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2346 UTC Tuned in to the end of "Harper Valley PTA", followed by "In the Summertime"-Mungo Jerry
(S7 peaks with light fading amidst storm noise...nice audio)
2350 UTC "Hang On Sloopy"-The McCoys
2354 UTC Unid European sounding beer drinking music  :)
(Some light peskie QRM on the frequency)
2358 UTC YL with "Thank you for listening....? ? ?", followed by "Don't Bring Me Down"-ELO
0002 UTC YL again but didn't catch an ID, then OFF
Listening back on my recording, the YL says "What a great time this has been. We will be bringing you...?...Thanks for joining us, Crapola Radio"

2305 UTC Orchestral Music (S9 peaks and no fading...excellent audio)
2311 UTC YL with "Thanks for listening to Cloudsplitter Radio", followed by more Orchestral classical music
2313 UTC Another classical composition (Sounds like a church organ)
2316 UTC Another classical composition
(Sounds good even with the 6 khz filter switched in here!)
2320 UTC Another classical composition
2323 UTC Another classical composition (or movement?)
Kicking back and listening, as I am unable to provide details!
2343 UTC "Hallelujah" (Handel's Messiah?)

0352 UTC I have mostly a carrier here with some threshold fadeups where I can hear the Op talking. Not nearly strong enough for copy, but it is interesting to know Josiah is still doing his thing!
0212 UTC Getting partial copy now in between the ute blasts

0142 UTC Blues music right at the noise floor
0152 UTC Switched to USB and signal is much better here!
0157 UTC SSTV that didn't decode, then YL with "Pirate Radio-No Rules, No Direction, and No Protocol"  ;)
0204 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV

0236 UTC "Old McDonald Had a Farm" segue into "The Star Spangled Banner"  8)
0243 UTC OM DJ says "Here's a song for Skipmuck"...into an uptempo blues tune I don't know the name of!
(A little bird told me it's "Cross-Eyed Cat" by Muddy Waters & Johnny Winters)  :)
0212 UTC OFF after an SSTV that didn't decode

Thanks for the blues tunes Damn Skippy!

0050 UTC Unid blues/Rock tune at S7 and solid above the noise with moderate selective fading...nice audio!
0052 UTC Unid blues tune-OM singer
0054 UTC YL over the top of the song with ID and email address
0057 UTC Unid blues tune-OM singer
Kicking back and enjoying the tunes!
0129 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Sunday evening blues show CM! Always good to hear you!  8)
Here's my recording of the show:

0002 UTC Solid above the noise floor here directly with unid pop tune
First decode using Black Cat SSTV. Second decode using MMSSTV

2321 UTC OM talking followed by some techno rock music
(Nice S9 peaks with light fading...sounding good!)
2355 UTC Still banging in here at S9!)

2140 UTC Just the barest trace of music here, even with the low noise floor
2147 UTC Signal picked up a bit...now solid just above the noise floor. Unid R&B tune

2119 UTC OM with "Jack Boggin...WLIS...we love interval signals
2120 UTC "Radio Radio"-Elvis Costello
Solid S9 signal with no fading....
2123 UTC OM with "WLIS..."North America's perfect interval signal mix"...mail drop address....Radio 13 Interval Signal (sounds like some dramatic surf rock)
2126 UTC YL repeating "13", followed by OM..."Lock it in and rip off the knob"
2127 UTC OM with mention of "Part 4" followed by WPIG audio clip and "Voice of the Night" audio clip
2129 UTC OM with ID, into the sound of a baby crying
2130 UTC OM with "We hope you enjoyed Part 4....PO Box 109 address....bye", followed by instrumental rock music
2132 UTC Movie theme sounding music I forgot the name of....familiar!
2136 UTC OFF

Missed the beginning of the show! I need to spend more time tuning around and less time doing household chores  :-\

1605 UTC "Eye of the Tiger"-Survivor  :)
1608 UTC "Danger Zone"-Kenny Loggins
1611 UTC "Hooked On a Feeling"-Blue Swede
1614 UTC "Happy"-Pharrell Williams (Song cut)
(Solid S9 signal here this early afternoon...excellent audio)
How about playing some Chicago?  :)
1619 UTC "25 or 6 to 4"-Chicago (THANKS!)
1623 UTC "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is"-Chicago
1627 UTC "Color My World"-Chicago
1630 UTC OM with ID over the music "You're listening to Good Times Radio" and a shoutout to everybody on the HF Underground followed by "Holiday"-Madonna
1634 UTC "Lucky Star"-Madonna
1637 UTC "Saturday In the Park"-Chicago
1641 UTC "Feeling Stronger Every Day"-Chicago
1645 UTC "Into the Groove"-Madonna
1650 UTC OFF

Thanks for the early Sunday afternoon show GTR!  8)

Also received this fine eQSL here....Tip a da hat to the WBSR relayer for this one!  8)

I've been listening since tune in with Barracuda by Heart....signal has been solid above the noise and still going strong here at 0538 UTC. Too damned tired here to post...been a long pirate filled day of fun listening!

Interesting! I ran vostochnaya zvezda through Google translate and it came out as "Eastern Star"

0440 UTC I'm burnt out on posting today, but I thought I'd drop one more here tonight. I've been listening since WTF came up on 5060 USB after the end of the WDOG Beatle show. Some really great songs I've never heard! Still going strong at S7 now and the noise has lightened up quite a bit.
0442 UTC OFF

0203 UTC Tuned in to "Daytripper"-Beatles with S7 peaks and light to moderate fading....very nice audio
0204 UTC "We Can Work It Out"-Beatles
0206 UTC "Rain"-Beatles (Signal dropped a bit with some noise evident, then recovered)
0209 UTC DJ T.E.M. on the microphone, followed by "Paperback Writer"-Beatles
0212 UTC DJ T.E.M. with "A song with only one chord", followed by "Tomorrow Never Knows"-Beatles
(The noise level is getting bad at times)
0215 UTC DJ T.E.M., followed by "Run For Your Life"-Beatles
0217 UTC DJ T.E.M. with "Help us out George", followed by "If I Needed Someone"-Beatles (Accompanied by dogs howling)
0219 UTC "Got to Get You Into My Life"-Beatles
0221 UTC "Wait"-Beatles
0224 UTC Dogs howling and DJ T.E.M. on the microphone, into "I Want to Tell You"-Beatles
0226 UTC "In My Life"-Beatles
0228 UTC "Dr Robert"-Beatles
0231 UTC DJ T.E.M. with "1966 Beatles Show", followed by "I'm Looking Through You"-Beatles
0233 UTC "For No One"-Beatles
0235 UTC "Girl"-Beatles
0238 UTC DJ T.E.M. followed by "And Your Bird Can Sing"-Beatles
0240 UTC "What Goes On"-Beatles
0242 UTC DJ T.E.M. followed by "Good Day Sunshine"-Beatles
0244 UTC DJ T.E.M. followed by "She Said She Said"-Beatles
0247 UTC "Eleanor Rigby"-Beatles
0249 UTC "The Word"-Beatles
0252 UTC DJ T.E.M. followed by "Think For Yourself"-Beatles
0254 UTC "Here, There, and Everywhere"-Beatles
0257 UTC Signal dropped to the high noise level here. I can still hear "Nowhere Man"-Beatles
0259 UTC OM talking over the intro music..."Love You Too"-Beatles
0302 UTC WDOG singing jingle, followed by "You Won't See Me"-Beatles
0306 UTC "I'm Only Sleeping"-Beatles
0308 UTC DJ T.E.M. followed by "Taxman"-Beatles
0311 UTC Dogs barking intro to "Norwegian Wood"-Beatles
0313 UTC DJ T.E.M. with "Thank you for listening....have a good night", followed by "Drive My Car"-Beatles (CW ID over the song)
0315 UTC Dogs howling!
0316 UTC "Are Friends Electric"-Tubeway Army  8)
0318 UTC OFF

Thank you WDOG! That was quite a Beatles show! I was only 11 when those songs were popular. Beatlemania started in the Skipmuck home right from the beginning. They ruled during those years.  :)
Here's my recording of the show:

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