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 ID as "Voice of Smoke" . Gave PO Box in NY (?). DJ claimed to be son of Bob Marley

Was coming in good here but now gone

 6945 - Strong signal w/ om repeating same phrase in apparent Hawaiian language. Starts with " Article Illima,Section Allua, Number Eva. Then repeats phrase over several times. Continues with same pattern. Yune in at 1735 and still going 10 minutes later. ( forgive my spelling of Hawaiian words )

 6940 at 1517utc. Flute interval signal (?) to YL w/ id's then announcement of " Control 3/Factor 3" .Into reading of a series of numbers. Good signals here in SE Massachusetts . All in USB

 Heard in Eastern Mass. @ 2122 w/The Weekend "Blinding Lihts". Id's W/good signals...Dinner Time..

Coming in w/ fair signal here. Music followed by "DJ" giving phone # for thr bunker and checking HF Underground for logs, no joy. Then back to more music.

Still going at 0120. Weak but still there w/ ID's and into "The Wall" Pink Floyd

Good signal here w/ canned ID announcement then quickly back into music.

weak signal here. deep fades and static. Some music at peaks is all that's getting through.

Hearing them here at 2118 w/B52's "Planet Clare " and David Bowie "Ashes to Ashes" the ID by om "This is the Vault" at 2128 . Signal is very weak with lots of noise and RTTY interference. In AM.

 Non- stop Grateful Dead tunes since 0132. Very poor signal here with lots of noise and long fades. Marginal audio at best.

"Shattered" by the Stones. @ 2354 . Good signal, some noise..

Very weak audio here at 2115, 6985 , with Doobie Bros. "Long train running". Signal is barely S3 and audio only rises for short peaks. Continuing with music past 2125. tent.om announcement in EE but to weak to get anything. OM heard at 2125 w/"Rockin" announcement ?

0146 - Ramblin Man by Allman Brothers. Fair signal with consistent fades and noise. Only approx. S5 at best.

6931 – Zekey’s Attic on at 2356 utc w/ a very good signal. Very little noise .In USB playing 50’s music. Announcement says he broadcasting remotely tonight from Vermont. Now announcing that it is Buddy Holly night, says also that tonight is a fundraiser for the station.

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