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Hello Relay Station. I am recording you off a Kenwood with my SDR interface running power SDR. I will send you a recording. Nice selection of music.

S9+20+. 5555 at full 10K audio 20K total bandwidth with low to no audio hiss.

Thank you all for tuning in. Great reports on AM !

Nice Signal and audio at 9+15db on a calibrated Collins R-390 non A receiver at 16K audio bandwidth with a synchronous detector I designed. I will send you a recording.

What I love about X-FM  is that the operator genuinely has no snobbery about music categories, he just plays whatever moves him, whatever he likes.

I play what I like also. When you offer something different others appreciate it.

0110 - 0123 S9+20 Received on my own equipment modified with SDR and C-QUAM sounding very nice in stereo.
 Thanks Redhat for your hard work bringing this show to us.

0350 Signal to noise even better now.

0500 Still here enjoying the music with some of Redhatís history.

0349 9 +20  3K wide with chicago beginnings. Thanks for the show.

Hello Chuck54. This was MRI from 6140 USB. I am glad you enjoyed the music and sound.



I just switched it off. I saw your post and came back on.

I can try 5900

edit by Ray : had already much to do with that thread
The best thing now is to split it with the second part only about 5900 and 5910

(before 2332 UTC, MRI was on 6140 )

Nice reports for a lower amount of listeners than a weekend program. Something different during the weekday.

Thanks for tuning in.

QSLs Received / Re: X-FM 25 August 2019 eQSL and play list.
« on: January 04, 2021, 0541 UTC »
I also received mine for 9-22-2019

194 QSLís that must have taken hours to produce and send out. Thanks for the hard work Redhat

It is nice to see the appreciation shown here for your hard work on the great QSLís.
I also received one for 8-3-2019 and 6-29-2019

Thank you Redhat.

Great signal and audio reports. Thank you all.

Thanks for checking out Radio 48.

Thanks for tuning into the TRSW show.

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