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Techno music still going past 0130. Signal only fair here on Cape Cod. Quiet but some deep fades.

Good signal here in Southeastern Mass. Piano pieces and Id's. Very nice program.
Relaxing music as the snow flies outside.

European Pirates and Private Stations / Laser Hot Hits ?
« on: January 26, 2015, 0108 UTC »
 4026 - at 0105 hearing very brief periods of dance music followed by om in accented English with long announcements. signal to weak to get any positive ID. QRM pretty heavy.

Excellent reception out on Cape Cod. Most enjoyable program.

 Very poor signal here in SE Mass. Heavy QRM. Audio pretty tough copy, music better ( Blue Oyster Cults Don't fear the reaper". Into another reading at 0015

Fair signal but heavy static crashes. Tune in at 0100 to Thompson Twins "Hold me Now" ID's a few other unknown 80's tunes. Then to Bon Jovi's " Living on a Prayer". Continuing past 0120 .Listening in SouthEast Massachusetts.

 S6 in SouthEast Mass. Static is heavy but music is making it at fair level. No announcements heard as of 0034.

 Hearing The Jack Benny show at 0107 w/poor reception in southeast Mass. Heavy static on 6880. Almost fair at peaks.

 Caught Olivia Newton John's "Xanadu" then om w/Id . Claimed to be broadcasting from the center of Holland

 Solid S9 signal in SE Mass. Slight distortion on audio. Great selection of 30's/40's/50's blues & jazz. Positive ID at 0122

Other / Re: Unid, 6932AM, 6 April 2014, 2349+
« on: April 07, 2014, 0017 UTC »
 Signal still coming in at good levels @ 0115. Seems to be two way radio conversation between 2 om with occasional music & sound effects thrown in.

Other / Un-ID Portugese Pirate
« on: April 06, 2014, 2357 UTC »
 6933 @ 2350 good signal into southeastern Mass. Music with lots of sound effects, woody woodpecker laugh most prominent. Heard om in Portugese with several mentions of "La Familia" also seemed to be talking to another om hows voice was distorted and weak in the background. Now with Port. song.

Stephen Wood
Harwich, Mass.

 Excellent signal here at 0110. Plenty of Lincoln Poacher music and lots of excerpts of what appear to be Indian/Pakistani cell phone ads. Main component of program seems to be number sequencies.

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