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0157 UTC Song of unknown genre, fading in and out of the noise. Peaks to S7 with moderate fading and noise. Audio sounds great at peaks! OM singing in Spanish. I have the frequency as 6974.9 AM
0202 UTC OM speaking now but I can't make out what he's saying. Possibly Spanish?
0203 UTC Unid ballad in Spanish-OM singer
0208 UTC Unid ballad in Spanish-OM singer (The refrain sounds like the Frito Bandito commercial! "Cielito Lindo")
0214 UTC OM speaking then possibly YL speaking
0215 UTC Robot 24 SSTV, followed by Unid song (Signal has dropped down to the noise floor)
0223 UTC OM speaking, followed by unid song
0226 UTC Robot 24 SSTV (rough decode here!)
0235 UTC Signal is deep in the noise  :(
0245 UTC Have not heard anything since 0235 UTC post...a trace of the carrier is noted

Thank you for the cool show of Mexican songs ZeE! Here's my recording from 0158-0228 UTC:

0008 UTC Unid rock tune in progress (S7 peaks mostly above the noise floor)
0017 UTC Unid rock tune...signal has cleared up quite a bit...sounding good!
0052 UTC OM with live ID
0145 UTC Still going!

Thank you for the tunes Two Dog! Here's a recording from 0011-0128 UTC:

0005 UTC A weak carrier here  :(

QSLs Received / Re: Happy Hanukkah Radio eQSL version 2 - DEC. 15
« on: December 16, 2023, 2346 UTC »
Also happy to receive the same here! Thank you Moishe!

0225 UTC Tuned in and finally a fade up amidst the heavy noise...no luck on IDing the tune yet
(I have audio on USB and also note a carrier....not sure if the same station)

Here's a 2 minute recording from 0225-0227 UTC with 2 very weak fade-ups in the noise..thanks for the test! I was tuned to 1710 USB.

2334 UTC "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", followed by OM with WTF Worldwide ID
Dinner time Christmas music...thank you!
0000 UTC "Feliz Navidad"-Jose Feliciano
0002 UTC OM with "With the Family" Worldwide, followed by "Let It Snow"
0014 UTC "Holly Jolly Christmas"-Burl Ives
0016 UTC "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"-Bing Crosby
0022 UTC "Silent Night"-acoustic guitar version
0028 UTC "Father Christmas"-Kinks
0035 UTC "Mr. Grinch"
0041 UTC "Happy Christmas (The War is Over)"-John Lennon
0047 UTC Music with ID over the top...
0050 UTC "Silent Night"-piano version
0054 UTC OFF, then some tones...

2224 UTC Tuned in to "Jammin"-Bob Marley & Wailers (S9 peaks with light noise and light fading...sounding good!)
2227 UTC WDOG op chatting, followed by "Closer to the Heart"-Rush
2229 UTC "Peg"-Steely Dan
2233 UTC "The Passenger"-Iggy Pop
2238 UTC "We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions"-Queen
2242 UTC WDOG singing jingle
2250 UTC  WDOG op chatting...mention of "1977", followed by "Lido"-Boz Scaggs
2302 UTC "I Feel Love"-Donna Summer
2310 UTC "Carry On My Wayward Son"-Kansas (WDOG in CW over the song)
2316 UTC Dogs howling up a storm, followed by WDOG singing jingle
2323 UTC (Feed the dogs WDOG op! They're hungry!"
2324 UTC "Shake Your Booty"-KC & Sunshine Band
2325 UTC OFF

Thanks for the memories WDOG!

1239 UTC Fading in and out of the noise with "Antiochus"
1242 UTC Van Slyke's great catch
1244 UTC "2000 Year Old Man" skit...I have over 42000 children and not one of them comes to visit me
1256 UTC Child with "Happy Hanukkah", then IS
1259 UTC OFF

2057 UTC Tuned in to an unid church choral singing (S8 peaks with light fading and excellent audio...I have the frequency as 6946.5ish AM)
2058 UTC Unid genre song
(Without Shazam I'm helpless with these songs!)

2043 UTC Tuned in to a jazzy R&B instrumental in progress (S9 peaks with light fades...sounds good!)
2044 UTC OM with 77 Lima Juliet Sierra ID and "We are broadcasting on transmitter B from Three Peaks Station", followed by a latino tinged jazzy pop tune with lots of la-la's

1536 UTC Some threshold music at or below the noise floor
1540 UTC Nice S5 peak, but I don't recognize the song with lyrics "You're The Man" "Sugar Man"-Rodriguez
1543 UTC Different song now, but the noise is making for rough copy
1548 UTC Sounds like audio tones/melody, then possible spoken word, then an Unid song
(Sounds like Sixto Rodriguez vocals on all the songs so far)
1601 UTC OM talking now...rough copy but doesn't sound English
(I've heard these songs before on 43 meters...don't recall who was playing them)
1608 UTC Nice S5 peak with song clear above the noise...still Rodriguez singing

https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,120174.msg373409.html#msg373409 ?Maybe?

Thank you for the broadcast! Here's a really rough recording from 1540-1620 UTC:

0218 UTC Tuned in to a jazzy organ tune..a listenable signal this evening! S7 peaks with some deep fading, but audio at peaks is excellent! Plenty of noise tonight too...
0221 UTC I think Bud is closing down...shoutout? Followed by another jazz tune
0230 UTC Still have some threshold audio, but the noise is heavy
0232 UTC Carrier is gone

Wish I had tuned in earlier...thanks for the broadcast!

2348 UTC Classical music at a fair level...S8 peaks with moderate fading...excellent audio
2350 UTC 77LJS op with short chat, followed by a medley of classical tunes...Yankee Doodle

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