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2257 UTC YL with "You're listening to Radio 1700...one seven zero zero", followed by an unid instrumental version of "Norwegian Wood"
2300 UTC OM with "You're listening to Radio 1700...one seven zero zero...email us at radio1700@myyahoo.com
2301 UTC "Scarborough Fair"-Unid cover by YL singers with some jazz/rock fusion guitar work
(Signal is S9+ with excellent audio)
2308 UTC OFF

Thanks for the interesting cover songs!  8)
Here's my recording from 2302-2308 UTC:

2214 UTC Hearing some threshold audio directly across the pond...not quite strong enough to ID the song
2232 UTC Nice fade up here with electronic dance music
2255 UTC Theme from Star Trek, then OFF

QSLs Received / Crapola Radio 13950 khz test eQSL
« on: April 09, 2023, 1226 UTC »
Thank you for the great eQSL for the 13950 USB test Crapola Radio! It is always appreciated! 8)

0114 UTC Drunken DJ chat, into "It's a Beautiful Morning"-Rascals
0118 UTC DDJ chat, into "Bittersweet Surrender"-Big Head Todd & Monsters
0124 UTC DDJ chat talking about the $7 bottle of wine...
0125 UTC "Suzie Q"-CCR
0129 UTC DDJ chat, into "Everything Is Broken"-Bob Dylan
0133 UTC DDJ with shoutouts...THANKS!
Taking a short break from posting!
0145 UTC "Spooky"-Classics IV
0154 UTC "Bang A Gong"-T-Rex

0202 UTC "Love Is the Drug"-Roxy Music
0214 UTC "Time Waits For No One"-Rolling Stones
0221 UTC "Running On Empty"-Jackson Browne

0230 UTC "I Got A Line On You"-Spirit
0233 UTC "Stand By Me"-Ben E King
0237 UTC "Someday Soon"-Judy Collins
0251 UTC "She's Not There"-Zombies
0254 UTC "The Love Gangster"-Stephen Stills & Manassas

0306 UTC Signal disappeared, then SSTV came up
0317 UTC "Wild Wild Life"-The Cars
0336 UTC "Bennie & the Jets"-Elton John
0411 UTC "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night"-Electric Prunes
0502 UTC "The Loner"-Neil Young  8)
0536 UTC OFF after SSTV

Thank you for the marathon show Drunken DJ! One for the memory banks!  :)

2357 UTC "Testing one, two, three can anybody hear me"
0000 UTC Old 30's sounding tune
0005 UTC Wolverine op says going to deal with the audio problem...may not be able to fix it  :(
0021 UTC Sounds like it's fixed!
0038 UTC "Pearly Queen"-Traffic
0042 UTC "You Got the Silver"-Rolling Stones
0044 UTC "Heart of Gold"-Neil Young
0047 UTC "Your Gold Teeth"-Steely Dan
0054 UTC "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"-Pink Floyd
0059 UTC "Golden Years"-David Bowie
0103 UTC "Ruby Ruby"-Donald Fagen
0109 UTC "After the Goldrush"-Natalie Merchant

2304 UTC "Pretty Little Angel Eyes"-Curtis Lee
2306 UTC OM with ID, into "Love Potion #9"-The Searchers
2308 UTC YL with chat and ID, followed by OM with ID, followed by "Who's Sorry Now"-Connie Francis
(Signal is hitting S5 peaks with light fading)
2311 UTC "Pretty Woman"-Roy Orbison live version (Signal dropped down a bit, but still solid above the noise)
2317 UTC YL with ID and chat..."All Free All the Time", followed by OM with the same, into "Soul Man"-Sam & Dave
2320 UTC YL and OM with chat and ID, into "The Wanderer"-Dion (S7 peaks now)
2323 UTC YL with DJ chat and OM with ID, into "Blue Bayou"-Linda Rondstadt (Signal faded down a bit)
2328 UTC YL with DJ chat and OM, then advertisement/phone hijinks, into "Stray Cat Strut"-Stray Cats
2332 UTC YL with ID and email address for "SWL card", into "Under the Boardwalk"-Drifters
2335 UTC YL and OM "time to call it a night", tone, then OFF

Thanks for the show Crapola!

2234 UTC Ambient music and deep voiced OM said something, but I missed it. Followed by more ambient music
2239 UTC I believe the ID is KIPM...."on in 5 minutes", then more ambient music
2246 UTC Dr. Benway with ID and email address..."very special relay broadcast from KIPM"..."been 20 years"..."new material"...no one knew it was new material..."The Final ?"..."KIPM does not QSL relays"
2249 UTC Relay of program started...sound effects and OM speaking
2252 UTC Alan Maxwell with mention of "The Dark Radio Theater" and "The Theater of the Mind" over ambient music
Excellent S9 signal with light fading and great sounding audio! I'm going to kick back and listen....

QSLs Received / Re: Voice of the Dead via NAPRS eQSL 6 APR 2023
« on: April 08, 2023, 2120 UTC »
Also received a different design for the April 8th rebroadcast! Different lettering and cemetery at the bottom!  8)

QSLs Received / Re: Ball Smacker Radio eQSL 8 APR 2023
« on: April 08, 2023, 2117 UTC »
Also received the same here...THANKS Ballsmacker!

2112 UTC "Pirate Radio"-John Hiatt (S9 and sounding good!)
2114 UTC Commander Bunny chatting...mention of Monkey Boys and WBNY LED hat
2116 UTC Another "You Got It Wrong"
2228 UTC OFF

Now that was a marathon! Fast paced and well produced...thanks relayer!

1546 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Break On Through"-The Doors (Signal is S7 peaks with moderate fading)
1549 UTC "Riders On the Storm"-The Doors
1556 UTC OM with "Voice of the Dead" ID, then the Dead Guy gave a postal address and finally Beethoven's Symphony #5

QSLs Received / Bluegrass Radio eQSL 8 APR 2023
« on: April 08, 2023, 1544 UTC »
Thank you for the morning bluegrass tunes and the fine looking eQSL! Have a Happy Easter weekend!

1441 UTC First tuned in while waiting for 1st morning coffee to kick in...bluegrass and C & W instrumentals still going strong at 1500 UTC
1520 UTC Still going with S9+ peaks, light fading, and excellent audio
1539 UTC OFF

Time to do a few mundane chores...thanks for the morning melodies whoever! Good day to sit on the front porch rocker and watch the world go by!
Just as I was getting ready to go, a very nice Blue Grass Radio eQSL showed up in the email...THANKS BLUE GRASS RADIO! Have yourself a Happy Easter weekend!

0300 UTC Haven't heard this episode in many years! Thanks Undercover!
0304 UTC Dr Benway talking about having a flashback...classic story!
(Signal is a very nice S9 with light fades and excellent audio)
0309 UTC Dr Benway with ID and email addy, followed by "Screenwriters Blues"-Soul Coughing
0320 UTC OFF

Good to hear you twice in one week here Dr Benway! I hope you're back for good!  8)

0213 UTC Tuned in to "Like A Rolling Stone"-Bob Dylan in progress. Signal is S9 with light fades and the usual excellent audio.
0214 UTC "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing"-Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
0216 UTC YL with ID and email addy for eQSL's
0217 UTC "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You"-Alan Parsons Project
0220 UTC "Tell It Like It Is"-Aaron Neville
0224 UTC "Rock You Like A Hurricane"-Scorpions
0228 UTC "Loves Me Like A Rock"-Paul Simon
0231 UTC "Just Like Paradise"-David Lee Roth
0235 UTC "Looks Like We Made It"-Barry Manilow
0239 UTC YL with ID "From somewhere in the northeast", followed by a song I do not recognize-YL singer, and then another one I don't know after that
0247 UTC "Love Is Like Oxygen"-Sweet
0250 UTC "Just Like Starting Over"-John Lennon
0253 UTC SSTV followed by YL with closing ID, Wildfire IS and OFF

Thanks for the show...I really liked the show this evening!  :)

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