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0444 Male speaker, undermodulated audio listing commandments
0458 Still there but very thin audio just above noise level
0501 Song at better level than speech
0505 Brief announcement then off.

S7 Stevensville MT SDR

0100  ID and howling, then 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home'
0102  Talk of sectarian violence
0105  Neil Young 'Ohio'
0108  Coven 'One Tin Soldier'
0111  When Johnny Comes Marching Home mx, more talk on sectarian violence in Ohio
0114  'Banks Of The Ohio'


closed at 0037 utc after several minutes of blues music.

S8-9 thru static K2SDR NJ

0009 very amusing... vegetarian non vegetarian... :)
0053 still strong, pop song now.  This must have taken ages to prepare !
0058 Closed.

Many thanks for the entertainment !!

S9 +5 K2SDR NJ

closed at 0001 utc

Great signal on K2SDR NJ S9

European MW Pirate Radio / Re: 1620AM Greek free Radio Karama
« on: May 27, 2017, 1003 UTC »
I often use this SDR in Athens:

The 1600-1800 kHz band does get a little congested of an evening though.

I have a lot of recordings and would appreciate some help in IDing them :)

0327 'La Grange' by ZZ Top
0331 'Under Pressure' ZZ Top
0335 'Tall Dark Handsome Stranger' Heart
0339 'Learn To Fly' Foo Fighters
0343 'Her Strut' Bob Seger
0347 'Hollywood Nights' Bob Seger

Many thanks for the music !!

S7 thru static K2SDR NJ

0104 Modest Mouse 'One Chance'
0107 Todd Snider 'In The Beginning'
0111 Modest Mouse 'Missed The Boat'
0116 Spoken piece about whistling


0058 Review of Burger King crispy chicken sandwich.... mmmmm

This is Voice of the Report of the Week.  Often heard on Ch292 6070 and occasional high powered stations via Shortwaveservice.com

Unsure who the originating station is on 6930u though.

Still there 0055+ but signal weaker with thunder static now.

S7 at best earlier.  K2SDR NJ

0032 Threshold 'The Rubicon'  S3 on K2SDR.
0041 Threshold 'Unforgiven'
0047 Threshold 'Staring At The Sun'
0051 Seemingly off-air

Thanks for the show..... qsl ?

Tracks as above from 2316, S9 on K2SDR NJ.  ID 'Welcome to Clever Name Radio 6-9-40.  Request lines are now open'.

2334 'Never There' by Cake
2340 'How Can I Refuse' by Heart
2344 brief Eddie Money
2345 'Innocent' by Threshold... as requested by some Australian DXer :)
2349 ID then 'Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress' by The Hollies
2353 'Cowboys From Hell' Pantera then off at 2355.

0020 Noted back on 'Country Boy' by Aaron Lewis  S9 +10 now on K2SDR
0023 'Boom Boom Pow' by Black Eyed Peas,
0027 CNR ID

Many thanks for the show !!

QSLs Received / Re: Unknown Name Radio Network verification email
« on: April 22, 2017, 0519 UTC »
I would hope to as well... if I knew their e-mail address :)

0131 ID & Judas Priest 'Screaming For Vengeance'
0136 ID then Pantera... nice easy listening !

S8-9 Parker TX websdr (Kiwi SDR)

Closed at 0005 after National Anthem.  S9 on K2SDR NJ

S9 +5 on K2SDR NJ.

Great to hear you so well !

2222 Shoutouts to stations Illuminati & Amphetamine. Discussion about beer... and finishing it when offered
2228 'The Magic' by Nico Yaryan

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