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0032 UTC "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"-CCR (S8 peaks with excellent audio)
0035 UTC OM with ID "W???", ? Radio ? Followed by unid tune by Rush
0045 UTC OM said something, followed by an unid bluesy lead guitar tune
0050 UTC OFF

Per https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,129218.0.html this post was the same station...fits the ID I heard! Same playlist too...

2350 UTC Same screechy sound as on 6955 USB, only this one has some electronic music mixing with the screechy sound
2358 UTC Easypal sound now...app not running here!
0004 UTC OM over the screechy cicada sound/electronic music with "Cicadas are my friend"  8) Also a different phrase but I couldn't quite get it.
0017 UTC OM with "Cicadas have more brains than ?"
0021 UTC Shoutouts to the posters! Thanks!  :)
0023 UTC Something about cicadas in the studio
0024 UTC Something about "they are hungry"?
0025 UTC "All the cicadas are dancing to the RF..."
0028 UTC OFF

Thanks for the tribute to the Cicadas! Coolest thing I've heard in quite some time! None of them heard here in Skipmuck town yet  :)

2348 UTC Unid screechy sound on loop...S9 peaks
(The same sound on 6935 USB but 6935 USB has some electronic music mixing with the screechy sound)

0246 UTC "And I Love Her"-Beatles (Fading in and out of the high noise level)
Not sure if this is Sycko back on or somebody else.
0252 UTC Song sounding like a children's chorus, then OFF

2356 UTC Signal hovering at the noise floor...bits of music but the noise is heavy
0000 UTC OFF...carrier gone

2254 UTC Weak music here with a high noise floor! There was a brief carrier noted here...might have been a peskie
2302 UTC A nice S7 peak here but I don't recognize the song
2307 UTC Singing jingle, then OM with clear ID
2314 UTC Solid above the noise now...unid song
2316 UTC Signal back into the noise...sounds like sitar music
2328 UTC R&B pop song...(Excellent bass response!)
2339 UTC Unid ambient instrumental orchestral music
2352 UTC OM DJ chat..."Foxy AM SSB" ID"  :) , followed by an ID in Spanish

Thanks for the playlist...Struck out here on the names!

2341 UTC "Killing Me Softly"-Roberta Flack (Mostly above the noise here with moderate fading...excellent audio)
2344 UTC "Feeling Satisfied"-Boston
2348 UTC OM with ID "Worldwide Basement Radio", followed by "Hold Me Now"-Thompson Twins
2353 UTC A Diana Ross & The Supremes tune I forgot the name of...
2356 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Life During Wartime"-Talking Heads
2359 UTC A Motown tune I forgot the name of...(signal dropped down a bit in the noise)
0002 UTC OM with "This is WWBR Worldwide Basement Radio", followed by a song I am not familiar with
0008 UTC "Games People Play"-Spinners (OM said something about "basement is back" over the song)
0017 UTC OM with ID, followed by a Kool & the Gang tune
0021 UTC "The Way I Want to Touch You"-Captain & Tenille
0024 UTC "Wishing You Were Here"-Chicago with the Beach Boys
0033 UTC "Baby Now That I Found You"-Foundations
0043 UTC "Tonights the Night"-Rod Stewart
0047 UTC OM with ID, followed by "Hey Nineteen"-Steely Dan (Getting some nice S8 peaks now!)
0056 UTC OM with ID, some quick music and OFF

Thank you for the good tunes on this rainy Sunday evening! Here's my recording of the show:

2356 UTC "Testing 1, 2, 3 can anybody hear me"
2359 UTC "Blue Skies Around the Corner"-Jack Hylton & His Orchestra
0005 UTC "Keep Your Arms Around Me"-Arthur Crudup?
0009 UTC Lyrics "Sneaking Around With You"-OM singer
0015 UTC "My Sweet Love Ain't Around"-Hank Williams
0018 UTC "Rock Around the Clock"-Billy Haley & Comets
0020 UTC "Shop Around"-Miracles
0023 UTC "I Get Around"-Beach Boys
0025 UTC "Up Around the Bend"-CCR
0028 UTC "I'll Be Around"-Spinners
0031 UTC "Roundabout"-Yes
0034 UTC "Fooled Around and Fell In Love"-Elvin Bishop
0037 UTC "Dance This Mess Around"-B-52's
0042 UTC "Stop Dragging My Heart Around"-Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty
0047 UTC "Turn Your Love Around"-George Benson
0050 UTC A song by the Dave Matthews Band?
0054 UTC "Run-Around"-Blues Traveler

Thanks for the tunes!  8)

0020 UTC Caught the last minute of an OM talking, then OFF
0029 UTC Back on again with an OM talking
0030 UTC OM mention of Garbanzo (2 OM talking skit of some kind...snoring noise too..."Jeffrey Dahmer's BBQ Sauce" parody ad
0032 UTC "We're Radio Garbanzo", followed by "Breaking the Law"-Judas Priest
(So far S7 peaks with moderate noise...audio sounds great but several dropouts)
0035 UTC OM with Radio Garbanzo postal mail drop address
0043 UTC Sounds of a cow mooing and a machine gun over "Black Betty"-Ram Jam

Good to hear an old Radio Garbanzo show! It has been a long time!

2330 UTC "Breath"-Pink Floyd (S7 and solid above the noise with light fading)
2335 UTC Unid folk song-OM singer (Next few songs also by this artist...from the other posts it's Nick Drake, who I've heard of but am not familiar with his music)
A fair amount of storm static this early evening!
2355 UTC "Miracles"-Jefferson Starship
0002 UTC "Jane"-Jefferson Starship live version
0004 UTC Sounded like a waterfall image during the song...no waterfall to look at here! Easypal app is off too
0009 UTC Easypal image followed by "Somebody to Love"-Jefferson Airplane

0011 UTC Short bit of an OM mentioning the names of the Jefferson Airplane, then OFF

2356 UTC "Melissa"-Allman Brothers (S8 peaks with moderate fading)
2357 UTC OM and YL with Sternradio ID

2221 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer (S5 peaks but solid above the noise...sounds good!)
2222 UTC OM with ID and mention of "Low power test", into unid grunge/metal tune
2230 UTC SSTV (Didn't have the app running!
2232 UTC OM DJ chat..."been on hiatus...cluck cluck cluck...we'll be back...got one more for you"
2233 UTC Unid instrumental rock tune...nice lead guitar!
2239 UTC OM with TCR ID, then "Low Power" and OFF

Good to have you back Thunder Chicken!

0326 UTC Unid pop song just above the noise (High noise level and Russian beacon QRM)
0328 UTC Signal jumped up to S7 peaks and solid above the noise
0331 UTC Another unid pop song-OM singer
0333 UTC Faded out or OFF?
0334 UTC Hearing music again right at the the noise floor (either spoken word lyrics or an OM talking over the music?)
0338 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer
0342 UTC OM DJ chat but the noise is too high for copy, followed by another unid rock tune-OM singer
0345 UTC Another rock tune (Good tunes but I don't recognize them....possible the same band? I'll Shazam the recording tomorrow...)
0349 UTC OM with ID..."Listening to Robin Hood Radio"  :)
0350 UTC Pop song-OM singer
0353 UTC SC2 120 SSTV (COOL!), followed by a 90's sounding grunge rock tune-OM singer...S7 peaks again

0402 UTC Unid alt-rock tune-OM with spoken word lyrics
0404 UTC Unid alt-rock tune
0411 UTC OM DJ chat, but the noise level is heavy

Prop is really lousy this evening  :(
Time to hit the sack here...good to hear you again Robin Hood! It's been awhile!  8)

Edit: Shazamed my recording this morning and here are the songs played
"Radio"-Thanks! I Love It
"Meatwood Flac"-Thanks! I Love It
"The Weeping Bogeyman"-Guided By Voices
"Pure and Clean"-Alpha & Omega
"Me and the Bean"-Spoon
"Lines in the Suit"-Spoon
"Detroit Has a Skyline"-Superchunk
"In a Jar"-Dinosaur Jr
"220 Years"-Hot Water Music
"Don't Touch My Bikini"-The Halo Benders
"Who Makes Your Money"-Spoon
"Pumpkin Eyes"-Silver Scooter

Utility / UNID Russian (Military?) 6930 USB 2208 UTC 8 APR 2024
« on: April 08, 2024, 2210 UTC »
2208 UTC Hearing weak music just above the noise floor. Can't ID the song-OM singer
(Seems to be the same song (or artist) repeating...is this North America or Europe?)
2239 UTC Still going with signal solid above the noise at S7

Thanks for the info CT-Yankee! I tried to Shazam my recording several times with no success. I wonder if this is related to the Russian utility station heard recently on 6930 USB? I will move this post to European.

Here's my recording from 2209-2225 UTC:

Not sure if this belongs here or in Utility...or Clandestine!

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