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Big signal here, S9+ , with yl computer generated ID into what sounded like rock show tunes.

 Lots of pigmeat announcements along with old blues song about pigmeat. SSTV signal also coming thru at strong level, better than audio which is still going  underneath possibly 2 stations here. Now cw but still with pigmeat audio underneath

 Very garbled audio. Brief peaks over the noise, "Walk on By". Not much out of this tonight

good signal but modulation is slightly off. Playing Rolling Stones,Monkees and Zombies.

Tune in  approx.1320 to poor signal playing new age music. Signal has improved substantially since  tune in to good level now, 1350 utc. Yl with some announcements at 1350 w/ music in background but was unable to get nay details due to background music. Said something about coming from the Andromeda constellation ? Back to music and significant signal deterioration.

Still hearing dance music at 0135 UTC. Static level is extremely high. The few announcements I have heard have been unintelligible.

" You can't always get what you want" parody
Good signal,S5/6 , clear audio

Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon @ 2203. Poor ,lots of static

 Likely them here at 2347 W/ Anncr giving extensive talk on Brexit and upcoming vote for EU Parliament. Pop songs played between talk. Definitely sounds like them but static is pretty heavy and audio is disturbed. Haven't gotten a positive ID yet.

Hearing this now, 2114utc , w/ very poor signal. Some brief announcements but not even enough audio to determine the lang. Continuing w/ music now but barely making it to S2/3 level. To much noise right now.

Thanks for the shout out Johnny. Signal level is up a bit @2342 but static crashes are persistent and heavy, Sounds like another signal tuning up just off frequency.

Brief Beach Boys parody song w/ audio over the record. Mixing w/ PP fisherman normally on this frequency. Audio drop out A 2331 then back up w/ Led Zeppelin parody of Whole Lotta Love.

Very heavy static w/ instrumental mx @2317. Previous anncmt was to distorted to get any details. Signal is fair, S5 level. Cold front with wind & showers moving over here right now could be causing some static crashes. At 2322 into un-id vocal, sounds like C&W ballad style. Announcer back at 2324 in English, "Good Morning"

Started listening at 2325 w/ only fair signal but has risen to good level with S8 signal now. Johnny Cash song "Oney" , Talking about his dog Yeti and her pups. ID's . Nice music

 not Cape Cod w/a good signal , S6/7 , .Music and announcer w/ID's @ 2133. Then into more music, instrumental. Some fades but improving.

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