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2257 UTC OM speaking followed by interval signal of TV theme music from Mission Impossible (S9 signal with light QRM from co-channel peskies, and light selective fading)
2304 UTC ID's..."Truth Radio International...six thousand nine hundred and twenty five kilohertz" over jazz music
2308 UTC OM with Radio Clandestine ID
2309 UTC "Roll Over Beethoven"-Beatles
2315 UTC Spoken word skit with R F Burns..."what goes on...at Radio Clandestine", followed by "Just Another Night"
2323 UTC R F Burns..."music will continue after a word from our sponsors"..."Marijuana Helper"
2328 UTC OM with "There is nothing wrong with your radio....high speed dub from the original tape deck"
2332 UTC Off suddenly :(

Thanks for bringing back some great memories of hearing Radio Clandestine! Heard them 4 times in the 1980's and my first US pirate QSL!  :)

QSLs Received / Radio Azteca Marathon eQSL 2
« on: May 17, 2023, 0136 UTC »
Thanks again AARS!

0012 UTC OM with "This is WDOG Shortwave", followed by a hard rocking tune-OM singer (S9 with excellent audio)
0016 UTC "Darlin, I Want to Thank You"-Unid singer
0019 UTC DJ says this next song may not be politically correct (No clue what or who!)
0023 UTC OM with ID over the intro to "Let Me Roll It"-Paul McCartney & Wings
0029 UTC "The Mess"-Paul McCartney & Wings
0035 UTC "Letting Go"-Paul McCartney
0044 UTC "Jealous Dogs"? by Chrissie Hyndes & Pretenders
0057 UTC "I'm Like a Dog Without a Bone"-?
0058 UTC "Bitch"-Rolling Stones
0112 UTC "Dog Eat Dog"-Ted Nugent
0118 UTC "Are Friends Electric"-Tubeway Army mix version with unid song
0123 UTC OFF
All songs with harmony vocals by the WDOG Kennel choir  :)
Thanks for the Tuesday evening howling!
Round 2
0125 UTC "I Just Seen a Face"-Beatles
0127 UTC "And Your Bird Can Sing"-Beatles
0129 UTC "The Night Before"-Beatles
0159 UTC "I Call It Suicide"-Paul McCartney
0208 UTC WDOG op says "I want you to have a good night", followed by "I Want You"-Beatles
Going to kick back and reminisce with the "Mystery" group songs!
0215 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Beatles tunes! I still hear them in my head, even when they aren't playing on the radio.... ;)

2249 UTC I have a weak carrier here directly but no detectable audio....yet! I hope this one stays on until local greyline about an hour from now!
2312 UTC Threshold traces of audio now...not strong enough to ID the song
2347 UTC Music now rising up to the noise floor
2350 UTC Fading up over the noise floor but still can't ID the song
2351 UTC OM singer...ballad or "crooner" song?
(The static crashes on this side of the pond are just too much!)
0000 UTC OM DJ talking now but no copy
0002 UTC Still hearing music in the noise

Oh well...maybe next time I'll have more luck!

2128 UTC OM narrating a story about Soviet intelligence amidst the historical backdrop. (S8 peaks and 100% copy)
Soviet Intelligence gathering and reconnaissance ..."Razvedka"
2146 UTC OM with ID, today's date, and "The hour is getting late and remember, we are along behind enemy lines"..."Goodbye", then OFF

Thanks for today's narration 77LJS!

0252 UTC Jazzy piano instrumental (S7 peaks amidst moderate static crashes, light fading, and excellent audio)
0258 UTC OM chatting, but the signal has faded a bit...tough copy on the spoken word
0300 UTC Music now, but the signal down to S5...even with the noise floor  :(

0117 UTC Electronic dance music right at the noise floor here directly. Presumed to be Laser Hot Hit's but no ID noted yet
0122 UTC OM DJ chat now...tough copy
0123 UTC Pop song-YL singer
0128 UTC OM DJ talking over music
0157 UTC Checked back and signal is above the noise with "Yakkity Yak"-Coasters
0159 UTC OM then YL DJ chat
0201 UTC "We Will Rock You"-Queen
0240 UTC "Every Rose Has It's Thorn"-Poison (S8 peaks now with light fading...excellent audio)

QSLs Received / Re: Voice Of The Voyager re-broadcast via TRI
« on: May 15, 2023, 2351 UTC »
Also received the same here at Warp Factor 9.9! THANK YOU TRI! Always wanted to hear this station  8)

2315 UTC Tuned in to "I Only Want to Be With You"-Cover version, followed by OM with ID and DJ chat
2318 UTC "Surrender"-Cheap Trick
2321 UTC VOV DJ chat and postal address in Texas...final broadcast
(S9 here with a buzzing noise I presume is part of the original recording)
2323 UTC "All Shook Up"-Elvis Presley
2325 UTC VOV DJ chat
2327 UTC "Jailhouse Rock"-Elvis Presley
Kicking back and enjoying this show very much! Thanks TRI!
0030 UTC OFF after "Go Your Own Way"-Fleetwood Mac

Thanks for relaying a classic TRI!

Thanks NAPRS and a tip of the hat to the late Dr. Tim!

0102 UTC IS and Bram Stoker with Program #4 (S8 peaks with light fades and light noise)
0104 UTC "Mail Scrotum"
0108 UTC Fake ad for "Cantilever Bra"
0109 UTC "Animal Stories"
0115 UTC Pee Wee Herman Top 10
0120 UTC Story about US Government attack dogs and urination patterns
0127 UTC C&W lyrics..."I wouldn't take you to a dog fight, even if I thought you'd win"..."If you want to keep your beer cold, place it near my ex-wife's heart"
0130 UTC Doctor Radio
0133 UTC IS and intro
0135 UTC Bram with Program #5
0137 UTC "Mail Scrotum"
0142 UTC Story about a guy walking his duck  ;D
0148 UTC Bram giving postal address in Spanish
0150 UTC Radio Azteca "DX" show
0153 UTC Pee Wee Herman's favorite top ten hits...(different than Program #4) followed by "Animal Stories"
(0203 UTC Fading and noise level increasing)
0206 UTC Radio Azteca editorial comment about WEWN
0207 UTC "Ask Doctor Radio"...(how long is a longwire?)
0210 UTC Pee Wee Herman skit
0211 UTC "Lickity Split Panties"
0212 UTC IS
0214 UTC Radio Azteca Program #6 (Music intro is "Sheba" by Johnny & the Hurricanes)
0215 UTC Radio Azteca broadcasting from a new studio and equipment..."Monitoring Times says we have biting wit...we have not bitten any wit in years"
0218 UTC "Mail Scrotum"..mention of Pat Murphy...0025 UTC "DXer Chris Lobdell wrote specifically requesting a rejection card"
0226 UTC Ad for Cantilever Bra
0228 UTC "Animal Stories" (A novel method of removing dog waste)
0234 UTC Recipe time
0235 UTC DX program...mention of WINB...Pee Wee Herman Raincoat Top Ten songs for the week
0239 UTC "Ask Doctor Radio"...medium wave QSL's...who won the sexual revolution
0244 UTC Some spoken word skit from Bullwinkle and Rocky
0246 UTC AARS ID and email address, then OFF at 0247 UTC

Thanks for round 2 of the Radio Azteca marathon AARS!

2226 UTC Christmas song by YL singer (S7 peaks with light noise and light fades...excellent audio)
2229 UTC "Silent Night"-YL singer
2239 UTC Rock version of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"
2308 UTC "Little Drummer Boy"
2313 UTC YL with ID and email address followed by SSTV
2315 UTC AD for Offshore Radio Memories
2321 UTC NAPRS email address, followed by SSTV and OFF

2220 UTC Unid scat sounding tune-OM singer, followed by DJDW IDing the song as "Video Games"- Jack Black and shoutouts to the first 4 posters

Also received the same eQSL here! THANK YOU TRI!  8)

And here's a postal QSL I received almost 35 years ago for a test transmission in the 48 meter band:

1527 UTC "Lying Eyes"-Eagles
1532 UTC OM DJ chat (S8 signal with heavy fading and ute QRM on the high side...tough copy!)
1535 UTC OM mentioned WMR
1542 UTC Deep fade towards the noise
1543 UTC "You're So Vain"-Carly Simon
1549 UTC "Tiny Dancer"-Elton John
1555 UTC OM DJ, "Travelin Band"-CCR
1556 UTC ID jingles and ID "We are Weekend Music Radio", followed by "Feels So Good" Chuck Mangione
1559 UTC OM talking over the song
1600 UTC Signal jumped up to S9 and great reception!
1606 UTC OFF

I heard Weekend Music Radio directly in the late 1980's. Sent a postal report and received a nice mailing including QSL, paper stickers, letter, and info sheet. Those were the days!

Here's my recording of the show from 1535-1606 UTC:

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