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Radio services above 30 MHz, while mostly focusing on US topics this list does include services only used outside the United States as well as international services such as the internationally-allocated VHF maritime band and the internationally-allocated VHF aeronautical band. While operating in the 26-28 MHz range, the CB Radio service is often lumped in with these services, but it technically exists in the upper end of the HF band.

  • 245 MHz VHF CB 245 MHz CB Service - unlicensed VHF CB service in Thailand
  • Freenet German 149 MHz Band VHF CB Service (license free - Germany only)
  • FRS Family Radio Service
  • GMRS General Mobile Radio Service
  • MURS Multi-Use Radio Service
  • Italian 43 MHz VHF CB Italian VHF-FM land mobile service 43 MHz band (license free - Italy only)
  • JAKT Radio 31MHz Swedish Hunting Radio Service 31 MHz Band (license free - Sweden only)
  • LPRS Low Power Radio Service 216-217 MHz
  • Business Radio FCC Licensed Business/Industrial Radio 25-940 MHz
  • PMR446 European equivalent of FRS
  • Lojack Lojack Automobile location system
  • UHF CB Australian, New Zealand, Malaysian equivalent of FRS/GMRS
  • VHF airband VHF airband aircraft radio allocation, used worldwide
  • VHF marine VHF maritime allocation, used worldwide
Now even you can outfit your militia with VHF/UHF radio communications! Use Baofeng model UV-5R tactical VHF/UHF radios! Image shows a Ukrainian solider with a handheld VHF UHF radio - the popular Baofeng UV5R 136-174 MHz and 400-520 MHz covers most of the popular VHF/UHF bands as well as 2-meter and 70-cm amateur bands. Reports indicate that use of 2 meter frequencies as well as land mobile frequencies in the VHF band are popular for short-range tactical communications within and between units of both Ukrainian military and militia groups. Russian troops have also been photographed with Baofeng and similar Chinese VHF/UHF handheld radios in Ukraine.
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