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2329 UTC Some kind of ceremony followed by an unid song (I have it now as 6934.1 AM with an S7 signal with moderate fading)
2331 UTC Unid polka (Possibly the Pennsylvania Polka)
2334 UTC Speech by OM in front of an audience...signal cutting out, then OFF at 2335 UTC

Good to hear this classic again...thank you for upholding the tradition!

2227 UTC OM telling a story...sounds like the same speaker as yesterdays program.
2230 UTC Joint exercise...
2233 UTC Having a podcaster on today (I believe the podcaster was skipped)
2235 UTC Taking the 10 commandments out of school discussion
2236 UTC Spiritual warfare in the end times
2243 UTC Synth voiced OM with ID
2327 UTC OM with ID, then OFF

Nice signal here...armchair listening! Thanks!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 2117 UTC 2 FEB 2024
« on: February 02, 2024, 2118 UTC »
2117 UTC "I've Gotta Be Me"-Tony Bennett (S7 peaks amidst moderate noise)
2119 UTC "Over the Sun"-Tony Bennett
2121 UTC "Play It Again, Sam"-Tony Bennett
2125 UTC "Alfie"-TB
2128 UTC "What the World Needs Now"-TB
2131 UTC I don't recognize this one
2152 UTC "I've Got You Under My Skin"-TB
2155 UTC "Mack the Knife"-TB
2200 UTC "Save the Last Dance For Me"-TB
2208 UTC "Dream a Little Dream of Me"-TB
2210 UTC OFF

Kicking back and enjoying the tunes from the good old days of the crooners! Anthony Dominick Benedetto was one of the best...
Skippy - TB is NOT Tom Brady  ;D
I didn't think it was Ted Bundy either!  ;)

Thank you for the early evening sounds of Tony Bennett!

Also very happy to receive the same here! Tip of the hat to the 43 meter ministry!  :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0101 UTC 2 FEB 2024
« on: February 02, 2024, 0103 UTC »
0101 UTC OM speaking a story...mentions of "Lost Cause"(S7 peaks amidst the noise)
0103 UTC Different OM speaking over orchestral music...mentions of Ray and People Will Come
Maybe "Field of Dreams"?
Possibly various movie audio clips...
0116 UTC A quote from "Rocky" about "Life ain't all sunshine, and rainbows", then OFF

Thanks for an interesting broadcast...couldn't figure it out at first!  8)

2236 UTC OM talking about God and Jesus (S7 peaks amidst moderate noise) Live in front of an audience
2238 UTC Does the Ecclesiastical structure represent the church...Jesus is establishing his kingdom with the Church
2240 UTC Be an advocate of the Church...Jesus is the head of the Church, not the CEO
2242 UTC We are an expression of the Church
2244 UTC OM with ID..."We are fishers of men"
2247 UTC Jesus of Nazerath...we have been given a free gift...we're not saved by words...the good news of Jesus Church...it's his place, not ours
2250 UTC God made the earth and everything in it...watch out for false prophets...will come to you in sheep's clothing
2252 UTC Jesus...against false prophets...misinformation...deceive many people...
2253 UTC Many will turn away, many will betray each other...false prophets
2254 UTC What will our generation stand for...many betrayals...
2255 UTC Great signs and miracles...false messiahs...
2258 UTC They use deception to manipulate...dominate and control...gotta protect yourself from them...be wise about what is good...innocent about what is evil
2259 UTC Obedient to the truth that you know...the Bible says we are the kingdom of God. We have Free Will
2300 UTC They're still praying for each other...turning to a different Gospel...trying to pervert the Gospel of Christ...a different Gospel leads to a false Church...Jesus is the center...turning away from the goodness of God
2302 UTC We are celebrating confusion...lovers of self, lovers of money...ungrateful...marxist...deny the power of God
2304 UTC Work together...Jesus met that price in full...the cross...
2305 UTC People who are unusually fickle...Corinthian Church...more than just an expression of our will...God has given us a blueprint for our lives
2306 UTC The world is full of immoral, greedy...sexually immoral or a slanderer...deviation from the current practice of the people of God...don't justify...diminishes us...don't associate with is...what are you thinking what are you doing...
2309 UTC Pursuit of goodness and righteousness
2310 UTC Get the Commandments out of our heart...the children...worship the God of Abraham...confusion of the Church
2312 UTC Can we get over ourselves a little bit...communion...we've been given a gift of salvation...lose all of your rewards...
2313 UTC story of a man who inherited a lot and squandered it...
2314 UTC Great examples in scripture...Saul, David, and Solomon...(Id by OM 43 meter ministry)
2316 UTC Saul was chosen by God to lead his people...he can't even find a lost donkey...if you don't pay attention to your character...you became a leader of the tribes of Israel
2317 UTC (I'm getting some strong local QRM..partial copy now)
2319 UTC He was faithful to his assignment...God worked out a plan...David a fugitive...leads to a civil war...answer the truth of God...the truth is important...how long will we waver...
2321 UTC David inquire about building a house for the Lord and God said no...I will raise up for your offspring
2323 UTC (strong QRM again)
2324 UTC Morals we have aspired to within the Church...we're not going to overcome evil on our own
2326 UTC If you decide to honor the Lord...God is supernatural...
2327 UTC It has to do with human nature...initiation rites...Solomon a different character than David...Solomon born to the purple...had every advantage..he was miserable...he suffered in death
2331 UTC He lost it all...he was purifying the Church...giving us insight...The Gospel of the Kingdom of God will be preached in the whole world
2333 UTC The Gospel was being held in high esteem...the cause of Christ...(QRM again)
2334 UTC Forever and ever Amem...God Bless You
2335 UTC OM with ID, then OFF

Thank you for the program! Interesting to hear a sermon on shortwave without the taint of modern politics!
Here's my recording of the show:

Would greatly appreciate an eQSL!  :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 1929 UTC 1 FEB 2024
« on: February 01, 2024, 1930 UTC »
1929 UTC Pop tune I forgot the name of (S7 peaks with light fading and excellent AM audio)
1930 UTC Unid pop tune
1943 UTC "Thunderstruck"-AC/DC (Fading is now moderate)
1952 UTC OFF
1953 UTC Back on again with AC/DC, then OFF again
1955 UTC Back on again with AC/DC (Signal stronger now at S8)
2005 UTC Synth voice OM with "Don't tell them what we are doing"  :) Then OFF

Thanks for the afternoon tunes whoever!
Here's my recording from 1929-1952 UTC:

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0241 UTC 1 FEB 2024
« on: February 01, 2024, 0245 UTC »
0241 UTC I'm hearing an OM speaking very low in the noise. Not even sure of the language, but it does not sound like a peskie...the cadence of the OM's speech is not Spanish or Portuguese
0250 UTC OM still speaking...possibly a commentary?
0257 UTC A low level fade up...the OM is speaking in English
0303 UTC OM still talking...possibly reading a book? Signal is barely moving the S-meter at peaks.
0305 UTC Faded up a bit...still rough copy, but I believe he's definitely reading a book
0318 UTC Piano music now...sounds classical
0321 UTC Signal dropped out...not sure if still on
0330 UTC Tuned back again and I'm hearing more classical piano music just above the noise floor
0342 UTC Still hearing the OM reading a story, but mostly very deep in the noise.
(Time to call it a night here!)

Thank you for the broadcast! I wish I had better reception. Any chance of an email or HFU message as to the name of the story?  8)

QSLs Received / Re: Drunken Pirate/Radio Humperdoo eQSL - NOV 5
« on: January 31, 2024, 2140 UTC »
Also received the same here...thank you Humperdoo!  :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 0107 UTC 2 JAN 2024
« on: January 02, 2024, 0109 UTC »
0107 UTC Unid music...difficulty tuning in correct frequency! Off at 0108 UTC
0110 UTC Back up again with Unid song-OM singer
0111 UTC "Testing 1 2 3 Can Anybody Hear Me"-Barenaked Ladies (The song used by Wolverine for his interval signal!)
0114 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV, then OFF

And here's my recording of the show:

0006 UTC Tuned in to sitar music (S7 peaks with light noise and excellent audio)
0018 UTC Different song...this one with vocals, then OM with ID "WENO Shortwave"
0020 UTC OFF

Now that was a nice sitar solo! Thank WENO!

1927 UTC Tuned in to a jazzy dance number with solid S8 signal and excellent audio
1931 UTC RFW ID string, followed by electronica dance tune-OM vocals
1937 UTC DJDW on the microphone chatting about the songs (Thanks for the shoutout!) Yes, signal is doing nicely! Wow....6 hours straight today!
1940 UTC Unid indie rock tune

0204 UTC Drunken DJ chatting and reading names of listeners who posted on the previous Wolverine program
0206 UTC Unid song by Tom Petty
0212 UTC "Nothing to do but Today"-Stephen Stills
0215 UTC "You're Gold Teeth II"-Steely Dan
0221 UTC Shoutouts to the posters....Thanks!
0227 UTC "Do You Wanna Dance"-Ramones?
0236 UTC "Golden Years"-David Bowie
0242 UTC "I'm Free"-The Who
0246 UTC "Sultans of Swing"-Dire Straits
0252 UTC "Happy Together"-Turtles
0258 UTC "Under My Thumb"-Rolling Stones
0318 UTC Happy 15th Anniversary Wolverine Radio and Happy 75th Birthday Drunken DJ! Milestones!
0324 UTC "Ten Men Working"-Neil Young & Bluenotes (Good choice DDJ!)
0343 UTC "Let's Get It On"-Marvin Gaye
0351 UTC "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You"-Bob Dylan
0419 UTC "One Toke Over the Line"-Brewer & Shipley
0531 UTC Last song per DDJ! Talking Heads for Dr Strangelove
0535 UTC DDJ chatting...Good Night!
0536 UTC OFF

And a Happy New Year 2024 to you! Here's my recording of the latter part of the Wolverine show AND the entire Drunken DJ show...about 4 hours and 24 minutes! Thanks again DDJ!

0000 UTC Testing (Signal strong but the noise is rough tonight!)
0004 UTC Wolverine op moving to 4015
0005 UTC Back up and sounding much stronger here! S8 peaks and lower noise on this band too!
Kicking back and enjoying the show!
0124 UTC "Love Is Here and Now You're Gone"-Supremes
0127 UTC "Until You Were Gone"?-Aretha Franklin
0130 UTC "Summer's Almost Gone"-Doors
0133 UTC "Long Time Gone"-Crosby Stills & Nash
0137 UTC "Gone Dead Train"-?
0140 UTC "The Thrill Is Gone"-BB King
0145 UTC "He's Gone"-Grateful Dead live
0151 UTC "My City Was Gone"-Pretenders
0159 UTC "Too Far Gone"-Neil Young

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