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I moved to 6945.

Thanks for tuning in to MRI. Just doing a test after restoring my windows backup partition out to the stream TX remote location.  I am still working on the QSLs from the classical show. Doing a little over 8k audio.

Thank you all for tuning into the classical show with all of your fine comments.

Thanks. Too bad you had to leave the air. I was enjoying the show while I make up QSLs from my classical show.

Hello DJ Dickweed. I just got off the air after doing a audio test transmission. You are coming in loud and clear tonight with a +20.

Peaking S9+20 with low noise with the song by Giorgio Moroder - The Chase, Propagation is very good tonight. Thanks for the show Redhat.

It was amazing how many of you on HFU and Discord with emails liked the classical music. Something different on shortwave. Our signal was out to half of the world thanks to Big Badfish Al checking different Kiwi SDRs. Thanks spending your time with MRI.

Moving to 6085. Thanks for listening.

I moved to 6080. Thanks for the great signal and sound reports.  8)

Now 6015

2352 S6-9

Молчат - Дома Клетка

Amazing how long you are on the air

0350 still going strong out my way. Thanks for the show.

Thanks. Also to all SWL for tuning into Mix.

Thanks for all the fine reports  8)

0147 S9 with Tom Petty - Free Fallin

Thanks for the music

Hello. I moved to 12095

QSLs Received / Re: CoolAM Radio via WRMI_TRSW eQSL 31.July 2021
« on: August 01, 2021, 2126 UTC »
Thank you Andr for the QSL. Thanks to Texas radio shortwave for sponsoring your show.

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