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QSLs Received / X-FM via Radio Illuminati eQSL 31 OCT 2023
« on: November 13, 2023, 2241 UTC »
Very pleased to get this nicely designed eQSL! Thanks to X-FM and all the relayers for the Halloween broadcast!  :)

Received mine today...THANK YOU Radio Illuminati! 8)

QSLs Received / Re: The Voice of Tralfamadore QSL package
« on: November 13, 2023, 2233 UTC »
Also received the same superb postal mailing here...QSL #25! Thank you for a very enjoyable show and a tip of the hat for your top shelf listener appreciation!  :)

0033 UTC Sadly, only a very weak fluttery carrier here this evening  :(

0027 UTC Unid bluesy harmonica tune-OM singer
0030 UTC Old time blues tune-OM singer "Rock Me Mama before you go home" lyrics
0045 UTC OM with "You are tuned to Wasteland Radio", followed by Scottie 2 SSTV
0108 UTC OM with ID
0129 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV
0140 UTC OM with "Hope you're still tuned to Wasteland Radio" (Yep!)
0157 UTC OM with ID and mention of "20 watts of G-90 power"
0200 UTC OM with ID, into a ScottieDX SSTV (Nice RF QSL!)
0225 UTC OM with "Thanks for tuning in to Wasteland Radio", followed by CW (shoutouts to the HFU posters!)
0228 UTC B/W 12 SSTV, then waterfall images
0229 UTC OFF

Going to kick back and listen whilst eating some junk food  8)

Thank you for some great old blues tunes! Here's my recording of the first hour of reception:

2306 UTC Chimes, then an unid alt-pop tune-OM singer (S9 peaks with light fading...excellent audio)
2319 UTC OM with echo ID..."W-E-N-O shortwave", followed by unid music from India
2322 UTC "Free As A Bird"-Beatles
2327 UTC OM with ID, followed by unid song with vocoder like vocals
2331 UTC "Real Love"-Beatles
2335 UTC OM with ID, then sound effects segue into an electronica R&B tune
2338 UTC Sounds like a George Harrison song-"Cosmic Empire"
2340 UTC Unid ambient music with OM over the top with ID and "we know" 
2343 UTC Unid pop tune-OM singer
2348 UTC Piano intro to unid song...then droning ambient music
2350 UTC Unid pop tune...Beatle-esque sounding
2353 UTC OM with ID over the music, followed by more droning ambient music with slow spooky vocals by OM (I think this is Brian Eno, but without Shazam I'm not certain)
2358 UTC Unid folk tune-OM singer with lyrics "A Little Pillow For Your Head and Mine"
0001 UTC Unid ambient song with chanting like vocals by OM
0005 UTC A Beatle-esque song-OM singers
0007 UTC Alt pop tune-OM singer
0008 UTC Signal dropped down to just above the noise floor...band is going long here
0009 UTC OM speaking, followed by unid alt-pop tune with spoken word during the song
0015 UTC OM with ID...copy getting very rough
0017 UTC OFF

Thank you for the interesting music WENO! It all fit together nicely! Here's my recording of the show:

QSLs Received / Re: Bad Time Radio eQSL
« on: November 12, 2023, 2138 UTC »
Also received the same awesome eQSL here before the show was over! Tip of the hat to you!  8)

2112 UTC "Hooked On a Feeling"-Blue Swede (S9 peaks with light fading and excellent audio)
2114 UTC "Happy" Pharrell Williams
2117 UTC "25 or 6 to 4", segue into an unid rock tune-OM singer, then a Chicago tune/techno dance mix
2124 UTC OM with a deep voiced "Bad Time Radio with a shoutout to the HFU listeners today
2125 UTC Sounds like "Wishing You Were Here" dance mix
2134 UTC OFF

Thanks for the broadcast!

QSLs Received / Crapola Pirate Radio eQSL 12 NOV 2023
« on: November 12, 2023, 1829 UTC »
Thanks again Professor Plum & Miss Scarlet! Too bad that $3.6 Million loan application fell through...maybe a "GoFundMe" is the way to go? LOL  :)

1820 UTC "The following pirate radio program has been approved by the FCC"  ;D
(S8 peaks with excellent USB audio)
1821 UTC Circus theme Interval Signal, followed by "It's A Pirate's Life For Me"
1822 UTC OM with ID, followed by unid punk rock tune
1842 UTC "Sunburn"-OM singer with great parody of the late Gordon Lightfoots "Sundown"
2010 UTC PJ and Miss Kitty in the studio talking about the Crystal (Crisco?) Kid
2050 UTC PJ live on the microphone with shoutouts to HFU posters...thanks!
2300 UTC OFF

Thanks for the marathon!

Here's a snapshot of 3 seconds of audio and the associated frequency analysis in Audacity during a song

0240 UTC I can hear some threshold techno music mixing with the het from Indy Radio on 6931 AM
0248 UTC Signal jumped up to above the noise with percussion beat

0058 UTC Testing 1,2,3
So far the signal is hitting S7 peaks but solid above the moderate noise level
0106 UTC "Big Fat Mama"-OM singer
0120 UTC "Mr. Big Stuff"-Jean Knight
0124 UTC "Big Boss Man"-?
0128 UTC "Big Yellow Taxi"-Joni Mitchell
0142 UTC "Big Time"-Peter Gabriel
0147 UTC "Showdown at Big Sky"-Robbie Robertson
0155 UTC "The Big Room"-Neil Young & Blue Notes

0000 UTC Time pips, then Prof Plum with ID, followed by "I Think We're Alone Now"-Tommy James & Shondells
0002 UTC Miss Scarlet and Prof Plum with update on the station, followed by "Hooray For Hazel"-Tommy Roe
0007 UTC Prof Plum with ID, followed by "Lightning Strikes"-Lou Christie
0010 UTC Prof Plum and Miss Scarlet talking about the rap song Prof Plum did, followed by "Jack Be Nimble" and "This Old Man" lyrics
0012 UTC "Cathy's Clown"-Everly Brothers
0015 UTC Prof Plum with ID, followed by "Down In the Boondocks"-Billy Joe Royal
(So far reception has been excellent with light fades and excellent audio)
0018 UTC Miss Scarlet says the transmitter is sparking...Prof Plum says it's the rectifier circuit (sounds of a hammer pounding)
0019 UTC "Five O'clock World"-Vogues (Great tune!)
0021 UTC "Sloop John B"-Beach Boys
0024 UTC Prof Plum with ID, followed by "I Walk the Line"-Johnny Cash
0027 UTC "Medicare Magic Hotline" phone call
0030 UTC "Stagger Lee"-Lloyd Price
0032 UTC Parody ad for Life Alert(?), followed by "Fun Fun Fun"-Beach Boys
0035 UTC "Do not listen to Crapola Radio if you are allergic to it...(and other reasons! I never read all the fine print...)
0037 UTC "Downtown"-Petula Clark
0040 UTC Miss Scarlet opening up letters...one from the FCC...shortwave license application turned down...other application for 3.6 Million dollars for the station turned down
0042 UTC Tip of the hat to the HFU and eQSL information
0043 UTC Closing ID..."serving all free America", followed by the "Star Spangled Banner"-OM singer
0047 UTC OFF after JFK "Ask not...."

Thanks for another great show Crapola Pirate Radio!

QSLs Received / The Asylum rebroadcast via NAPRS eQSL 11 NOV 2023
« on: November 11, 2023, 2340 UTC »
Thanks for bringing back the old shows NAPRS! This was another one I had never heard of...Greatly appreciated!

2304 UTC Weak carrier and music fading in and out of the noise (Might be a Euro?)
2310 UTC OM DJ chatting...no luck on the copy
2314 UTC "What's Up?"-4 Non Blondes
2318 UTC OM DJ chatting
2322 UTC "Take Me In Your Arms"-Doobie Brothers (Nice S8 signal now! Excellent audio)
2325 UTC OM with mention of "WMR"...possibly Weekend Music Radio? CW followed, then OM with mention of "DX Club"
2329 UTC Unid song...signal dropped down to S5...noise level is bad
2332 UTC Signal is buried deep in the noise  :(

Thank you WMR! Here's my recording from 2304-2332 UTC:

Anybody know if this is Europe or USA? :-\

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