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0429 UTC Making across the big pond this evening directly with "Let's Dance"-David Bowie
(Signal with S7 peaks and mostly above the noise with moderate fading and very nice audio at peaks)
0432 UTC YL DJ speaking now...partial copy...
0433 UTC Unid pop ballad-YL singer
0439 UTC OM DJ talk and the Laser sound effect, then YL DJ talk
0441 UTC Unid pop song
0445 UTC OM DJ talk, then YL DJ talk...signal has dropped down a bit...tough copy on the DJ chat
0447 UTC "Midnight Rider"-Allman Brothers Band
0450 UTC OM DJ talk, then YL DJ talk
0452 UTC "The Night Chicago Died"-Paper Lace
0455 UTC OM then YL DJ chat
0456 UTC Unid song...fading is getting choppy
0500 UTC OM & YL DJ chat

It is good to hear Laser again on this frequency!

0418 UTC First time I've had audio here directly...low in the noise, but sounds like flute music of some kind....jazz or orchestral? Hard to tell but it's making it here!

QSLs Received / Re: KIPM via Undercover Radio eQSL 8 Apr 2023
« on: April 10, 2023, 2058 UTC »
I received the same here! THANK YOU Dr. Benway, and a tip of the hat to the KIPM op for his esoteric productions!  8)

1913 UTC OM talking about Russian prison workers in the mines during the Soviet era. "There is no collapsible communism"
1920 UTC Frequency shifted suddenly to 6924.7 USB and moved back to 6925 USB at 1921 UTC
1921 UTC OM with ID and mention of the story being a reading from "KGB"-John Barron***
1922 UTC OFF

I love these informative broadcasts! I intend on picking up that book! Thanks 77LJS!
***KGB: The Secret Works Of Soviet Secret Agents: John Barron

QSLs Received / Radio 1700 "The Mighty Mellow" eQSL 9 APR 2023
« on: April 10, 2023, 1603 UTC »
Thank you for the eQSL Radio 1700! It is very much appreciated!  :)

Thank you very much Crapola Radio! Your QSL's are great! A tip of the hat to Professor Plum and Scarlet for these interesting and enjoyable shows!  8)

0112 UTC Ambient music similar to what was just on 6927 AM...Radio 48 moved to 6955 AM
0115 UTC I hear the same pounding drum beat as the station that QRT'd on 6927 AM
(Damn band noise is killing things this evening)
0128 UTC Signal strength has improved greatly! Electronic Dance Music
0131 UTC OM with Radio 48 ID

Here's a recording from 0128-0138 UTC:

0101 UTC OM with repeated ID and talk, followed by a bass drum beat. Signal is hitting S7 peaks, but the band noise is really bad with moderate fading
0105 UTC Bass drum beat with ambient music
0110 UTC OFF

Here's my recording of 6927 AM:

0000 UTC OM with "You're listening to Crapola Radio", followed by a familiar song I forgot the name of..."It's A Mystery" lyrics
0003 UTC Unid world music song-YL singers...live
0006 UTC OM with "Professor Plum" and "Charlotte"? then ID, followed by "Just Dropped In"-Kenny Rogers & First Edition
0010 UTC YL and OM talking about paying the bill on the transmitter...sponsor "Life Alert"  :D
0011 UTC YL and OM with ID and "Coast to Coast, all free all the time", followed by "Time Won't Let Me"-The Outsiders
0014 UTC OM with ID, then YL talking about Professor finishing the correspondence course..."spending 3 years making license plates", followed by "Judy In Disguise"-John Fred & His Playboy Band
0018 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Pied Piper"-Crispian St. Peters
(Signal has been mostly S8 peaks with light fades amidst moderate band noise....excellent USB audio)
0021 UTC OM with "your mother says we can continue using the cellar....finish the correspondence course...
0022 UTC "I'm Into Something Good"-Herman's Hermits
0024 UTC YL & OM chatting about "word from our sponsor"
0025 UTC OM with ID and YL chat about selling the car to buy the transmitter...having a sale on ? down the street....Good night Professor...good night Miss Charlotte?...ID, then tone
0027 UTC OFF

Thanks for the show Professor Plum and Miss Scarlett!
Edit: Thanks for the fine eQSL and letting me know that the YL's name is Miss Scarlet!

2320 UTC Very weak music at threshold level
2325 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV, but too much noise to make out the picture
2337 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV

2342 UTC Signal up a bit now with an unid rock tune
2343 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV

2257 UTC YL with "You're listening to Radio 1700...one seven zero zero", followed by an unid instrumental version of "Norwegian Wood"
2300 UTC OM with "You're listening to Radio 1700...one seven zero zero...email us at radio1700@myyahoo.com
2301 UTC "Scarborough Fair"-Unid cover by YL singers with some jazz/rock fusion guitar work
(Signal is S9+ with excellent audio)
2308 UTC OFF

Thanks for the interesting cover songs!  8)
Here's my recording from 2302-2308 UTC:

2214 UTC Hearing some threshold audio directly across the pond...not quite strong enough to ID the song
2232 UTC Nice fade up here with electronic dance music
2255 UTC Theme from Star Trek, then OFF

QSLs Received / Crapola Radio 13950 khz test eQSL
« on: April 09, 2023, 1226 UTC »
Thank you for the great eQSL for the 13950 USB test Crapola Radio! It is always appreciated! 8)

0114 UTC Drunken DJ chat, into "It's a Beautiful Morning"-Rascals
0118 UTC DDJ chat, into "Bittersweet Surrender"-Big Head Todd & Monsters
0124 UTC DDJ chat talking about the $7 bottle of wine...
0125 UTC "Suzie Q"-CCR
0129 UTC DDJ chat, into "Everything Is Broken"-Bob Dylan
0133 UTC DDJ with shoutouts...THANKS!
Taking a short break from posting!
0145 UTC "Spooky"-Classics IV
0154 UTC "Bang A Gong"-T-Rex

0202 UTC "Love Is the Drug"-Roxy Music
0214 UTC "Time Waits For No One"-Rolling Stones
0221 UTC "Running On Empty"-Jackson Browne

0230 UTC "I Got A Line On You"-Spirit
0233 UTC "Stand By Me"-Ben E King
0237 UTC "Someday Soon"-Judy Collins
0251 UTC "She's Not There"-Zombies
0254 UTC "The Love Gangster"-Stephen Stills & Manassas

0306 UTC Signal disappeared, then SSTV came up
0317 UTC "Wild Wild Life"-The Cars
0336 UTC "Bennie & the Jets"-Elton John
0411 UTC "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night"-Electric Prunes
0502 UTC "The Loner"-Neil Young  8)
0536 UTC OFF after SSTV

Thank you for the marathon show Drunken DJ! One for the memory banks!  :)

2357 UTC "Testing one, two, three can anybody hear me"
0000 UTC Old 30's sounding tune
0005 UTC Wolverine op says going to deal with the audio problem...may not be able to fix it  :(
0021 UTC Sounds like it's fixed!
0038 UTC "Pearly Queen"-Traffic
0042 UTC "You Got the Silver"-Rolling Stones
0044 UTC "Heart of Gold"-Neil Young
0047 UTC "Your Gold Teeth"-Steely Dan
0054 UTC "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"-Pink Floyd
0059 UTC "Golden Years"-David Bowie
0103 UTC "Ruby Ruby"-Donald Fagen
0109 UTC "After the Goldrush"-Natalie Merchant

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