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Hola Diego!!! ¡De nada! To add to that, from España is a very useful propagation website interactive map,  http://www.dxmaps.com/spots/mapg.php?Lan=E&Frec=50&ML=M&Map=W2LN&HF=N&DXC=ING2&GL=S   Not just for 60M, like the example I have chosen, but almost spectrum-wide. Just hit the tabs for bands, region, and even check-off the weak signal modes, like digital and CW, and keep phone operators. This way it gives you a better idea what real propagation possibilities are in real time. You can also choose if the operators are recent posts, or the last 24 hours. This site is a very useful tool indeed. Not me, but someone close to resembling me, wished a site like this existed 30 years ago for pirating. Contento DX!

Equipment / Re: Starting a pirate radio in Spain. 5MHz?
« on: July 18, 2018, 1555 UTC »
Well, to answer your question in the 5MHz, the 60M band, it's a very good band to use. The military uses it extensively. In the daytime, it has nice regional coverage from 50km to over 500km, and is a good choice for NVIS, (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave.), antenna. Meaning, the dipole is low to the ground, like 10 meters, or less, and you are using the ground as a reflector to intensify more signal going to the F2 layer, and bouncing back regionally. (If I understand the theory correctly.) At night, this band goes long, very long. More than 1,000km, and can skip over the first 400km. Amateur radio operators and the US Army actually did a test exercise last year to see if they can talk coast to coast to each other, and they did, with 100W, or less. The downside of 60M? This time of year it is very noisy with lightning crashes at night. I am trying to think what is on this band for you to monitor 60M for yourself to study propagation. WWV right at 5MHz even comes to mind from Fort Collins, Colorado. Then, there's WBCQ on 5130kHz,     http://www.wbcq.com/   Anyway, bottom line is, 5MHz, a.k.a. 60M band is indeed a good choice.

Equipment / Re: Starting a pirate radio in Spain?
« on: July 15, 2018, 2320 UTC »
One question is, when do you plan to broadcast, day, or night? If it is nighttime, then the upper MW and lower SW bands will always get you out there, especially in winter when thunderstorm lightning crash static is way lower. Right now, in mid-July, MW and lower HF bands suck with nothing but lightning crashes at night. If you are looking at daytime, the HF low bands will get you out regionally, while the mid-HF bands are come and go, 31M, 25M, 22M, and 19M, bands. Being that we are in the bottom of a sunspot cycle, upper HF bands really suck now, with the exception of Sporadic E on the 11M Broadcast band, 25.670MHz - 26.100MHz. But, that too is so hit and miss. (Albeit, a good way to stay one step ahead of the country's monitoring authorities.) However, around 13MHz, (22M), with no skip that band has a decent local coverage with a few watts going to a vertical antenna. What is interesting is that I'm starting to see more International Broadcast Stations start up in this band, so there must be something to that. One thing that you do not want to do is to broadcast in one place for too long, or you are an easy target, sitting duck. If possible, have a mobile set up, where you can goto several parks, and do a quick broadcast that way. You have a studio set up? Make up pre-recorded podcast-like programs to air later. In North America, hit and run gorilla warfare-like broadcasting has been done for decades to elude the FCC and DOC. Now, as far as gear to start off with? Many started out with what was called Boat Anchors, a.k.a. 1950's - 1960's tube gear that was so discarded in the 1980's and and 1990's for dirt cheap. You still may find classic tube gear for the HF bands. That is changing today where these rigs are now collectibles where they are collecting top dollar, or Euros, for them. Still, you may be able to find at junk stores, flea-markets, hamfests, and even estate sales, people wanting to get rid of these rigs for cheap, but time is ticking there. And, if there is not too much wrong with a rig, you can repair the problems yourself, and rock 'n roll on-air. BTW, not me, but someone very closely resembling me, may have had experience with all this. Transmisión feliz, ¡y setenta y tres!

I've shared the HFU link of your concerns to Real Video. And, here's the RSVP:

 "Jul 2, 09:49 CST
Hi Tha Dood,

Thank you for sharing the link to us.  We did expect all kinds of comments from people and hesitations to join the platform and we respect that.  We cannot force everyone to believe and follow up right away. 

The site was built from scratch and needs a lot of improvements. Some decision to use third party providers is because of cost and efficiency.  The idea to create a new video sharing platform came to Mike just last March of this year, therefore, a lot of things are needed to be done right away since there is a target launch date.

Zendesk is a third party ticketing system and is used so we can  easily communicate with creators and other site visitors that may have  concerns or inquiries with the site.  Zendesk is widely used by other companies (big and small) because it provides features that a support and other  customer service people needed.

Thank you,
Glenn Burton"

Me? I look at it this way, they are certainly starting a service that sounds appealing, but they certainly can't rush it, and have to dot all the I's and cross the T's. So, give 'em your concerns. From the sounds of it, they could use the help and advice. Just my $0.02 worth. THANKS!!!!!!!

Mike Adams? Who' he? The Health Ranger,     http://www.healthranger.com/Health-Ranger-Biography.html     And yes, he has been on Alex Jones Show before, as well as other various talk shows. He's not the only one. I liked that dude they had on Saturday evenings on Berkeley Liberation Radio. A straight to the point, no non-sense dude, that told it like it is about the USA poisons we ingest. Too bad he isn't on any more.

Awh yeah... Back in 1978, my cousins, whom had a 25V Zenith Console TV, grabbed the Space Command remote, took me across the street over 100ft away, and we changed channels through the screen door from across the street. I have one of those that I've liberated from a 19V 1979 set. I was going to see if I could MOD / DEMOD  ultrasonic some day. I wanna' try one of these millenniums. I'd bet that US Patent is up for grabs now.

10/11 meters / Re: 11m is hopping.
« on: June 30, 2018, 1712 UTC »
      Man!!!! I hate that when folks talk skip on CH19, when I'm trying to monitor where all the idiots have wrecked on the 4-lanes here. BTW, being in Denver, are you able to hear WWV on 20MHz and 25MHz there? Or, are you too far from Ft Collins to have direct wave come to you from there? Where I am in WV, seems to be a direct "E" skip pipeline from TX. That 10M FM 29.660-/R Dallas / Ft Worth machine comes in quite a bite over my scanner with just an indoor whip. That tells me when 6M, and maybe FM BC, is really open.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... You guys bring up some interesting points. At least, ones that I have not considered. The next time I hear Mike Adams on the Alex Jones Show, I should try calling in and drill him on these concerns. (Hey Mike!!! By any chance are you reading these?)

Well, after I requested my Real Video channel, here's the, (What appears to be generic.), response back:

"Hi, this is the REAL.video support team. I've been assigned as your manager to help you get started with your video channel. Your request for a content channel has been approved and you'll be able to start uploading videos soon.

REAL.video is not yet active, but coming up in the second half of June, I will send you a link where you can request your username and start uploading your videos to your new channel. There, you can also manage your videos, including editing video titles or deleting your videos.

In July, when REAL.video goes live, your video channel will be active, and the public will be able to view your videos. You will also be able to embed your videos, share your videos, link to them, etc.

We have many exciting projects under way to help promote you and your channel, including video contests, editorial coverage of new video channels and the embedding of your videos in our news articles that are currently syndicated to over 300 websites. My job is to help you get maximum exposure on REAL.video and maximize your audience.

Please also reply with the best way for me to contact you. If you prefer to be reached via Skype, or phone SMS, or other means, let me know. You may also reply with any questions you might have right now.

Also, if you know of others who may benefit from using real.video, please share the word. We already have over 20,000 requests for content channels, and we have room for many more. Ultimately, real.video will be the new standard for online videos that aren't censored by evil tech giants.


Until your channel is active, here are some tips on what you can do to get ready:

1) Save all your current video files so that you have them ready to upload when your account is active.

2) Think about your desired username / channel name. Because REAL.video is new, almost every imaginable username is currently available. By joining us early, you can take advantage of this to reserve highly desirable account names. (You may not, of course, spoof the names of other famous people or organizations, and we have a process for handling username appeals.)

3) Consider the benefits of being able to speak without censorship. REAL.video does not censor your speech like YouTube, Facebook, Google or Twitter. Within reason, with very few limits, you can say almost anything you want. You no longer have to self-censor your videos like you've had to do with YouTube.

Over all, welcome to real.video. We look forward to launching your video channel and helping you achieve an ever-expanding audience on the internet's newest platform that respects your freedom to speak.

See answers to common questions here:


Got a support question or suggestion? Submit a support question to our team at http://support.real.video.

Thank you,
- Real.video account management team"

           Anyway, this is what you'll see before the July 4th launch from Real Video, so I'd thought I'd share that. Has anyone heard an interview with Mike Adams about this?

Yep, I've already signed up for my channel. It's going to be called Real Video. Grab your channel now!   https://real.video/    I'm not suggesting that Youtube's days are numbered, but it's always nice to know that there's another games in town to check out. Launch day for this service is suppose to be this July 4th, 2018. Check it out!!!!!!! I've asked if they have any PSA's, or any other radio promotional, for air. If so, I'll add the link.

FM DX Loggings / FM Sporadic "E" is back!
« on: June 21, 2018, 0301 UTC »
COOL!!! Around 6PM my time, a friend TEXT'ed that he DX'ed a 95.1FM station from Manitoba today on his car stereo! Manitoba to Charleston, WV isn't a bad "E" haul. Now, if we can only get that propagation this weekend for Field Day 2018.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Antenna 4 bedroom setup
« on: June 13, 2018, 1931 UTC »
A decade ago, in my last APT, I put up an 11M dipole in a "V" with an LDG 100Pro tuner. That's actually worked well on CB, then on 10M SSB and 29.600MHz Simplex. It heard fairly well down to 20M. It did fair to listen to the strong 75M and 40M stations, but not great, as expected.

Equipment / Re: Square or Bent Dipole for Transmit
« on: June 10, 2018, 0141 UTC »
Well, not technically what you are looking for, as far as single band dipole goes, but I'm getting good results using an Inverted-L antenna from MW up to 17M. So far, I can tune up 160M, 80/75M, 60M, 40M, 30M, 17M, 15M, 12M, 11M, and 10M, with it with an antenna tuner. It seems pretty OMNI. I've QSO'ed in all directions and have not really noticed a hot spot direction, or a null. I am using a 4:1 W2DU current balun with it. When I think about it, my 6M Halo antenna is a dipole wrapped around as a loop, and that's OMNI. Don't know if that answers your question though.

Yeah, me again... Geeeeeeeeeeeez, if only Motorola did 1/2 as well as Boomer did in demoing AM stereo,     http://boomerthedog.com/am-stereo-is-cool.html     Enjoy!!!! (That Carver receiver is to die for.)

Yeah... My fellow Disconers out there. I've always wondered about this on Discones, below the actual disc array the GND radials reflect signal towards the horizon, but above the disc it would appear that signal should go straight up to space. So, the question is, has anyone tried using a Discone antenna for satellite communications? I certainly have a rig for it, a TS-2000X.

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