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Started listening to RMI after Ballsmacker shut down at 0245 UTC
RMI had usual potent signal (S9+20 55545) and 10 kHz of audio, but at 0255 signal made a dramatic fade to near zero. When signal came back it was much weaker than before and at 0321 UTC signal is averaging S5-S6 with a 34433. Either the band went long or a possible flare with a K Index of 6 that was expected, just hit. The upper half of the audio above 5 kHz is getting lost in the noise.

I noticed the band went long as our signal is S7 in parts Europe. I also noticed the fast change in the band which could be the flare also. We will stay on for a while.

Thank you again for tuning into MRI.

Got any Parliament/Funkadelic or Jimmy Castor's classic early 70's stuff?

If I do not have them I will download it. Great stuff. Let me know of any other songs you like also.

I implemented some improvements on the SSB transmitter. From all of your great comments. It went well. Thanks for all of the fantastic reports.

Part 15 AM and FM Station Operation / Re: Coax to use
« on: August 06, 2022, 1625 UTC »
I have used LMR cable in the past. The newer cheaper brand cables are working just as good.

0105 Just Another Day by Oingo Boingo
         +20 dB signal with nice 4KC wide audio on my SDR receiver.

Hello Redhat. I have you at a S9 to +10 in SAM on the R390A. A higher static level tonight.

0520 Yuna - Make A Move,  Thanks Redhat

The caps and other parts are all available from part suppliers.

I listen to XM radio on a very small portable with a built in FM part 15 transmitter to play on the car FM radio. I had it for about 10 years now. It has a lifetime free subscription. The quality of the audio is OK for the car but not as good as a 128K internet radio stream. I listen to comercial free XM music stations. I canít stand listening to comercial FM radio anymore.

We are always trying to get the best sound and music mix. Thanks for your comments and for tuning into our station.

That is good for FM radio keeping it alive. I have a hi end FM tuner with a rooftop antenna that I occasionally turn on looking for interesting music. Unfortunately most of the good music is lacking. The best music I find is from small streaming stations. I then downloaded the good stuff for my station.

0245  Hello Redhat. Nice to hear you tonight. You are coming in with a nice signal with just a few static crashes in
         SAM mode on the R-390A. Your CB mic is getting the job done.

No signal here.

Nice reports on this frequency. Thanks

0315 - S9+15 dB signal on the R390A in SAM.
           Nice to have you on the air tonight.

0548 still listening.

Huh? / Re: Why is there so little interest in MW pirates?
« on: May 20, 2022, 2329 UTC »
With good S/N and distances on higher bands with low power the MW band would not interest me.

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