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2038 Spanish guitar inst
2039 next same
 Sinpo 44354 direct

... And off? Almost as soon as I post :(
 Actually just a long gap between tracks :)

2051 accordion based instrumentals

Wild West Radio ? Guess based on last night's post for this frequency by dandan. [18:33 2nd thoughts probably not ... music style wrong for Wild West]

Trace music via a couple of UK KiwiSDR in London area and nothing direct but reasonable signal via Norway SDR

1824 Natural Born Woman
1826 M voice " Testing ... Hello"
1827 Green Tamborine

1835 Starting to get a signal direct now, quite strong but lots of static/atmos noise.
1836 pop (female vox)

1840 Id Radio Sunflower
1841 Mockingbird Hill

1855 SINPO 44343 Direct now
1855 Id / email radiosunflower (at) hotmail.com
1856 Girl Don't Come -Sandi Shaw

2105 still Sunflower?
2105 Seasons in the sun
2106 Dynamite - Mud

Not getting anything direct but via SW UK KiwiSDR (noisy and fading)
1845 rock&roll
1847 Male Dj; ID (no copy) think mentioned something about "radio from outer space"
1848 next

1902 Tie My Kangaroo Down
1905 DJ talking but impossible to get copy with noise

(1912 ID added by Ray)

No id yet but typical Harmony tunes. SINPO 34353 Direct (bit noisy at the moment, cleaner and clear via SW UK KiwiSDR )

1057 Breakfast in Bed - Dusty Springfield(?)
1059 Dont ask me to be lonely - The Dubs
[1100 T/S pips over music]

... and typically an Id as soon as I post.
1101 Thank Heavens for little Girls - Maurice Chevalier(?)

QSLs Received / Re: Cupid Radio eQSL
« on: August 14, 2019, 0822 UTC »
Got the same, waiting in my email this morning. Thanks Rinus

SINPO 54344 direct

1846 What is Love
1848 Alex F (Beverly Hills cop theme) based tune with rap
1851 unid edm/bpm (female vocals)

1855 Better than Life
1859 DJ  "good evening .... this is Joey", greets

Good signal direct

2020 He ain't heavy
2021 Wicked  games (inst)
2025 c&w f vocalist

Weak and noisy ... not sure if it's [still] KR1, no id heard and different output to KR1 website stream

1825 Satisfaction - Benny Benasi
1828 pop/dance music

Update: just checked on a Kiwi and adjusted frequency in subject (Thanks Ray). It's so noisy direct that 1Khz tuning made no noticeable difference to reception on my radio. Agree not a freq for KR1 now and music style not KR1-like either  - non-stop bpm/edm music

(tentative ID by Ray)

Better than 5810 for me at the moment ... still not brilliant -  noisy and some fading  - but at least I can understand what the DJ is saying without any trouble, which I struggled to do on 5810.

I'm getting the opposite - 7700 sound cleaner and clearer than 5810.
5810 is borderline intelligible at the moment for me.

2009 station id
2010 Call me Al

ID and Translation Requests / Re: Who can understand the Id ?
« on: August 10, 2019, 1905 UTC »
Sounded like TowerRadio55@hotmail.com to me not '65'

Not great reception, lots of noise

2150 Camouflage - Stan Ridgeway
2152 Calling Elvis - Dire Straits

2159 off

2055 Listen to your heart
2056 Camouflage
2100 unid  inst
2104 unid  Japanese?

Probably not Cuckoo back maybe (not so) unid  ?

2106 inst
2109 non-english EDM

Less JT sounding now

Real mix of styles and languages. Starting to fade and increasing noise now.

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edit : subject line by Ray

Peskies / Re: 6272 USB Russian? Chat 2115utc 7-Aug-19
« on: August 08, 2019, 1029 UTC »
Sounded kind of "Eastern European" to me, but I'm open to correction.

After English and very rusty school-boy French identifying any language is a bit hit and miss for me ... typical Brit, our idea of speaking a foreign language is to speak English slowly, loudly and with an inaccurate, patronising accent :)

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