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0058 UTC "Wildfire" Interval Signal (S9+ here with light fades and solid above the noise...excellent audio)
0104 UTC "It's a Beautiful Morning"-Rascals
0107 UTC "Beautiful Day"-U2
0111 UTC "The Most Beautiful Girl In the World"-Charlie Rich
0113 UTC "Beautiful Boy"-John Lennon
0117 UTC "You Are So Beautiful"-Joe Cocker
0121 UTC "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"-? (From the Musical "Oklahoma")
0127 UTC "She's A Beauty"-Tubes
0131 UTC "You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, and Your Mine"-Ringo Starr
0134 UTC "When You're In Love With a Beautiful Woman"-Dr Hook & Medicine Show
0144 UTC "Hey Good Lookin"-Hank Williams
0151 UTC "Beautiful Sunday"-Daniel Boone (Oh...my...gawd...I'm going to have a horrible earworm attack)
0154 UTC "Beautiful Stranger"-Madonna (One of her best songs)
0204 UTC "Beautiful Loser"-Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band
0212 UTC "Everything Is Beautiful"-Ray Stevens
0216 UTC "Beautiful Girls"-Van Halen
0234 UTC "Beautiful People"-Melanie
0241 UTC "America the Beautiful"-Ray Charles
(Ooops...forgot to turn on the SSTV app)

Thanks for a beautiful show!

0000 UTC Hearing music at threshold level here...same show presumed as earlier on 6905 USB
(Signal is barely moving the S-meter with some solid peaks above the low noise on this band)
0012 UTC Signal dropped down below threshold level
(Propagation deities are not in the mood this evening for this band!)
0016 UTC Faded up to just above the noise
0021 UTC "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"-Andrews Sisters (Fading slowly in and out of the noise)
0024 UTC I'm hearing some OTH Radar QRM now
Oh well...the signal must be going somewhere!

Here's my recording from 0000-0012 UTC:

Now that was a record setting eQSL! Thanks for this evenings show BBPN! Loved the tunes and the test format  8)

2300 UTC OM with "Brain Brothers Pirate Network" ID, into Unid 40's sounding oldies tune-OM singer
2305 UTC Another 40's sounding jazzy swing tune-Ella Fitzgerald
2312 UTC "In the Mood"-Glenn Miller
2315 UTC "A String of Pearls"-?
2318 UTC OM with "Brain Brothers Pirate Radio Network experimental broadcast"
2321 UTC "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"-Andrews Sisters
(So far I've had S7 peaks with light fading and moderate-heavy noise...lots of storm static. Audio is very nice!)
2324 UTC OM talking about Atomic Bomb(I received info that this was Harry Truman speaking), followed by "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"-Judy Garland
2326 UTC A tone came on over the music, then it went missing.
2329 UTC "Sentimental Journey"-Doris Day
2338 UTC "Chattanooga Choo Choo"-Glenn Miller?
2341 UTC OM with ID "Brain Brothers Shortwave Pirate Network Experimental Broadcast...40's", followed by "Star Spangled Banner"-OM singer
2343 UTC JFK "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country", then OFF

Thank you for the experimental show BBPN! Great tunes from the 40's!
Here's my recording of the show:

QSLs Received / Crapola Radio eQSL 15 JUN 2023
« on: June 16, 2023, 2218 UTC »
Another awesome design from Professor Plum & Miss Scarlet! Thank you very much Crapola Radio! :)

0233 UTC Horn fanfare IS, followed by drums and Bran Stoker with show #13.
0236 UTC Mention of WYMN then Tarzan call, then "Jack Boggin" and music
0238 UTC Bram Stoker speaking now (High static level here, but still getting fair copy) "Mail Scrotum"
0243 UTC Mention of MAD magazine and "Radio Erotica" and "Up Against the Wall Radio"
0244 UTC Cartoon music then OM with "This is Radio Azteca, the home of Bram Stoker"
0245 UTC Top 10 List of ? things to listen to on shortwave radio, then mention of Top 10 things to do while waiting for pirates to come on"..."This is Jack Boggin from WLIS"
0248 UTC "Animal Stories"...dog has a big lump on his throat...holding the wrong end of the dog...went to the bathroom to wash her hands...(something about a camel)...story about a golfer...met a lady who was looking for her ball....lifted up a cow's tail and it was lodged there...hit it with her 7 iron
0254 UTC OM with ID..."All that's gross but tasteful", then music
0255 UTC "Actual Stuff"...Kimberly ? arrested....flipping a bird is not an example of free speech...worlds nastiest outhouse...willy nilly defecation...PETA and killing Turkeys..."the diaper bandit"..."verifying reception of an obscene phonecall"
0300 UTC "Dixie", then "Top 10 things God will do before Armageddon"
0303 UTC Mention of Secret Mountain Laboratory....what the hell is a brouhaha...
0307 UTC "Ian McFarland in the studio"
0310 UTC OM with ID and music
0311 UTC "Radio Azteca bloopers"
0312 UTC We've come to the end of program #13 followed by email address for reports...looking for commercial logo's with Azteca in them
0314 UTC Fanfare IS, followed by drums and Bram Stoker with program #14
0318 UTC Music (static crashes making for partial copy)
0319 UTC "What most would you want in your mouth when DXing"
0322 UTC "Cantilever Bra" then "statistical study of reception reports"...Radio Azteca is the best pirate...reading listener letters
0325 UTC Mention of Lorena Bobbit
0328 UTC "Having more fun than any one human should be allowed to have", then piano music
0329 UTC "Top 10 unexplained DX mysteries"...why do we do this...PACMAN...
0330 UTC Cartoon music...this is the real Radio Azteca
0331 UTC Installment 152,199 DX program..."This old Hauser"..."Psychic network guide to world band radio"
0337 UTC "Why do you call it Azteca", then "Sheba"....who wrote the book of love...how much is that doggie in the window
0341 UTC "She's giving her measurements in code"  :D
0344 UTC "Montezuma has nothing on us", followed by another Top 10 list...it has a coin slot...have to replace the oil every 300 hours...the speaker looks like a highway cone
0347 UTC Jack Boggin of WLIS...we love intense sex....we love interval signals...(bloopers)
0350 UTC What is DXing in the grand scheme of things today
0352 UTC Horn Fanfare IS, then drums followed by Bram Stoker with program #15...
0554 UTC "George Zeller is not a preacher"...mention of Radio Metropolis? Mention of Barry Williams sends a report with no data...mention of Pat Murphy...Nick Grace...recurring theme of bodily functions...Kentucky is famous for raising Tobacco and fast horses
0403 UTC "Top 10 things we'd like to see at a DX convention...Alice Brannigan after 8 beers...Glenn Hauser after 8 beers
0405 UTC (DX program)
0408 UTC Fractured Fairy Tales music...Radio Spam....not to get burned by listening to Radio Spam
0409 UTC "Actual Stuff"
0412 UTC Another Top 10 list
0414 UTC "Ask Doctor Radio" (signal dropped down to S7...tough copy)
0418 UTC Bram with ID, followed by Hawaii Five-O music
0421 UTC Bram with postal address and end of show #15, then fanfare IS
0422 UTC OM with All Azteca marathon #5... email address and OFF at 0423

0111 UTC "I Fall to Pieces"-Patsy Cline (S7 peaks here with light fading and almost zero noise...excellent audio! Sounds much better than 6905 earlier. Gonna kick back and just listen to this repeat. Thanks Crapola!

Here's my recording from 0113-0138 UTC:

Peskies / Re: UNID 6919 LSB 0030 UTC 16 JUN 2023
« on: June 16, 2023, 0043 UTC »
0042 UTC Unid OM singer in Spanish? Also a YL speaking during the song
0044 UTC Same song repeated
0045 UTC Different song now with OM singer in Spanish
0047 UTC Different song-OM singer
0050 UTC Signal is weaker now...buried in the noise but it's there

Sounds like peskies are having a party! If they're on a boat and broadcasting music without benefit of a license...that makes them pirates  8)
Here's my recording from 0042-0057 UTC:
Please QSL! LMAO....

0000 UTC OM with "Brain Brothers" ID, followed by "Ring of Fire"-Johnny Cash mix version
(S7 peaks with light fades and heavy static crashes...excellent audio)
0003 UTC OM with ID "Crapola Radio, all free all the time", followed by "America the Beautiful"-Ray Charles
(Music is solid above the noise)
0007 UTC YL and OM DJ chat...have moved upstairs...majoring in law to get my law degree...mishap at the other station...you are listening to the Brain Brothers Radio Network
0008 UTC "Rave On"-Buddy Holly & Crickets
0010 UTC "I Fall to Pieces"-Patsy Cline
0013 UTC "Life Alert" advertisement..."I've fallen and I can't get up"
0014 UTC "Suspicion"-Terry Stafford
0016 UTC Phone ringing...Crapola Radio request line...Crapola Shortwave Pirate Radio
0017 UTC "The Letter"-Box Tops
0019 UTC Phone call "please give your credit card and social security number"...warranty company
0020 UTC "Let's Dance"-Chris Montez
0022 UTC Professor Plum thanking all the listeners...link crapola_pirate_radio on the reddit website, the Miss Scarlet chatting
0023 UTC "Surfin Bird"-Trashmen
0025 UTC (I forgot the name of the instrumental)
0027 UTC YL and OM with ID, then phone call...complaint from a neighbor about the interference
0028 UTC "Someday We'll Be Together"-Supremes
0031 UTC OM with ID, followed by "I Can't Help Myself"-Four Tops
0034 UTC Miss Scarlet with email address...OM says repeat of the show on 13950 at 0100 UTC, followed by "Star Spangled Banner"-OM singer
0038 UTC JFK's "Ask not what your country can do for you", tone, then OFF

Thanks for the Thursday evening entertainment Crapola Radio! Here's my recording of the show...thanks again!

2342 UTC Unid rock tune with S7 peaks amidst heavy T-storm noise.

The 77LJS op clearly referred to the song just after the closing announcement...the YL? synth voice sounded like she said "disconnect"? That is just a guess, as I wasn't recording

0101 UTC Talking about Jesus and the standards of Christian obedience
0103 UTC The reformation and Luther...he had renounced the world to follow Christian obedience...the complete surrender of his life...monasticism
0107 UTC Luther left the cloister and went back to the world...the only way to follow Jesus was to live in the world
0113 UTC "Luther said all we can do is of no avail"..."justification of sin"
0118 UTC "I can see that we now know nothing".."the call to discipleship"
0122 UTC OM with ID and date, followed by a musical selection
0127 UTC OFF

Thank you for another appeal to my Inner Wisdom and Spiritual Awakening...let's just say  :)

2351 UTC Sounds like a Jethro Tull cover (S7 peaks with light fading, and moderate noise)

0032 UTC "SWLABR"-Cream live version
0038 UTC "Pretending"-Eric Clapton live version

0053 UTC OFF

Thanks for the hump day evening show TCR!

QSLs Received / WSKY (Whiskey Radio) via NAPRS eQSL 13 JUN 2023
« on: June 14, 2023, 1308 UTC »
Thank once again for the relay and the eQSL! Tip a da tricorner to you!  :)

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