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2341 UTC Weak music in the noise...sounds like Pink Floyd...also a bit of the aerosol ute

0343 UTC At best a weak carrier since 0330 UTC, I'm now getting a fade up of unid music above the high noise level. Presumed to be Eastern Star and hearing this directly
0346 UTC Back into the noise  :(

0220 UTC Hearing weak music right at the noise floor

0156 UTC Sign on by OM with todays date and ID, followed by discussion about "Inside Soviet Military Intelligence" by Victor Suvorov. Talk about Russian GRU officers behavior and methods. Interesting discussion of one time radio links!
0216 UTC OM with ID and date, and "remember, we are all behind enemy lines...good bye", then OFF

Very interesting program! Thank you 77LJS!

0055 UTC ambient music followed by OM with ID "WHIZ...WHIZ on your radio"
0056 UTC Unid indie song
0100 UTC Unid indie rock song-YL singer
If I can ID a song, I will post it, otherwise, it's time to kick back and enjoy the tunes!  :)
0123 UTC Ascending tone, followed by another unid song
0126 UTC OFF

Thanks for the show WHIZ...good to hear you again!

2034 UTC Unid song just above the noise here..peaks to S7. I have the frequency as 6874.2 AM
2035 UTC YL with spoken word, followed by reggae music with OM singers
2038 UTC Sounds like crowd noises
2039 UTC OM with spoken word but hard to copy with the noise and the fading
2041 UTC Deep fade but the carrier is still present
2042 UTC Music now but in the noise
2049 UTC Music has picked up a bit, but not enough to ID the song
2051 UTC S8 peaks now...unid song-OM singer
2054 UTC YL and OM speaking now...our generation is ? now....we grew up..."
2056 UTC Music now...hard to describe the genre! OM singer (Sorta psychedelic in a Carlos Casteneda way)
2100 UTC Signal is solid above the noise
2103 UTC OM speaking now followed by an UNID song-YL singer?
2108 UTC Unid song with tympani percussion, then spoken word over the music...(Damn noise is making for tough copy here)
2114 UTC Spooky sound effects over rather odd music
2118 UTC A definite jazz feel to the music playing now
2126 UTC Has a Grateful Dead feel to it now
2135 UTC Still sounds like a long Grateful Dead jam
2140 UTC Someone with spoken word, followed by a bluesy sounding tune, then OM speaking over psychedelic music
2144 UTC A bit of keyboard mayhem...
2154 UTC Random music and sound effects/snare drum beats?
2155 UTC Announcer now
2158 UTC YL? repeating "Pot should be legal"

Time for dinner here...thanks for the aural extravaganza whoever! Here's my recording from 2100-2150 UTC:

0148 UTC Unid hard rock riff tune with OM singers (S8 peaks and solid above the high noise level tonight...excellent audio)
0151 UTC Mr Sycko over the music with "Radio Madness"
0159 UTC Mr Sycko with "Sycko Radio" ID over the song
0201 UTC Noise level has gone up to S7...T-storms somewhere!
0203 UTC Mr Sycko with "Man this noise is killing me....we can do it! Sycko Radio"..followed by a different song
(Sycko Radio is S8 over an S7 noise level)
0218 UTC Mr Sycko over the music with "40 watts of pirate radio madness"...mention that he needs a new microphone..."If this one don't turn your brain inside out, I don't know what will"
0220 UTC "Still working on this microphone setting...a little funkified for some reason...hello radio" (From here the microphone sounds just fine!)
0220 UTC "We're not trying to run a professional radio station here"...back to the electronic riff heavy rock song
0224 UTC "Habanero...some real hot shit..."
0233 UTC "It's about that time"...shoutouts now to HFU posters...THANKS!
0236 UTC "We're going to keep going here...we got some more stuff for you", followed by a hard rock dance tune (Somebody more knowledgeable on this genre of music tells me it's "Generate" by Eric Prydz!)

Happy Birthday Mr Sycko!
Time to call it a night here...thanks for the nightcap show SYC! Looking forward to next years B-Day show too!

0042 UTC OM DJ with "Welcome to the first KAT broadcast...from the rooftop of the University of Wisconsin...KAT...Kappa Alpha Tau" (over classical music)
0044 UTC "Uncle Johns Band"-Grateful Dead
(Excellent sounding S9+ signal here with very light fading)
0049 UTC "Truckin"-Grateful Dead
0054 UTC Unid spoken word intro rock song segue into easy listening music with YL singer (Barbra Streisand?)
0057 UTC Unid 50's sounding tune-OM singer
0100 UTC OM DJ with mention of reports for QSL to postal address to Nick Grace in Washington D.C. and PIPA newsletter to Blue Ridge Summit, PA
0102 UTC OM says "Now it's time for the traffic report...KAT", followed by a rockabilly tune-OM singer
0103 UTC OM and YL? speaking now..."He resembles Ross Perot..."...the rest is difficult to hear. "People of this planet...twilight zone...PRI-Pirate Radio International", then music with OM talking over..."It's a Martian"..."28 years eating hamburgers"..."what you eating there boy"...music continues
0109 UTC Latin beat tune from 60's era...lyrics mentioning "The Blob"
0113 UTC Singing jingle, then OM with "This is station KAT...broadcasting from the roof of the frat house at Kappa Alpha Tau...university of Wisconsin Madison
0115 UTC Funky song with sultry voiced YL singer
0117 UTC Swinging blues tune with piano bass and drums-YL? singer...lyrics "I better get out of town....ooh ooh ooh"
0119 UTC Parody advertisement for a stereo-UNISEX Stereo
0121 UTC Sounds like some mariachi music
0124 UTC OM speaking, but can't copy followed by an unid TV show theme
0125 UTC OM DJ with ID and shoutouts to listeners in the Chicago area (mention of Bill Hassig!)
0127 UTC Audio clip sent from Chicago?
0130 UTC OM talking about the United States government..environmental problems of the community
0131 UTC OM mentioning Valentines..."if it's queer it's here". Then OM with mention of a QSL? Followed by a rather odd parody sounding song
0137 UTC OM with postal address for QSL and postal address for loggings to ACE...this has been the very first broadcast of KAT followed by easy listening choral music
0140 UTC OFF

Thanks for yet another gem from the old days I have not heard!
Here's a link to my recording of tonights broadcast:

0026 UTC "Crazy"-Patsy Cline (Just above the noise here with excellent audio)
0028 UTC Pause
0030 UTC "Crazy Train"-Ozzy
0035 UTC Pause
0036 UTC Unid rock song-OM singer
0040 UTC Pause

Very much appreciated WAIR!  Now that is one cool looking celestial disc spinner on that eQSL!  8)

Received the same here today! Thank you very much Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet!

QSLs Received / Re: KIPM relay by Undercover Radio - April 19
« on: April 19, 2023, 2304 UTC »
Also received the same awesome design here...THANK YOU Dr Benway and of course, KIPM!

2255 UTC "White Horse" with some over the music chat by Pigs Knuckles...S6 but solid above the noise and sounding excellent!
2302 UTC PK chatting with mention of next song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
2307 UTC PK chatting with shoutouts to the HFU...THANKS! Looking for requests...
2308 UTC "Radar Love"-Golden Earring
2312 UTC PK chatting (Noise is picking up and signal is just above it now)
2313 UTC Unid punk rock tune-OM singer
2315 UTC PK chatting followed by "Hush"-Deep Purple
2320 UTC PK chatting, into "Mountain of Love"-Johnny Rivers
2324 UTC Unid finger picking tune...cool!
2327 UTC PK with shoutouts to all the posters...Thanks again!
2328 UTC "Ghost Riders In the Sky"-Johnny Cash
2332 UTC "We're In the Jailhouse Now"
2335 UTC PK chatting...gotta go I'm in the doghouse now...have a good night bye bye
2336 UTC OFF
2338 UTC Signed back on to give nitroengine a shoutout

Thanks for the much appreciated drive by show PK!  :)

Thank you very much NAPRS! Finally got to hear one of these shows!

0100 UTC "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"-Paul Simon (S7 peaks with light fading amidst light noise and utility QRM)
0103 UTC YL with ID, followed by "Forever Young"-Rod Stewart
0107 UTC OM and YL DJ chat
0108 UTC "Just Dropped In"-Kenny Rogers & First Edition
0111 UTC OM and YL (behind 3 payments on the transmitter) followed by "I've fallen and I can't get up" Life Alert sponsor
0112 UTC "Time Won't Let Me"-Outsiders
0115 UTC OM and YL chat, into "Judy In Disguise"-John Fred & His Playboy Band
0119 UTC "Pied Piper"-Crispian St Peters
0121 UTC OM and YL chat...professor adjusted his friends dentures...decided to use the attorney degree instead
0123 UTC "I Only Want to Be With You"-Dusty Springfield
0125 UTC Scarlet says time to go..."and now a word from our sponsor"...sounds like a foreign language? "Please give me your credit card and your social security number"
0127 UTC ID and chat...HF Underground shoutout...we do not send out unsolicited emails...good night
0130 UTC Tone, then OFF

Thanks for the entertainment Crapola!

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