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0101 UTC DJDW "I like that song a lot...here's another one", followed by unid indie tune
0104 UTC DJDW "One more song...Radio Free Whatever, followed by another new song
(Solid S8 here with no fading and very little noise...excellent audio)
0109 UTC OFF

2311 UTC DJ mentioning last song and next song, followed by a jaunty little big band tune (S9 peaks with excellent audio) "Bluebird In the Moonlight"
2314 UTC "Sunrise Serenade"
2318 UTC "Oh You Crazy Moon"
2321 UTC WTF Worldwide singing jingle, followed by "In the Mood"-Glenn Miller
0110 UTC Just tuned back and Glenn Miller is still beating the propagation! Down to S7 peaks
0111 UTC WTF Worldwide singing jingle, followed by "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me"
0115 UTC "I've Got A Girl In Kalamazoo"-Glenn Miller
0118 UTC "Caribbean Clipper"-Glenn Miller
0121 UTC "Jukebox Saturday Night"-Glenn Miller
0124 UTC WTF op chattin..."have a good night", followed by a Glenn Miller tune I didn't catch the name of
0127 UTC WTF singing jingle. followed by the WTF theme music
0128 UTC OFF

Thank you for the Glenn Miller show WTF!

QSLs Received / Re: Trance eQSL - JAN 28-29-FEB 3
« on: February 03, 2024, 2343 UTC »
Also received the same very nicely designed eQSL for today's show! Much appreciated Jack Trance!  8)

2319 UTC Sounds like a dance version of the Coast to Coast theme! (Nope...it's a club mix of Vertigo by Oxygene) by Rock solid S9 here and sounding great!
2322 UTC OM said something but I didn't catch it, back to the same dance tune
2326 UTC Different song now with YL singer (Sorry, but I'm not well versed with techno music!)
2340 UTC Spoken word by YL over music, followed by more techno dance music
2356 UTC Still solid S9 and thumping!
0000 UTC OFF

Thanks for the thumping tunes Jack!

2218 UTC Unid ambient music (S7 peaks with moderate noise and light fading...excellent audio)

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6955 USB 1922 UTC 3 FEB 2024
« on: February 03, 2024, 1922 UTC »
1922 UTC Very nice sounding bells and strings orchestral music (S9 peaks and solid above the noise)
1926 UTC Spoken word clip...sounded like Joe Biden talking about voter fraud, then back to music
1928 UTC Spoken word clip...Ronald Reagan?, followed by unid speaker
1929 UTC News clips of the 2020 election

This is from the documentary "2000 Mules"

0232 UTC "Lady In Red"-Chris de Burgh (In progress at tune in with a nice S7 signal here...excellent audio)
0234 UTC "Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes"
0237 UTC "Forever in Blue Jeans"-Neil Diamond
0257 UTC "Raspberry Beret"-Prince
0304 UTC "These Boots Are Made For Walking"-Nancy Sinatra
0307 UTC "Safety Dance"-Men Without Hats
0309 UTC "The Fez"-Steely Dan
0317 UTC "Sunglasses at Night"-Corey Hart
Signal has dropped down to S3 peaks...still above the noise
0329 UTC Signal not moving the S-meter, but I can still hear the music

Thanks for the tunes this evening!

0200 UTC "Black and Blue"-Van Halen (S9 here and rock solid signal...excellent audio)
0205 UTC Spoken word skit...sounds like Sam Kinison
0207 UTC "Two of Us"-Beatles
0229 UTC YL with ID..."...No Name Radio Network, sixty nine twenty on your radio dial", then OFF

0110 UTC "Heartache Tonight"-Eagles (Nice S7 signal with light fading and noise...excellent audio)
0113 UTC "Sundown"-Gordon Lightfoot
0117 UTC "If I Only Had You"-?
0120 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer (Sounds like an old Kiss song)
(Signal has dropped down to S5 and the noise is strong)
0125 UTC Unid jazzy ballad-YL singer
0128 UTC "Jet Airliner"-unid cover by YL singer
0132 UTC "Yabba Dabba Do" followed by unid song (Music right at the noise floor)
0134 UTC "Sultans of Swing"-Dire Straits (Signal up a bit now)
0135 UTC Deep fade, then recovered to S7 and solid above the noise  :)
0140 UTC A disco tune I forgot the name of (Getting more deep fades) "Jungle Boogie"-Kool & The Gang
0145 UTC "Leave A Tender Moment Alone"-Billy Joel
0148 UTC "Eighteen"-Alice Cooper
0151 UTC Unid song-OM singer
0153 UTC Unid anthem (I've heard this before!)
0155 UTC The old Radio Canada Interval signal given twice

Thank you for the tunes tonight! Good stuff!  :) Station could use a name!  :)
Here's my recording of the show:

2344 UTC "No Son of Mine"-Genesis (S7 peaks with moderate noise and light fading)
2347 UTC "Jesus He Knows Me"-Genesis
(First 2 songs of the I Can't Dance LP, so maybe the whole will be played?)  :)
2352 UTC OM with "Nuttin On Shortwave" ID
0002 UTC The Crusher on the microphone, followed by  "I Can't Dance"-Genesis
0006 UTC The Crusher with shoutouts...thanks! LOL
0016 UTC Signal has faded into the noise  :(

Thanks for the Genesis tunes Crusher!

2329 UTC Some kind of ceremony followed by an unid song (I have it now as 6934.1 AM with an S7 signal with moderate fading)
2331 UTC Unid polka (Possibly the Pennsylvania Polka)
2334 UTC Speech by OM in front of an audience...signal cutting out, then OFF at 2335 UTC

Good to hear this classic again...thank you for upholding the tradition!

2227 UTC OM telling a story...sounds like the same speaker as yesterdays program.
2230 UTC Joint exercise...
2233 UTC Having a podcaster on today (I believe the podcaster was skipped)
2235 UTC Taking the 10 commandments out of school discussion
2236 UTC Spiritual warfare in the end times
2243 UTC Synth voiced OM with ID
2327 UTC OM with ID, then OFF

Nice signal here...armchair listening! Thanks!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 2117 UTC 2 FEB 2024
« on: February 02, 2024, 2118 UTC »
2117 UTC "I've Gotta Be Me"-Tony Bennett (S7 peaks amidst moderate noise)
2119 UTC "Over the Sun"-Tony Bennett
2121 UTC "Play It Again, Sam"-Tony Bennett
2125 UTC "Alfie"-TB
2128 UTC "What the World Needs Now"-TB
2131 UTC I don't recognize this one
2152 UTC "I've Got You Under My Skin"-TB
2155 UTC "Mack the Knife"-TB
2200 UTC "Save the Last Dance For Me"-TB
2208 UTC "Dream a Little Dream of Me"-TB
2210 UTC OFF

Kicking back and enjoying the tunes from the good old days of the crooners! Anthony Dominick Benedetto was one of the best...
Skippy - TB is NOT Tom Brady  ;D
I didn't think it was Ted Bundy either!  ;)

Thank you for the early evening sounds of Tony Bennett!

Also very happy to receive the same here! Tip of the hat to the 43 meter ministry!  :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0101 UTC 2 FEB 2024
« on: February 02, 2024, 0103 UTC »
0101 UTC OM speaking a story...mentions of "Lost Cause"(S7 peaks amidst the noise)
0103 UTC Different OM speaking over orchestral music...mentions of Ray and People Will Come
Maybe "Field of Dreams"?
Possibly various movie audio clips...
0116 UTC A quote from "Rocky" about "Life ain't all sunshine, and rainbows", then OFF

Thanks for an interesting broadcast...couldn't figure it out at first!  8)

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