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0237 UTC "Another One Bites the Dust"-Queen (Song seems to be on a loop or a mix version)
0244 UTC Sounds like audio clips of Zeke...mention of Sicko Radio...strange music  :)
0250 UTC Goat F***ker Radio ID's amidst audio madness
0253 UTC "Another One Bites the Dust"-Queen (again)
0257 UTC OFF

I'd like to request a song...could you play "Goat Riders In The Sky" by Blood Cult?

Here's my recording for those who might have missed the show:

QSLs Received / Artist Spotlight Radio-Ween eQSL
« on: May 21, 2023, 0152 UTC »
Thanks again for the show and the eQSL!

0107 UTC xmsn breaks, then 2 OM chatting on the phone...mention of the FRN, and short chat.
0113 UTC Another phone conversation with mention of pirate radio
0119 UTC Mention of San Diego and "if you want to be a part of the pirate radio broadcast"...."K-MUD"
0121 UTC "We're out here in the Mojave desert"..."100 miles west of Las Vegas"..."run by the National Park Service"
0124 UTC YL phone call..."sometimes the phone rings and we pick it up and nobody's there"
0132 UTC Phone call from somebody who can't understand English? Next call..."Hello Mojave phone booth"
0135 UTC "The booth is all shot up and covered with bumper stickers"
0146 UTC "Not a cloud in the sky"..."10:15 we'll be signing off"
0148 UTC Music from a radio, then OM with ID and shoutouts to the people who phoned in...K-MUD Radio
0150 UTC Sounds like opera music now
0203 UTC Music followed by another phone call....YL caller
0215 UTC Tough copy now...can hear part of the ops, but nothing from the caller
0221 UTC Music then an OM caller
0226 UTC SSTV, then OFF

Another one I always wanted to hear! Thanks NAPRS! Here's my recording of the show:

0018 UTC Unid psychedelic rock song-OM singers with reverb on the vocals (Signal just above the noise here)
0020 UTC Different song now
0024 UTC OM with ID in slowed down voice..."You are listening to Artist Spotlight Radio...todays artist is Ween"
I've heard of the band, but am unfamiliar with the music. Rather than annoying "Unid song" posts, I'll drop a link to my recording later on...reading the wikipedia article on Ween now!
0034 UTC OM with ID
0042 UTC OM with ID
0101 UTC OM with "Thank you for listening to Artist Spotlight Radio", then OFF

Thanks for the introduction to a band I missed out on along the way! Here's my recording from 0028-0101 UTC:

2159 UTC I'm hearing a weak signal here...could be European? "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"-Gordon Lightfoot
2201 UTC Some local? QRN at the moment...
2205 UTC OM speaking but nada on the copy
Thanks MP! Sadly, there is some annoying QRN killing the signal...I don't see any posts yet in the European forum...
2212 UTC QRN is gone! Music now, but I don't recognize the song...choppy fading so likely a Euro
2213 UTC OM talking now
2216 UTC "Lying Eyes"-Eagles
2222 UTC OM speaking now...still no luck on the copy
2226 UTC Unid song-OM singer
2230 UTC OM DJ chat..possibly ID just before the next song?
2233 UTC "You're So Vain"-Carly Simon (Getting some S7 peaks now...nice!)
2237 UTC OM DJ, followed by "Tiny Dancer"-Elton John
2243 UTC OM DJ, followed by "Traveling Band"-CCR
2246 UTC ID string now...Weekend Music Radio! Followed by music and OM DJ chat
(Now the question is...European or more likely a North American relayer?)
2251 UTC ID by OM, followed by "Maggie May"-Rod Stewart
Thanks for the info Big Badfish Al...I will move it to European. Interestingly, the playlist matches the earlier Weekend Music Radio post on 6295!
2306 UTC "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"-Gordon Lightfoot (Perhaps the show is being repeated?)
2322 UTC "Lying Eyes"-Eagles (So the show is repeating!)

Thanks to Weekend Music Radio and whoever is relaying this! If there is any chance of an eQSL I would greatly appreciate it! I understand if you don't QSL...."via the mystery relayer"...LOL

Here's a link to my recording of direct across the pond from 2159-2259 UTC...once you get past 2212 UTC the signal gets better and better until the end of the recording:

0202 UTC Narration by OM in progress at tune in about a scenario about the killing of the President by the Soviet Union and/or the taking over of the USA by a Soviet invasion. "The White House has been destroyed"
0217 UTC OM with closing ID..."story about the Soviet Special Forces", then OFF

Thanks for the nightmare scenario 77LJS! I guess times have changed...

0139 UTC Some kind of spoken word skit, followed by an unid blues rock tune-OM singer (S7 amidst high noise level and moderate fading)
0145 UTC OFF

0058 UTC Wildfire IS here at S9+! Minor QRM from the USB station on 6961 USB
0100 UTC YL with ID and pinfall, followed by "Nights In White Satin"-Moody Blues
0107 UTC "All Day and All of the Night"-Kinks
0130 UTC "All Night Long"-Lionel Ritchie
0142 UTC "Lonely Is the Night"-Billy Squier
0146 UTC "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"-The Band
0150 UTC "You Shook Me All Night Long"-AC/DC
0153 UTC "All Through the Night"-Cyndi Lauper
0224 UTC "One More Night"-Phil Collins

0054 UTC Unid funky dance music-OM singers (S7 and solid above the noise...excellent audio)
0122 UTC Mr Sycko DJ chat..."a little Metallica for ya"
0124 UTC Tin foil hat is already properly affixed! But not grounded...

0122 UTC Unid folk rock song-YL singer
0130 UTC "Island Girl"-Elton John
0133 UTC OM DJ...sounded like a relay of commercial radio?, into "Silly Love Songs"-Paul McCartney & Wings
0139 UTC OM DJ, followed by "Precious & Few"-Climax
0146 UTC The DJ keeps mentioning 99...maybe an FM relay?
0147 UTC A live op talking over the song..."This is Live Radio", followed by "Green Eyed Lady"-Sugarloaf
(Signal is up to S8 now with excellent audio)
0152 UTC OM with "FUBAR Radio"...
0155 UTC OM DJ with mention of the last song being a request by Badfish Al....also another request, followed by "Pretty Ballerina"-The Left Banke (request by CT Yankee)
0201 UTC OM DJ with a buzz sound...must have broke a wire again..."wouldn't be Fubar Radio without a fubar"
0205 UTC "Never Been Any Reason"-Head East (Maybe another station on the frequency, or a jammer?
0210 UTC OM DJ talking about Zeke mentioned in the last show....now his wife wants to do the laundry  ;D
0212 UTC OFF suddenly

Thanks for another round of FUBAR Radio! Hmmm...missed the email address again  :-\
Here's a link to my recording of the show:

0008 UTC Unid grunge rock tune-OM singer (S7 peaks amidst moderate noise)
0014 UTC Unid rock tune-OM singer
0022 UTC Thunder Chicken op chatting..."Hope everybody's doing ok"

0051 UTC Signal is a solid S8 now, with light noise and excellent audio

Thanks again for yet another graphically attractive eQSL, Crapola Radio!  :)

0135 UTC Various electronic sound effects (S9 peaks with light fades and excellent audio)
0138 UTC OM over the ambient music sounding like Vincent Price
0140 UTC Hard to tell, but sounds like more than one station on...the other with spoken word?
0144 UTC Sci-Fi sounds now followed by music
0146 UTC OM speaking over the music...maybe a couple of voices
(I have properly affixed my tinfoil hat to my head)
0152 UTC Buzz voiced OM with ID "You are listening to shortwave radio...madness...(jumble of numbers giving for the frequency)
0155 UTC An audio snippet of "Mellow Yellow"-Donovan (Another OM in the background...also a YL?)
0158 UTC Mechanical sound, followed by doom and gloom metal music
0208 UTC OM talking..."The microphone's still on...alrighty then...You're tuned to Sycko Radio 6950...very very old Sycko Radio recordings...far out there madness", then OFF

Thanks for the madness Mr Sycko! Here's a link to my recording:

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