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I heard this also...I had the Zeppelin carrier on 6949.9 AM and a deep voiced OM on USB which although I am not 100% certain, the voice seemed to be in Portuguese

QSLs Received / Crapola Radio "Professor Plum Birthday Show" eQSL
« on: April 28, 2023, 0210 UTC »
I very much appreciate your shows and your awesome eQSLs! Thank you Crapola Radio!

0156 UTC Killer signal here with an unid punk rock tune-OM singer...S9 and excellent USB audio
0159 UTC British accented OM spoken word, followed by unid punk rock tune-YL singer
0201 UTC British accented OM "none of it made any sense....the ranting and the raving", then unid punk rock tune-OM singer
(I'd post more details, but sadly I'm lacking in the finer points of punk rock music!)
0223 UTC A major howling session! Followed by "Are Friends Electric"-Tubeway Army (with CW ID's over the tune)
0226 UTC OM with ID, into another unid punk tune
0229 UTC "Cover your ears or run away...whatever you need to do" (LMAO!)
0232 UTC "The lyrics to some of these songs is disturbing"  ;D
0302 UTC Still here with ya WDOG...Thanks for the shoutout! Don't work too hard tomorrow OM!
0303 UTC OFF

Now that was enlightening T.E.M.! I'm half deaf, so I only had to cover one ear  :)

*Hello McRadioface! Long time no see!

0100 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Rock Around the Clock"-Bill Haley & Comets
(S7 signal solid above the moderate noise with light fading and excellent audio)
0102 UTC "See You Later Alligator"-Bill Haley
0105 UTC OM with "You are listening to the Brain Brothers Pirate Radio Network", followed by "Do the Twist"-Chubby Checker
0107 UTC Miss Scarlett wishing Professor Plum a Happy Birthday...new sponsor?
0110 UTC "Your Man"-Josh Turner
0114 UTC DJ chat...open book exam...book from 1948
0115 UTC "Ode to Billy Joe"-Bobbie Gentry
(The whooshing noise from the utility station is getting louder, but Crapola is still above it)
0119 UTC "I'll Take You There"-Staple Singers (Signal is dropping into the noise and QRM, but still fairly solid)
0123 UTC Phone call by India accented YL and OM, then spoken word skit
0125 UTC "Still the Same"-Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
0128 UTC "I've fallen and I can't get up" then ID "Coast to coast, all free all the time", followed by "Uptown Girl"-Billy Joel
0131 UTC Phone call "Thank you for calling Crapola Radio"...phone call between a bill collector and Professor Plum..."we should be up to 20 listeners by the end of the month"
0133 UTC Unid song-YL singer/old advertising jingle?
0134 UTC Professor Plum thanking everybody for the surprise birthday, then Email address (Thanks for the shoutout Professor Plum!)
0136 UTC Closing announcement, ID, tone, then OFF

Thanks for another installment of the Crapola Radio Odyssey! Things are looking promising!  :)

Thank you NAPRS! I love the graphics on this gem of an eQSL!

0106 UTC 2 OM talking about the Boston Marathon, followed by OM announcing a Boston Bruins game
(Audio is a bit muffled and now transmission breaks)
0109 UTC Music, but very distorted...fixed!
0116 UTC OM talking now, followed by looped Spanish numbers
0117 UTC YL phone call with numbers and OM hangs up....WORK ID by OM
0119 UTC "It's time to get back to work"..."WORK"
0120 UTC Unid song-YL singer
Kicking back and enjoying the show...now that I'm retired!   :)
0150 UTC OM with ID and postal address, followed by music
0154 UTC OM with NAPRS ID, then OFF

Thanks NAPRS! Another old one I've always wanted to hear!  8)
Here's a link to my recording from carrier at 0103-0154 UTC QRT:

General Radio Discussion / Re: DaveP passes
« on: April 26, 2023, 2136 UTC »
Sorry to hear that Dave has passed away. I noticed that he had posted a few weeks back...he always seemed enthusiastic about the hobby and his posts were always concise and polite. My deepest condolences to his family!

0242 UTC Hearing music directly with a mostly threshold signal. Some audible but brief fade-ups above the noise floor
0246 UTC Announcer now

0132 UTC Andrew Yoder with audio clips of various recently heard stations

Thanks for the relay NAPRS!

2315 UTC Dark metal music solid above the noise floor with some light fading
2324 UTC Different German metal song-OM growler  :)
2328 UTC Another metal song-same OM
2332 UTC Easypal mode (app is off here), followed by a ballad with OM singer in German

Other / Re: UNID 7050 LSB 2116 UTC 25 Apr 2023
« on: April 25, 2023, 2203 UTC »
2158 UTC I am hearing an OM speaking what sounds like Russian directly here. Seems to be nonstop talk so far. Not audible on USB...some ham QRM noted...
2203 UTC Possibly music now? Signal is right at the noise floor.
2205 UTC Not hearing anything now

QSLs Received / Re: Cloudsplitter Radio "BBC Radio 4 Voyage" eQSL
« on: April 25, 2023, 2147 UTC »
Much appreciated CSR! I enjoyed the 5 episodes of Voyage...love the sci-fi programming! Awesome eQSL pic too! Thank you!

0212 UTC A weak carrier here with no trace of audio

0205 UTC Mostly a carrier here with some threshold fade-ups of music at 0207 and 0209 UTC. Presumed to be the station here.
0218 UTC Signal up a bit to just above the noise floor with unid music
0221 UTC OM speaking now but nada on the copy
0223 UTC Unid song

Thank you very much NAPRS and KAT!

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