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          That dude that wanted to build 1/4-wave GND Plane planes. Ya really wanna' see how I do it? (For RX'ing purposes, right? Hi-hi...) Here's one (Of many.), site(s) to show how to build a 1/4-wave Ground Plane.      http://www.localmeridian.com/2016/06/build-your-own-antenna-14-wave-vhf-ground-plane-antenna/          I, however, find my GND Radials and Vertical Radiator lengths a bit differently using speed of light (In Meters per second, 300,000,000.), over frequency (In MHz.). The four GND Radials are calculated 1st. BTW, they can be any metallic material. Copper and brass are solderable, while I've seen steel welded. Let's use the FREQ 98.1MHz, for example. Let's drop 6 decimal places and do 300 / 98.100 =  3.058 Meters for full wave length. We want 1/4-wave, so divide by 4 =  .765M, or 76.5cm. For standard size, .765 X 39.4 = 30.122, or 30 1/8". So, each GND Radial is going to be 30 1/8 inches in length. (As seen in that preceding website, fashion into 45 degree. Now, for the Vertical Radiator, I use #10 AWG solid copper bare wire. Why??? Cause, I've had very good luck with it, and I can't afford to make it out of the next best conductor, silver. We know that each 45 degree GND Radials will be 30 1/8" for the FREQ of 98.1MHz. If we were in outer space (A vacuum.), then we could make the Vertical Radiator that length, but to really fine-tweak out VSWR match to 1:1.1 (As possible.), I compensate for being at sea level with an atmospheric pressure of 14.7psi. How? Deduct  -5% of length. So, 30.122 - 5% = 28.616, or 28  5/8 inches (Close enough.). And, what coax can be used? Mini 8 (RG-8X), works well since it's less lossy than the 2M HAM 144MHz FREQ's and especially VHF-High TV FREQ's. And, it's affordable. I do suggest using using teflon PL-259 and SO-239 connectors. Do no weather proofing directly on RF solder points with silicon caulk, or tapes, as they effect the RF skin conductivity. Heat shrinks and cured Liquid Tape actually works well here.  Get it? Got it? GOOD!!! Now, start building!

General Radio Discussion / The NAB likes to nab.
« on: January 28, 2018, 0422 UTC »
        Not big news, but                        http://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/washington/nab-seeks-intervene-prometheus-challenge-fcc-decision/171393                  Worth at least paying attention too. BTW, Prometheus was (Still is.), big into LPFM.

Huh? / Re: Al, imagine it's 1981 again. Who's cuter, Belinda Carlisle
« on: January 28, 2018, 0330 UTC »
      Oh, Belinda Carlisle, when it comes to the cute category. But ya know why you could never have sex with her, or the other Go Gos, don't ya? There Lips Are Sealed!      (So, do I hear a drum beat, or crickets?) I know, 35 year old joke, but it may surprise y'all on how many folks haven't heard it.

Just out of my curiosity, did anyone happen to catch that Radio Survivor on WBCQ 7490kHz 1/27/2018 8PM EST broadcast? Unfortunately, where I am, 7490kHz went long on me about 6:45PM, and was totally gone by 8PM. OFW, that's propagation, so I ripped the stream. 73!!!!

Equipment / Re: The best undercover fm antenna on the market
« on: January 27, 2018, 1733 UTC »
       The best FM undercover antenna that I've ever had was a custom FM 1/4-wave GND Plane that was put way up in a pine tree. (Actual, I've built more than one for other folks as well.) Performance and match were both great, and unless you knew exactly where to look, well hidden. Cost? Less than $10.00 each, with most of my parts on hand.

Equipment / PKs Loops Model A-LOOP-TAM AM Loop Antenna review.
« on: January 19, 2018, 2049 UTC »
Thus far, I've made my own loop antennas, but being an ex-apartment dweller, I like checking out how these do out there, and Radio Jay Allen does that here,    https://radiojayallen.com/pks-loops-a-loop-tam-am-loop-antenna/

Confirmed, as of 1/15/2018 MLK, Jr Day, Radio Survivor show #120 is scheduled to air on WBCQ 7490kHz, Saturday evening, 1/27/2018, 8PM EST, (Or 1/28/2018 01:00UTC.) What a better target audience, than to talk about FCC's Part #15 AM broadcasting to a shortwave listening crowd? Should be a good fit! Now, if only 40M propagation could behave then.

 Huh... I've FWR that to some free radio dudes I know in NZ. (I suspect that you know them too.) Anyway, I remember it making national news here when in the 1990's someone aired a Nazi speech on a fire dept FREQ. I don't believe that person was ever caught, but what's the point of doing it on such a FREQ if it only gets you negative publicity? Stupid is, what stupid will be.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Looping mp3
« on: January 10, 2018, 1729 UTC »
                   Well, when I've come across a device that used little AA, and especially AAA, batteries that don't last worth a crap, I install a D-sized battery holder. Case in point? I have those LCD's digital weather stations, where a remote 433MHz TX operates outside for that temperature reading. I got tired of swapping AAA batteries in those every couple of month, even Li AAA's. So, I installed D-sized in place of that AAA holders. Looks like hell, but BFD, problem solved.

             Another thought (It didn't hurt that bad.), is the 4.7uF CAP across that speaker maybe a crude LPF (Low Pass Filter.) There maybe some oscillator clock hash that maybe audible at the speaker, and this is a quick way to suppress that. I'm just speculating here, but I've seen it done in circuits where that's happened, and this is a quick way to remedy that.

       Neat!!!! Nothing techie here, but good info to forward to those whom have no idea about LPFM. That, and LPFM'ers that I know will like to read this. Thanks for catching that!

MW Loggings / Re: WNRP Gulf Breeze FL 1620 AM 2103 UTC 15 Dec 2017
« on: January 02, 2018, 1734 UTC »
Early mornings I hear that dominant into WV, South Bend, IN the rest of the AM DX time.

MW Loggings / Re: KQV 1410 khz to Cease Operations
« on: January 02, 2018, 1733 UTC »
    JTA asked Boomer if 1410KQV is off-air, and Boomer has conformed that, as of 1/1/2018 at 6AM EST, it is.

MW Loggings / Re: KQV 1410 khz to Cease Operations
« on: December 30, 2017, 0244 UTC »
More news from Pittsburgh Radio & Television Online,      http://www.pbrtv.com/   Thanks again Boomer!

    JTA 1st listed this on The FRN.net. I'm getting it weak on a C Crane Radio Plus playing The Doors - Lite My Fire.

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