with ID "Lime in the Coconut", followed by "Message In a Bottle"-Police (S9 here)
2333 UTC "I Shot the Sheriff"-Eric Clapton
2337 UTC OM with "Lime in the Coconut Radio" ID with reverb, followed by "Walking On the Moon"-Police
2342 UTC OM with ID, into "Don't Stand So Close To Me"-Police
2346 UTC OM with ID, into "Da Do Do Do"-Police
2350 UTC "Every Breath You Make"-Police
2355 UTC OM with ID, into "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"-reggae version

Thanks for the tunes LITCR!

2237 UTC DJDW chatting...(signal is just above the noise floor this evening)...doing a recap of Sunday's show
2240 UTC Unid indie pop song (S7 peaks amidst the noise)
2246 UTC DJDW giving playlist so far...talking about propagation conditions
2248 UTC "Brass Bell"-Screaming Females
(2254 UTC Signal improving...now up to S8 peaks and beating the noise)
2257 UTC DJDW with shoutouts (Thanks!)
2315 UTC DJDW with rundown of songs played and lament about the solar conditions

2020 UTC "My Angel Baby"-Toby Beau (S7 peaks with moderate to heavy selective fading and excellent audio)
(There have been a number of M-class flares over the last 24 hours)
2024 UTC "Stumblin In"-Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro
2028 UTC YL with "This is ION Radio", followed by "It's Magic"-Pilot
2031 UTC "Fool If You Think It's Over"-Chris Rea
2035 UTC "Last Song"-Edward Bear (Fading down to light to moderate now...signal up to S8 peaks)
2038 UTC YL with ID, followed by "You Don't Have to be a Star(To be in My Show)"-Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr
2042 UTC "Right Back Where We Started From"-Maxine Nightingale
2046 UTC YL with ID, followed by one I forgot the name of...(heavy fading is back)
(2056 UTC In the midst of yet another M-class flare on the way up...if this keeps up, tinfoil hats will be mandatory)
2130 UTC YL with sign off announcement, then OFF 2131 UTC

Time to kick back and chill a bit here...enjoying the MOR tunes from the good old days! Also thanks for the change of genre to some great AOR tunes!

0047 UTC Radio Azteca IS, followed by OM with ID and email address for reports
0048 UTC Radio Azteca IS and buzz noise, followed by a surf rock instrumental I forgot the name of
0049 UTC Bram Stoker with ID in Spanish and English, then postal address for QSL
0050 UTC Aztec sounding music...Mail program
0054 UTC Pirate sounding music
0056 UTC "Radio Azteca...we're not afraid to talk about bodily functions", followed by the Azteca DX program. Talking about WYMN planning on merging with other stations
0108 UTC "Ask Dr Radio"
0114 UTC Azteca fanfare, then OM with mail address for QSL's

2343 UTC "White Pony"-Laid Back (Signal just above the static crashes), followed by an unid funky tune
2351 UTC Signal up a bit now...thanks PK!, followed by a short pause
2352 UTC PK chatting..."Hello everybody...gonna play some music for you...requests...HF Underground?"
2353 UTC PK with "out in Idaho we have one for you", followed by "Private Idaho"-B-52's
2357 UTC PK DJ chat, followed by "Pictures of Matchstick Men"-Cover version?
0001 UTC PK DJ chat..."turn the power up here"...shoutouts to HFU posters (THANKS!)
0003 UTC Unid hard rock tune (Signal up to S7 and above the noise!)
0006 UTC PK DJ chat, followed by "Kryptonite"-3 Doors Down
0010 UTC PK DJ chat (rig is running a little hot!)
0011 UTC "Alive"-Pearl Jam (Thanks PK! Haven't heard this in awhile!)
0017 UTC PK DJ chat (Squealy microphone!), followed by "Seminole Wind"-John Anderson
0022 UTC PK DJ chat (shoutout to Pigmeat), followed by "In The Jailhouse Now"-Soggy Bottom Boys?
0026 UTC PK DJ chat (shoutout to Molvania Poacher), followed by "Take the Skinheads Bowling"-Camper Van Beethoven
0029 UTC PK DJ chat, followed by a punk rock song (Static crashes are getting really loud!)
0032 UTC PK DJ chat, into "Rumble"-Link Wray
0034 UTC PK DJ chat talking about Leslie West and Mountain, followed by "Mississippi Queen"-Mountain (PK talking over the song "more cowbell")
0037 UTC PK DJ chat..."Look at them wattages...Pigs Knuckles broadcasting...oh boy...gotta take care of the dog...shoutouts (Thanks again PK!)...about 1700 watts right now...we gotta get together Pigmeat"...shut it down here...goodbye to everybody on the HF Underground...have a good night...7-3"
0040 UTC OFF
(Sounds like PK still talking sporadically...somebody else talking on the frequency too)

Hey PK...how about "Alive" by Pearl Jam?

Thanks for the shoutouts, the request, and the evening entertainment PK! Love the shows! 8)

Other / Re: Ham net/MARS 6972.8 USB 2224 UTC 8 MAY 2023
« on: May 08, 2023, 2306 UTC »
Also heard here with strong signal on 6972.8 USB closing down the net at 2249 UTC. ID'd as District 1 Regional Net. I've also recently heard the MARS net on 6897.5 USB.

QSLs Received / Re: ION Radio eQSL 7 May 2023
« on: May 08, 2023, 2023 UTC »
Also received the same cool looking eQSL! Thanks ION!

0358 UTC "Going to California"-Led Zeppelin (S8 peaks with an S7 noise floor...excellent audio)
0401 UTC Unid song-OM singer
0404 UTC Unid song-YL singer?
0407 UTC Unid folk song-OM singer
0409 UTC OM DJ talk...tough copy with the high static crash level...talking about the songs played?
0412 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV, then OM chatting

0415 UTC Pretty sure I'm hearing Leeroy now!
0416 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV, followed by Leeroy, then OFF

Good morning to you too LeeRoy! Thanks for the nightcap show  8)

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