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0055 Thanks Redhat for playing my request. Samantha james - send it out to the universe.

I thought this was Mix??? Lol
Piano buggy woogie!
If this MIX, your booming in here Central Florida...Tnx for QSL..yeap your doing well.
SK Blues Part 1 Big Joe Turner

Your welcome. Thank you all.

Equipment / Re: Spitfire Am transmitter
« on: March 08, 2020, 1724 UTC »
If Stereo Tool or another app with the same features is designed with the code to run on DSP chips directly you could get very close to (if not) zero latency. Not that latency is that important in a broadcast setup. 1/4 second is not that bad. Maybe someone will write a touch display code. Let us know how this project works out for you.

Equipment / Re: Spitfire Am transmitter
« on: March 07, 2020, 1712 UTC »
I got stereotool to run on a pi4 and a hifiberry card last weekend.  Uses 1/3 the dc of my current processor, sounds good too 😊


Hello Redhat. How is pi4/HifiBerry with Stereo Tool working? Do you monitor it with a display? Can you change settings or adjust levels. I know once set up it may not be necessary. How is the latency performance?

I think that is a nice application. I have been looking at the pi4/HifiBerry board also.

Although I could run Stereo Tool on a notebook also (low power compared to a large PC). I like the fact it is on a another dedicated device because of CPU usage and not on the main station PC.

We are glad you enjoyed the music mix and the sound of our station. Thanks again for tuning in.  8)

QSLs Received / Re: X-FM eQSL(s)
« on: February 10, 2020, 0423 UTC »
I also received #1415 and #1437. It takes extra time and work making up QSL,s, as some of us know. Thank you Redhat for taking the time to send out some very cool ones.  8)

Radio Free Connecticut. Nice station Matt.

The The Relay Station did a very nice job relaying today.

130 California Dreaming.

140 20dB signal. Quiet band tonight perfect copy.

Thanks for the tunes.


4175.005 KHz USB 2-1-2020 S8 signal on peaks with kickin' bass!  Fighting with some local RFI from the dishwasher ATM, otherwise nice signal with Kim Wilde's Cambodia at 0057 according to Shazam.
An ID @ 0100z with a music clip in it that sounded like the theme to Youtubes 'Proper People'.
Nothing further heard after ID's.

Thanks for the show!


I made a new station ID with the (Proper People music) it has a cool sound. Good catch Redhat.

I thank everyone on tuning in. 

1850 Excellent signal S9 ++ with a very good set of music.

Thanks Relay Station.

0106 S7-9

0105 S5+

0100 S9 to 10dB

0018 20dB Signal. Nice set of music.

0355 20 DB Signal. Nice Smooth Jazz like I play.
0406 off. Nice play list.

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