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Longwave Loggings / Christmas holiday NDB logs!
« on: December 31, 2019, 2219 UTC »
It's about time I uploaded these!  Since my lovely little DX-398 is back in operation (!!! and thank you to some Wisconsin local electrical engineers with gigantic hearts, seriously), I took the opportunity to get out of the noiseball that is the city and do some scanning when holidays with family came around.  Well, there was quite a lot of family holidayness in there too... :) but the late evenings were mine.  I'd include the AM logs as well, but that mostly amounted to CBC Radio 1 out of Winnipeg.  Surprise?  Nah, for anyone who's met me. :) 

So, NDBs!  I've only recorded the first instance of when I heard a station, whether or not I caught them later on.  Some I did, in the cases of OS, AQ, UNU, YMW and YLD, just to name a few, but some weren't heard again.  Related, if anyone's got tips for hearing stations that fall within the DGPS region of the LW band, please fill me in?  There's about a 50kHz block that's all warbly crackly noise, matched to the sound of undecoded DGPS signals, and I can't hear CW in there for anything.  Here's what I got: 

December 22: 

OS - Oshkosh, WI (local) 
ML - La Malbaie-Charlevoix, QC 
YY - Mont Joli, QC 
YAT - Atawapiskat, ON 
DL - Duluth-Pike Lake, MN (new for me!) 
YPH - Inukjuaq, QC 
YTL - Big Trout Lake, ON 

YLD - Chapleau, ON 
NM - Matagami, QC 
SB - Sudbury, ON 
UNU - Juneau, WI (local) 
GW - Kuujjuarapik, QC 
PN - Port Menier, QC (new for me!) 
AQ - Appleton, WI (local) 
ZSJ - Sandy Lake, ON 
YXL - Sioux Lookout, ON 

December 25: 

YZE - Gore Bay, ON 

YEL - Elliot Lake, ON 
YKQ - Waskiganish, QC 
YMW - Maniwaki, QC 

UL - Montréal, QC 

RJ - Roberval, QC (new for me!) 

QT - Thunder Bay, ON 

IN - International Falls, MN 

YER - Fort Severn, ON 

December 26: 

YPO - Peawanuck, ON 

YWP - Webequie, ON 

Utility / possible weather CW, 7601 USB
« on: October 20, 2019, 0223 UTC »
At first, I thought this was the Ecuadorian time signal, but the mode of transmission is wrong and the possible IDs didn't match, even with cut numbers in play, which wouldn't make sense for a time signal anyway. 

Heard at roughly 2330Z, give or take a few minutes, on the isthmus at Madison, WI.  CW signal, on or near 7601kHz, going too fast for me to catch everything, but I tried.  Initially fadey/fluttery but clearing up with time.  What I could pick out was a repeated DRG 6, and an equally repeated DE 3A or possibly 2A ?D, the ? being a missed character I simply could not fish out.  I wondered if the DRG could be a shorthand degree signifier, but it's oddly constructed if that's what it's meant to stand for.  3A suggests somewhere outside the States... if this was Monaco doing something novel, I'm going to fall over. 

Anyone have any ideas who I caught? 

General Radio Discussion / Russian time signal RWM?
« on: December 18, 2017, 1235 UTC »
Who was it who had a working e-mail for this particular station?  Somebody mentioned a contact at one time or another.  If whoever that was is still around, I'd love to take them up on their offer of that e-mail info.  I just logged RWM on 9996kHz during a mini-DXpedition this past weekend, and now I'm going QSL seeking!  :) 

I don't hardly believe this!  I'm still wondering if it wasn't a slightly off frequency WRMI, and whether I'll be foiled again, but I really do think that this time, I've actually caught Emisora Pio XII out of Bolivia.  Spanish-language programming with what sounded like adverts or announcements of some kind just after the hour, including a reference to 'for more information', and multiple telephone numbers.  One was definitely a La Paz number, with the city given before the number itself.  Into news, at least in format, read by a male presenter, in Spanish with an accent that could have been a Quechua influence.  Then music with a distinctly Andean flare; the rhythms reminded me strongly of the desert blues out of North Africa, which made me wonder if this was WRMI's music service, but there were flutes involved that were very Andean.  Signal good overall, but with loud static crashes.  

What do folks say?  Bolivia, or a straying Floridian?  I checked EiBi, and Miami goes off at 0200Z, so I am strongly inclined toward the former...  

For the last few nights (roughly a week or so) I've been getting a Spanish-language religious broadcaster trading places with Winnipeg's CBC outlet on 990.  The content is most definitely Christian and fairly conservative, and the occasional music is similar to the sort of thing a VCY America station might play in English - choral, simple melodies, almost martial in tone in that way some fundamentalist stations can be.  I caught what might have been a prerecorded mailing address at one point, but the signal was too far down in the mud to make out details.  Also a possible 214 area code, though this could have theoretically been a country code.  Again, difficult copy.  

Who have I got, does anybody know?  Are they here in the States, Mexican, or *fingers crossed* a visitor from further south?  

ETA: Thanks for ID assistance, folks!  Auroral conditions are marvelous, eh? 

Had this last night, for the first time ever.  QTH Madison, WI.  I switched on the old Sony boombox bedside radio, intending to listen to the oldtime radio shows out of Hamilton, ON down on 900kHz.  Scrolling down the band, I suddenly heard--ooh!  French on 940?  Soft francophone pop/AC just before the hour, to a clear French-language 940 AM ID, then into a string of songs with very brief chat snippets between.  I recognized only one song - "Don't Worry, Be Happy".  All the rest were not in English, but were in much the same musical genre.  Who was this, anybody know, and exactly how unusual of a catch have I made?  I could hear WFAW out of nearby Fort Atkinson, WI beneath and occasionally above my friendly francophone visitor; my guess is somebody forgot to go off day power over in Fort.  Oops!  

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Fana 05-14-16 0304Z
« on: May 14, 2016, 0631 UTC »
I could hardly believe this one when I snagged it tonight!  First time I've ever definitely caught this station, and to hear it this strongly...  I know I said "How am I hearing this?" out loud at one point, probably puzzling anyone nearby (I was walking around with the PL-660 again.)  Here's the log as I wrote it down when I got back inside. 

6110, Radio Fana, 0304-0320.  Horn of Africa popular music at tune-in, to Amharic comments by a male DJ at 0307, then back into music.  Programming continued in this fashion, mostly music but with DJ comments at 0310.  Signal fair overall, very good to almost armchair quality at peaks.  Amazing!  SINPO 43354. 

Anybody know if Radio Fana QSLs?  Because oh wow...  :) 

Shortwave Broadcast / radio Vaticana (Cantonese?) 1229Z 28-03-16
« on: March 28, 2016, 1356 UTC »
A day off work means morning DX!  Darn but I'm cold.  Next time I run outside with the portable, I'm taking a jacket.  ... Anyway!  Caught this as I was heading down the hill toward home, and wow!  I heard the shrill long tone while bouncing around the lower end of 31M and went... is this just interference, or is somebody going to sign on?  I waited about thirty seconds and ooooops!  Ni hao, Vatican Radio.  I might just have to QSL this one.  Here's my log as I wrote it down once I got back indoors. 

9560, Radio Vaticana, 1229-1236.  Long shrill tone at 1229, to brief open carrier and into an orchestral version of the Vatican Radio interval signal.  Brief announcements in a female voice, then into programming of long talks and religious music, including one probable hymn.  Signal weaker but audible, SINPO 32233. 

This did not, for the record, sound entirely like Mandarin.  HFCC says Chinese, and I'd hazard a guess at Cantonese from the tone; there are similarities between Cantonese and languages like Vietnamese or Khmer that Mandarin does not share.  Then again, it *was* a comparatively weak signal. 

I've never heard an orchestral version of the Vatican Radio interval signal before!  Is that specific to their Asia-beamed services, does anyone know? 

General Radio Discussion / some QSLing assistance needed
« on: March 10, 2016, 0110 UTC »
Okay, I'll make a long story as short as I can, here.  I snagged a broadcast from HCJB Voice of the Andes (Quechua service into Waodani service, for the curious, 6050kHz) a day or two ago, and I've been searching for a postal address for the station since!  I cannot for the life of me find where in the world, or more accurately where in Ecuador, to send them an actual paper reception report.  What can I say?  I'm an old-fashioned paper QSL kinda YL.  The HCJB/Reach Beyond website isn't much help, to be frank.  Any relevant posts I've found elsewhere are either old, connected to HCJB via another country, or both.  Mostly both. 

So anyway.  Does anyone have current postal address info for the actual Voice of the Andes outlet of HCJB/Reach Beyond/whichever? 

10/11 meters / 10 meters burning up again! 03/07/15 afternoon
« on: March 08, 2015, 0253 UTC »
I still cannot believe my luck here.  Today didn't seem like much at first - 10M was full of SSB contesters and I'm still getting a rig, so couldn't join in - but then... 

28171, XE1FAS - Pueblo, Mexico beacon, 2026-2028.  Transmissions ran VVV de XE1FAS/B, EK09VB.  Long pause and a long dash between cycles.  Signal fair to good on a variable band with a loud noise floor.  RST 349, SINPO 43343. 

And *then*...

28298, V73TEN - Roi-Namur, Marshall Islands beacon, 2030-2034.  Transmissions ran V73TEN/B, RJ39.  long pause between cycles, no other information given.  Signal good at peaks but subject to deep fades on a variable band.  RST 339, SINPO 43343. 

Here I pause to goggle at my radio.  I only wish that station QSL'd; they don't, I checked. 

And then...

28200, KH6WO - Laie, Oahu, Hawaii beacon, 2119.  Rapid ID - KH6WO - followed by long dashes, though these were very hard to discern even at the start.  Signal fair, heard just after a booming W6WX in California.  RST 339, SINPO 43343. 

Definitely QSLing the two that will verify!  I am just plain stunned at the latter pair, frankly, especially the V73.  Wow! 

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio pakistan 11570kHz, 0145Z 11/15/14
« on: November 15, 2014, 0259 UTC »
I've been trying for this one for months, no joy.  Tonight, entirely on a whim, I tuned to 11570 (I have the worst time remembering what frequency Pakistan's supposed to be on on 25 meters) and oh my gosh!  This is what I logged: 

11570, Radio Pakistan, 0145-0210.  Programming consisted of talk by a male presenter, interspersed with recitation from the Koran.  One possible mention of Afghanistan.  Signal fair at first, fading to weak by the hour.  Entirely gone by 0210.  Audio suffering from distortion/muffling, Koran recitation somewhat clearer than speech.  SINPO 32233. 

Boggle, boggle, B-O-G-G-L-E! 

Booming Sri Lanka on 11905 and nearly as strong India on 11620, RWM on 9997 (yay!) and this one... I'd call that a successful night's DX, even if I'm now doing the frozen finger fandango.  It's worth it. 

I am *so* QSLing this one...  :) 

General Radio Discussion / favorite SWBC station that still exists?
« on: November 05, 2014, 0224 UTC »
This is in response to the other thread on a similar topic, and because I could use a cheerful thread about SW stations. 

What's everyone's favorite SW broadcaster or broadcasters still in existence?  Mine... I'd have to say Radio Nacional da Amazonia, The Mighty KBC, and PCJ are all up there.  I'm a fan of Channel Africa from way back, and ZBC out of Zanzibar is nice for the music they play, as is the Voice of the Revolution of Tigray from Ethiopia, when I can hear them. 
And Morocco.  And... I could go on.  :) 

So what does everyone else say? 

10/11 meters / 10 meters burning up my ears! 09/27/14
« on: September 28, 2014, 2150 UTC »
Yesterday, three of us Madison local DXers had an early morning DXpedition in a park known for its quiet conditions.  The end result was, among other things, some incredible shortwave broadcaster catches, and a half-dozen beacons that about made me fall over!  Here the beacons are, and to be fair, VE7MTY was a catch made at my home QTH later in the afternoon. 

28227.3, IW3FZQ - Rovigo, Italy beacon, 1442-1449.  Clear beacon ID, IW3FZQ/B, as well as spelling out the word beacon in English.  Two very long dashes between transmissions.  Signal fair to good on fade-up, SINPO 43343, RST 339. 

28203.5, K6LLL - Laguna Beach, California beacon, 1450-1455.  Clear K6FFF/B IDs, as well as the state abbreviation CA at each transmission's end, grid square information  - CN something - and antenna info - I thought I'd copied the word vertical.  Signal fair to good, SINPO 43344, RST 339. 

28250, K8NDB - Yuma, Arizona beacon, 1455-1458.  Clear IDs - K8NDB/B, and what sounded like grid square information.  CW speed was rapid, too quick for me to copy all info.  Signal fair, SINPO 33333, RST 339. 

28183, XE1RCS - Cerro Gordo, Mexico beacon, 1500-1502.  Transmission consisted of clear IDs - XE1RCS/B - and grid square information - I copied 33, but missed the letter identifiers for location.  Signal good, SINPO 44344, RST 339. 

28215, YV5LIX - Caracas, Venezuela beacon, 1507-152.  Very slow Morse IDs - VVV de YV5LIX/B - as well as the spelled-out location, Caracas.  Signal fair to good but mixing with two other stations, making copy difficult.  SINPO 43343, RST 339. 

28173, IZ1EPM - Chivasso City, Italy beacon, 1514-1518.  Clear IZ1EPM/B IDs that I initially copied incorrectly as IZ1IPM, as well as power and speed info - 5WD, 20W.  Signal good, SINPO 44344, RST 349. 

28243, F5ZWE - Foix, France beacon, 1519-1521.  Clear IDs - F5ZWE/B - with three long dashes between each.  Signal surprisingly good, SINPO 44444, RST 449. 

28197, VE7MTY - Pitt Meadows, British Columbia beacon, 1844-1850.  Signal ran VE7MTY/B, followed by grid square information - I was only able to copy the numbers 21 - with a long dash between transmissions.  Signal fair at best with deep fades.  SINPO 33333, RST 239. 

The propagation gods were, as they say, cooking with gas! 

10/11 meters / belated but excellent beaconeering logs, 09/14
« on: September 20, 2014, 0545 UTC »
I've only gotten around to posting these now, but believe me, I'm QSLing them!  I went DXing on Sunday, didn't get a whole lot on many of the shortwave bands, tried 10 meters on a whim and... holy cow!  I was hoping for anything, maybe Canadians, but what I got... well.  :) 

28203, PY2WFG - Ipiranga, Sao Paolo, Brazil beacon, 2118-2128.  VVV de PY2WFG BCN, then grid square information - GG77FF.  Long dash between transmissions, then repeat.  Signal fair at best, contending with fading.  SINPO 32233, RST 339. 

28190, PU2NJO - Embarre Santos, Sao Paolo, Brazil beacon, 2129-2136.  Transmission ran CQ CQ CQ test beacon PW2NJO QRZ, repeated.  Signal heard roughly once every minute, with a long pause in between.  Signal fair to good, SINPO 43344, RST 439. 

That was, to put it the way a friend did when I shared the logs with her, a heck of an opening!  I checked again later, and nothing.  I'm still blown away by these.  The first of the two catches took a long time to pull out of the static, but was it ever worth it!  The second just sort of sprang up on me! :D 

10/11 meters / wherein I boggle my head off, 06/13, 2300 UTC
« on: June 14, 2014, 0309 UTC »
I can't believe this.  I came home from work and started twirling the radio dial around 10 meters.  At first it didn't sound like I was going to get a darn thing, and given how WWV and CHU were coming in in various places, I wasn't all that surprised.  But then...  Holy cow.  *This* happened. 

28275, NP2SH - Saint John, Virgin Islands beacon, 2249-2300.  Long dash transitioning immediately into VVV, then beacon ID and location information - I clearly heard 'islands' here, and less clearly Virgin Islands.  Signal weak to fair at best in very tough copy, high noise floor and deep fades.  SINPO 32232, RST 229. 

Yes, that does say US Virgin Islands.  It took me several minutes to pull the call and the location info out of the mud, but when I did--hoooo-eeee!  I just about fell over.  for me, this feels akin to snagging a definite log of the MW X-band station based in the USVIs.  XD! 

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