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Equipment / Re: Active antenna for condo or apt
« on: July 14, 2019, 0535 UTC »
Well, I've been APT bound in the past, and even lived on the GND Floor of a complex, and have tried just about everything, including active antennas. And, every APT will be different with its perks and jerks. How high up will you be? Will you have access to large window panes? What kind of night time lighting is used, sulfur vapor, halogen, LED? Don't get me wrong, HF DX'ing is still possible, but between indoor attenuation and internal noise, it will be a great challenge. In the GND Floor of an APT Complex I did DX several pirates, like Radio USA, but I remember it being a real stretch to get that ID in 1990. Conditions like that prompted me to getting my codeless HAM ticket when that came 2/14/1991 in the USA, since I was able to get out better on VHF and UHF bands. Still I worked CB, as well as heard a lot of 10M stuff. For 13MHz - 30MHz, an 11M CB homebrew dipole in an Inverted-V can work almost as well as an outside mobile set-up. (Almost.) Fine-tweak with an antenna tuner, and maybe even an RX preamp, (With adjustable gain.), and there ya go, a homebrew active antenna-like system. You maybe surprised just what you can RX below 13MHz as well. I don't know where ya are, but you still have some nice propagational 24/7 beacons out there, WWV 2.5MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz, 20MHz, and now 25MHz. Then, Canada's CHU at 3330kHz, (And the 40M and 20M FREQ's escape me, at the moment. Brain fart.). Oh, then 24/7's CFRX 6070kHz 1kW from Toronto, ON, Canada. Then, look for listing for amateur radio 10M Beacons. I hate to say that you will miss what you have. If you have windows that can open up, then another trick that I've done is a wire hanging from a fishing pole out the window. Reel it out when ya want to DX, reel it in when you're done, and hide it, even in an HOA-like environment restrictions. Oh... I even ran super thin TV degausser wire to a near-by tree. The only way someone had seen it was to know what they were looking for, and I DX'ed pirates, Euro and Russian stations with that. I don't envy ya, but I hope that this these are some ideas of what you can try in a condo, and they maybe cheaper than shelling out for an active antenna that may just bring you in more noise than signal. In a pinch as well, you also have on-line SDR stations to monitor, but that's not the same as RX'ing with your own gear, is it? 

Equipment / Re: Notch Filter for the 9330 kHz WBCQ SuperStation
« on: July 01, 2019, 1836 UTC »
You could always build a DIY Notch Filter.    http://www.wa4dsy.net/cgi-bin/lc_filter4?FilterResponse=Bandstop&poles=6&CF=9.330&cfunits=MHZ&cutoff=.020&funits=MHZ&Z=50       I've used a site like this to calculate a 7 Element Chebychev filter when I've built the 13.560MHz mW TX. One trick to really bring this filter dead-nuts perfect? Use all variable CAP's. The inductors you can wind yourselves.   http://www.wa4dsy.net/filter/filterdesign.html        There are other filter design sites out there, but this one works pretty well.

Equipment / Re: Multiple Radio/Antenna Safety
« on: June 29, 2019, 1918 UTC »
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... In my truck, I have a 2M 1/4-wave MAG mount about 2ft away from my Lil' Wil CB Antenna. The CB is a stock Uniden Pro520XL and the 2M rig is an older Kenwood TM-241A, with MAX OUT at 32W. Neither rig interferes with each other, but the CB does go over the trucks Chinese made stock in-dash stereo. (Hmmmmmm, rarely a problem with AC Delco stereos I've had in the past.) 2 years ago, I've tried a B-Tech UV-24X4 multi-band VHF / UHF rig, and the CB played total havoc with it, BAD. So, I took that B-Tech rig out, and put the Kenwood back in. Might as well use what works. Your problem might be a big one with the Tecson PL880. With little, to no protection on the front-end, you might fry some MOSFET's. What can you try? Add a coupler with parallel opposing ultra fast switching diodes on the ANT IN of the PL880. The diodes will shunt RF to GND when they reach .7V. Where did I learn this trick? From those that have protected the ANT IN's on Sony ICW-SW2010 portables. I did this also to my Sangean ATS-803A portable. Try a search on the Sony 2010 Yahoo Group's page for this, and apply that technique to other RX only radios. The other transceivers? Well, modern ones have PIN diodes already installed for super quick TX / RX switching. Now, whether they can protect the RX of a transceiver from high ANT RF IN is debatable. (Could someone else ring-in on that?)

MW Loggings / Re: WGR 550 am 0244 UTC 27 June 2019
« on: June 27, 2019, 1848 UTC »
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.... The only B-Lo AM station that could be heard both day and night reliably in WNY, where as 1520AM shoots its 50KW wad East, and 930WBEN didn't cover the Southern Tier well at all. Did ya have the DJ's at that time sign your albums that you've won? I miss when 550WGR then, played tunage, instead of sports now.

“The iron laws of physics being what they are, we are simply not making more,” says FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.


Equipment / Re: V/UHF antennas other than Disconeys
« on: June 24, 2019, 1732 UTC »
I used one of those RS Discones as well from the late 1980's. Later, it was my 1st TX / RX multi-band antenna for 2M, 222MHz, and 440MHz. Buy yes, those aluminum radials just broke off too easily. So, now I'm using the Diamond J130, with 6M VERT stinger. It's what I use now for 52.525MHz, 2M, MURS, 222MHz, and 444MHz, but doesn't seem to match on GMRS 462/7 MHz. And, its low gain makes it so that I can defract out of this valley.   

Equipment / Re: V/UHF antennas other than Disconeys
« on: June 22, 2019, 2322 UTC »
For years, Channel Master had that base scanner antenna that was a fan VHF / UHF fan dipole, and it looked like a squashed star, but was very popular. Many municipalities used them. I have heard of folks TX'ing on them, albeit 20W, or less, since they had matching baluns on them. My 1st outdoor wide-band VHF / UHF scanner antenna was just a 30" car antenna 30ft up a fur tree. That actually worked great to RX 37MHz EMS, 46MHz fire, 35MHz McDonalds drive-through, 46 / 49MHz cordless phones, 2M HAM, VHF high police, fire, businesses, Conrail trains, VHF AM airplanes, (Especially the chit-chat 123.450MHz FREQ.), even 170MHz radio station remote broadcast links, and UHF HAM, business, GMRS, and TV audio.  Ya know, it wouldn't be hard to make such an antenna. 

Huh? / Anyone ever try Opera browser?
« on: June 20, 2019, 1843 UTC »
Yeah, has anyone ever tried this on a WIN PC, Mac, or Linux based, computer? If so, what do ya think? Better, worst, than Firefox?  https://www.opera.com/

Amateur Radio / Field Day 2019, this weekend june 22 - 23.
« on: June 20, 2019, 1803 UTC »
                 Field Day 2019,   http://www.arrl.org/Field-Day   , so all, but the WARC Bands and 60M, will be hopping. Even a PSA for it. Now, if only the T-storms can stay away.

Country bunpkin WLSV 790AM,   https://radio-locator.com/info/WLSV-AM?loc=42.11076%2C-77.94191&locn=14895%20%28Wellsville%2C%20NY%29      Has HOTLINE weekday mornings at 9AM. A continuous listing of guns, cars, trucks, and tractors, parts. Oh, not to mention pets and farm animals, or "I will haul away your trash!".

Equipment / Re: FM kits
« on: June 20, 2019, 1711 UTC »
WOW!!!! If I was still into FM, this would be a dream TX to have. Any plans for MW AM? With LPB, Inc., and now Radio Systems, going bye-bye in AM Carrier-Current gear, that leaves the door wide open there. Albeit, they don't seem to have the concept of Carrier-Current broadcasting in Europe, but totally permissible license-free still in USA and Canada.

Heck, I had a Realistic DX-40 portable,   http://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/html/1978/h131.html     that had a 3/32" ANT connector. It worked, for what it was at the time. I certainly would not TX with a connector like that, even QRP.

WHOA!!!! NICE!!!! I see some nice Part #15 applications here. While we're at it, here's the 20M one, along with an 80M link,    http://sparkbangbuzz.com/zinc-20-meter-xmtr/zinc-20-meter-xmtr.htm

Amateur Radio / Re: 2M SSB
« on: June 17, 2019, 1840 UTC »
I had an FT-857D multiband rig, and had fun using it for ARRL VHF Contests as a rover station with it. Why I got rid of it was it was a terrible AM QSO'er on TX. The Kenwoods, and even Icoms, kick its butt there. Anyway, I find the RX in the FT-857D not the best, and you will want a +20dB RX preamp with it, especially for 2M SSB, and you'll really want one for 432MHz SSB work, if ya ever do that. 50W 2M SSB is doable, with a decent beam out in the clear, and especially above trees and houses. 20W on 432MHz is challenging, but still doable on that rig, especially hill topping it or by a lake shore. The 1st thing that you want to try, when ya get it all set-up for 2M SSB / CW, is to see how many 2M beacons you can RX from 144.275MHz - 144.300MHz, then find out how far they are. When ya get Temp Inversions and Tropo enhancement, 2M SSB and 432MHz really can come alive with nice distances with just 10W, or less. I did a great QSO with just 4W 440FM back in that super band opening in September 2004, WNY to London, ON, Canada for hours. Oh... I remember a SK'ed friend of mine QSO'ed daily on 2M SSB with just 10W, 10 element beam from Penn Yan, NY to NJ, back in the 1990's. Hope this somewhat helps. 

Equipment / Re: Gear prices
« on: June 17, 2019, 0353 UTC »
I've actually got an early 1990's Sony ICF-SW100S. Super travel radio for sure! Unfortunately, the ribbon cables broke on mine, twice! I bought and self replaced cables in 1998, and sand papered the clamshell edges by rounding them. Unfortunately, the new cables didn't last, and by 2005, they severed, again. Now, I'm trying to figure if I wanna' another go of it, just to have the cables fail, yet again? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Too bad... Certainly not the best HF portables I've got, or had, but it had its uses. I even DX'ed, and DF'ed FM pirate stations with it.

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