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2344 UTC Sounded like the guitar solo at the end of "Alive"-Pearl Jam (S8-S9 with a bit of flutter fading but solid above the noise!)
2345 UTC OM DJ with Radio 48 ID, into some hard rock/rap music
2355 UTC MRI ID, followed by a mix version of Gimme Shelter with a dance beat
0001 UTC Audio clip of the members of Led Zeppelin saying Hello, followed by "All of My Love"-Led Zeppelin
0012 UTC OM with Radio 48 ID and YL with Mix Radio ID, followed by "Crazy Train"-Ozzy Osbourne
0016 UTC Audio clip of Brad Delp from Boston, followed by ID's and "Long Time"-Boston
0022 UTC "Land of Confusion"-Phil Collins (with dance beat)
0028 UTC OM with Radio 48 email address and jingle ID adstring
0030 UTC Plug for Glenn Hauser's World of Radio
0041 UTC "Train In Vain"-The Clash (Signal dropped down to S6 but still solid above the noise)
0101 UTC "Shock the Monkey"-Peter Gabriel
0111 UTC "She's A Rainbow"-Rolling Stones (Signal down to S5 and still above the noise with a noticeable flutter)
0119 UTC Signal dropped down some more...just above the noise
0122 UTC OFF or totally faded out?

Thank you for the tunes MIX and Radio 48!

2314 UTC Music, then spoken word..."Voyage" Episode 5 (This is the final episode of the series entitled "1985-1986 Project Ares"), followed by the program
(Signal is solid above the noise varying from S7-S8)
Rather than post details, I'm going to kick back and enjoy the show!
2341 UTC Program ID and casting, then YL with Cloudsplitter Radio ID and OFF

Thanks for relaying this CSR! Managed to catch all 5 episodes!  :)

2101 UTC Unid music genre...foreign language rock?
2103 UTC OFF
The music had a strange echo to it...

1900 UTC On sudden with OM giving ID "broadcasting from the elephant cage", followed by discussion on the Soviet and KGB in late 50's/early 60's.
1909 UTC Talk of perestroika and Vietnam syndrome
(Solid S8 signal with excellent copy here)
1921 UTC "Communism is not collapsible"
1925 UTC "You have been listing to 77 Lima Juliet Sierra"
1926 UTC OFF

Always good to hear these discussions!

0242 UTC I'm hearing the same snoring now as at the end of the earlier Fubar Radio show
0244 UTC Nothing heard now...

0214 UTC OM DJ chat, but tough copy in the static crashes..sounds like more than one DJ
0218 UTC DJ's singing
0220 UTC YL speaking now...british accented with news report?
Not sure what to make of this...maybe relaying a webstream?
0233 UTC Talking about buffalo wings...lots of laughter in the background. Must be smoking some mean green and they got the munchies

0107 UTC "Jessica"-Allman Brothers Band (S8 peaks and mostly above the noise with light fades and excellent audio)
0114 UTC "I'm Into Something Good"-Herman's Hermits
0116 UTC OM DJ with ID "Fubar Radio"..mentioning "requests"...interwebs are down...can't catch a break
0117 UTC "The Way It Is"-Bruce Hornsby segue into "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things"-Cowsills (Cut off)
0121 UTC OM DJ chat, and "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things"-Cowsills (This time from the beginning!), segue into "Layla"-Derek & The Dominoes at 0123 UTC
0130 UTC Unid song-YL singer...where do all these dogs come from...see if I can get a phone line going...into "American Pie" (cut), followed by "House of the Rising Sun"-Animals (song restarted)
0137 UTC OM DJ...song started then ended..."Shoot that wasn't it...Iron Butterfly", followed by "Timothy"-The Buoys   8)
0140 UTC "Junk Food Junkie"-Larry Groce
0143 UTC "Afternoon Delight"-Starland Vocal Band segue into "In A Gadda Da Vida"-Iron Butterfly (Mixing with Afternoon Delight)...OM over the music with "I picked the wrong version....dammit"...gonna have to pull the plug....this looks like an audio
0147 UTC "Draggin the Line"-Tommy James & Shondells
0150 UTC "gmail.com...for a QSL card... ".com"  ;D
0151 UTC "Spirit In the Sky"-Norman Greenbaum (mixing with House of the Rising Sun)
0154 UTC OM DJ with "Anyway, I'm going to get out of here", into "Born to Be Wild"-Steppenwolf
0157 UTC Snoring noises followed by "Lime in the Coconut"-Harry Nilsson (with snoring noises)
0201 UTC Snoring, then OM and back to snoring
0203 UTC OFF

Excellent show FUBAR! LMAO...... ;D
Here's my recording of the show for posterity:

0005 UTC SSTV weak in the noise and het from Indy on 6931, followed by unid rock tune

0014 UTC OM talking, followed by Scottie 2 SSTV, then more unid music

2314 UTC Spoken word skit over music (Solid S9 here and sounding great!)
2315 UTC Mention of "nuclear power plant in orbit"
2317 UTC Mention of Apollo and Houston
(Some kind of sci-fi drama but no clue yet)
I believe this is an episode of BBC Radio 4's "Voyage"..."1980 APOLLO N" (Episode 3)
2333 UTC OM with program ID and cast members
2334 UTC YL ID "For the best in classic science fiction...this is Cloudsplitter Radio", followed by Episode 4 "1981-1985 Approaches"
0001 UTC OM with program ID and credits
0002 UTC YL with Cloudsplitter ID then OFF

Thanks for the Saturday evening sci-fi CSR!

0329 UTC Sounds like a song from a musical-YL singer...maybe an OM singer?
0338 UTC "Time"-Pink Floyd
0401 UTC "Breathe/Down By the River"-DoubleWide Kings  ;D

QSLs Received / Re: Ball Smacker eQSL 22. Apr 2023
« on: April 22, 2023, 0258 UTC »
Also received the same fine looking map QSL here...thanks Ballsmacker!

0251 UTC S9 here and sounding good! Ambient music
0252 UTC "I'm Alan Maxwell and you're listening to KIPM", followed by Alan Maxwell speaking over bells chiming
0307 UTC Alan reading the lyrics to "Thrasher" by Neil Young  :)
0310 UTC "Occupation Underwater Welder"

Thanks for the relay Dr Benway!
There is some goofball ranting nonsense on the frequency just as before when MRI signed off

0145 UTC "San Franciscan Nights"-Eric Burden & Animals in progress
0146 UTC "Just Like Living In Paradise"-David Lee Roth, followed by "I Love LA"-Randy Newman
(Solid S9+ here this evening)
0157 UTC "Ventura Highway"-America
0200 UTC "29 Palms"-Robert Plant
0205 UTC "I Left My Heart In San Francisco"-Tony Bennett  8)
0209 UTC "Hotel California"-Eagles
0214 UTC "California Girls"-Beach Boys
0217 UTC "Babylon Sisters"-Steely Dan
0222 UTC "Folson Prison Blues"-Johnny Cash
0225 UTC "Californication"-Red Hot Chili Peppers
0230 UTC "California Nights"-Lesley Gore  8)
0233 UTC "Going to California"-Led Zeppelin  :)  :)
0237 UTC "It Never Rains In Southern California"-Albert Hammond
0240 UTC No clue on this song..."Going Back to Cali" lyrics
0250 UTC Wildfire IS and OFF

Thanks again for the tunes BS crew!

2358 UTC A killer S9+10 signal here! Song just started at 2359 UTC...rock tune I don't recognize
0005 UTC YL with MRI ID, followed by "Mexican Radio"-Wall of Voodoo
Enjoying the Hobby Broadcasting show...thanks for the relay MRI!  8)
0130 UTC OFF
(Somebody broadcasting after the show with insults...childish ranting, followed by an electronic musical ditty at 0134, then back to the childish insults )

Thanks for the show MRI and Andy! Always interesting!

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