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1636 Blue Moon (big band)

Strong signal here but some fading and qrn. Still best I've heard from them for a long time. SINPO 54334. Beating LHH and Reflection at the moment.

Think this is possibly my longest distance catch :) Reasonable signal direct to my QTH (SINPO 34343).

Hindi / Himachali  language programming according to their web site but a clear id in English at closedown (1430 utc).

Actually heard yesterday (1-Oct-19) as well but forgot to post here.

This is one of those 'grey area' stations, former pirate now using legit broadcast outlets.

Previous QSLs and emails from Radio City said IRRS tell them they are using 150Kw via transmitters in Saftica, Romania (buying air time on RRI tx's?) which probably explains the 'strong' signal.

Show was probably a repeat of an old show since they said they only do one new show a month, normally 3rd Sat of month.

Assume this is still Mustang. Strong signal here.

2036 Close to me - The Cure

1950 I'm getting this on 5823 (ish) now.  In fact it's drifting so quickly on the SDR it's upto 5823.7 and climbing faster than I can type.

General Radio Discussion / 15 minutes of fame ...
« on: September 26, 2019, 1823 UTC »
It's only a couple of sentences but this forum along with Ukdxer and his web site get a mention in the "International Radio Scene" feature in current issue of Radio User magazine here in the UK.

The feature author rates Ukdxer's site as one of the best resources for free radio information.

Congrats, your 15 minutes starts now :)

1845 OM closing down bye,bye

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Channel 292 eQSL
« on: September 25, 2019, 1821 UTC »
Yeah I got the same eQSL as Chris for a report sent to them back in December last year (first month I started SW listening). 
At 281 days it's the biggest gap I have had between submission and receipt yet. I guess there is hope for Radio Thailand, Radio Austria and Radio DARC (who said they would send card "soon" back in December last year) yet.

Channel 292 had responded to a more recent report with an eQSL in a day.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Unid 5805 AM 1841 UTC 22 Sep 19
« on: September 22, 2019, 1942 UTC »
Whatever / whoever it was it seems to have gone now.

Dxace1 - might have been 5808Khz. It was a strong signal across 5805 - 5810 Khz on my radio. Seemed strongest around 5805 by ear but didn't have computer on check exact freq against SDR waterfall display.

Shortwave Broadcast / Unid 5805 AM 1841 UTC 22 Sep 19
« on: September 22, 2019, 1920 UTC »
Not sure if this is a genuine broadcast, a spur or a pirate testing but getting Voice of Turkey on this frequency.
Was English yl talking about Turkish tourist attractions. Now non-stop Turkish music.
Don't think its a scheduled VoT frequency.

Strong signal here as well
 1842 continuing edm/bpm music

(1849 gone)

1945 Hmmm ... based on Ray's and Kris' comments just checked again. I'm getting nothing direct or on 3 SDRs in the London area (no carrier on waterfall or audio). I also checked them before posting the 'gone' above and got nothing. However, looking at the SWUK SDR,  that has a strong signal so maybe I just dropped into a skip zone and the signal when from 54444 to nothing in a couple of minutes.
1947 make me a dancer -  sophie ellis bextor

Big strong signal into UK

1833 Beast of Burden (f vocals)

1844 known voice - last song closing down ... hope someone has been listening
Yes we were

Greets to Ukdxer

1847 Don't Impress me Much - Shania Twain

1851 greets to guys on this thread - Thanks

Huh? / Re: Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Ric Ocasek, 75
« on: September 20, 2019, 1753 UTC »
Nope, he was a sell-out. Band's like The Cars popularized the term "New Wave" which allowed radio stations and record stores to promote that "punk lite"sound pushed in the late 70's, like The Police and the Go-Go's when they should have been playing the Clash, The Jam, The Ramones and The DK's. "Holiday In Cambodia" would have surely been a #1 hit.

Damn you, Rick Ocasek! You too, Sting!

Pretty sure that one charted in the UK. I recall Biafra talking about the DK's being a Top 40 band over there.

Sorry Gents "Holiday in Cambodia" didn't make the charts here. Neither did "California Uber Alles" (what I would consider their other 'big hit').

DKs did have some chart success ... "Kill the Poor" reached 49 in the singles chart.  "Too Drunk to F***" managed to make it to 36 for 1 week in the Top 40. Their first album "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" made 33 on the album chart with 3 weeks in the top 40 and got them a gold disc.

I guess Jello's claim about being a top-40 band in the UK is [just about justified by that 1 week for "Too Drunk ...".

On already. A little weak with some atmospheric noise but clearly audible (34343).
0915 3 Coins in the fountain
0918 Stranger in Paradise
... Continuing beautiful music as normal.
(last edit by cj468 at 09:24)

(edit, subject line : by Ray)

Strong signal with some atmospheric noise direct (SINPO 44344)

1856 electronic dance (m vocals)
1858 next ( f vocals)

1909 Sugar - Robin Schultz
1913 male Dj ID ( think he said Cupid Radio on a short test)
1913 Diamonds - Rhianna

1917 Greets and requests for reports. ID confirmed as Cupid Radio from the Netherlands

1923 DJ Closing down now; Beyonce - Irreplaceable
1930 off

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