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First heard on my DX-160 in central NH, listened from 2325 - 2335, lots of fading in and out of the noise, eventually faded into the noise, I live in a high noise environment so this isn't surprising.

switched to N1NTE KiwiSDR3 on the CT/MA border at around 2350, S8 - S9 with minor fading and fighting with various utility signals.

2412 Says he's going to get going and King of the Road.
2414 Off

2138 Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together
2140 ID - Clearly said Truth Radio International, reiterating this since I think it's important that a broadcast like this doesn't get mixed up with any other TRI
2141 Some sort of spoken word piece, hard to make out in the noise, things about robot butlers and microchips being put in people's brains and linda gates.
2149 Rebroadcast or a clip of a radio show from australia or new zealand

Seems to be a "political" broadcast so I'm bowing out.

S3 - S5 on the K9DXi Dixon, IL KiwiSDR

0200 UTC Dick Dale - Misirlou
0203 UTC ID + Eric Burdon and War - Spill the Wine
S5 - just under S7 Vermont Mountiantop KiwiSDR

S6 - S7 on Vermont Mountaintop kiwiSDR, hard to make out over the static
was coming in a tiny bit clearer before I walked off to do some things but now is virtually lost in the static,  music was a mix of punk, metal and alt rock, synth male IDs, couldn't make out the name but sounded... familiar
what everyone else was calling "ambient music" sounded more like sludge metal to me
0127 sounds like a beck style indie rock song
0129 another indie rock song

0138 bass and drum heavy electro song with indian sounding female and male vocals sounding vocals.

0241 instrumental rock

0324 ID sounded like "Nowhere Radio" though that has to be incorrect as going to the resulting website (they also announced a website) leads to a site for a dead shoutcast station

been listening off and on for the last hour or so, signals is noisy but readable though the voices are often hard to make out, cool idea for a memorial day weekend broadcast though

S5 - S7 on the Vermont Mountaintop KiwiSDR

thanks for memorial day weekend salute to the vietnam vets Radio First Termer and Damn Skippy/Outhose Radio(?) (thought I heard an outhouse radio ID at some point, signal was bad though so don't hold me to that)

been listening to this for maybe the last 20min or so, the weakness of the signal and the style of music made me think it might be a europirate but seeing no reports of it on that side of the boards and it's not showing up on any european SDRs I tried.

music seems to be a mix of gothy post-punk, punk, and metal

listening on the vermont mountaintop SDR S6 - just above S7

As of 0332 this station is still going, sounds like some sort of european folk music right now of what I can make out over the noise. Signal is still weak with a lot of noise.

Seems to be playing only Depeche Mode
2045 Dead Air
2050 Back with repeating Radio Europe ID
Went off sometime between 2056 and 2105

S7 - S9, very noisy and fluctuating a lot on SWLJO43/1 kiwiSDR in Asendorf, Germany

@Ray Lalleu the repeating ID only said Radio Europe so I'm keeping the name as that.

I caved in because it could have said it while I was away and I guess it's the accepted ID here.

19:49 REM - Losing My Religion
19:53 Ede Staal - Life is More Than a Song
19:56 Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash
19:59 Beach Boys - Whip Out (this station doesn't seem to be very forthcoming with it's ID..)
20:02 Creedence - Fortunate Son
20:05 Wooly Bully (I'm giving up, I was just trying to get an ID out of this station)

S9 +-, quit noisy but listenable on SWLJO43/1 kiwiSDR in Asendorf, Germany

19:33 Moody Blues - Your Widest Dreams
19:37 Rolling Stones - Respectable
19:41 ID, was too muffled to made out station name and off the air.

S9 +- with some noise on SWLJO43/1 kiwiSDR in Asendorf, Germany

19:05 very generic dance music, almost sounds like it could be the public domain sort of stuff used in youtube videos
19:08 Seems to have switched to electrobeat from this point onward.
19:18 Mystery Radio 21 ID followed by a gothy post-punk song (polish?)

S9 +10 - +20 on SWLJO43/1 kiwiSDR in Asendorf, Germany

receiving on the vermont mountaintop kiwiSDR at S7 +- though quite noisy with new wave/post punk music at 23:52
23:54 Twin Peaks Theme
23:57 ID and alt-lounge music
00:02 ID, a minute or so of dead carrier and then off the air.

03:15 Talking about a hunting trip
03:16 "I listen to nature" now talking about his "second encounter"
evidently bigfoot stories at this point
03:22 story about an "awful stench"
it's another bigfoot story or so I thought, now it's a normal man and something about certain unpleasant historical things that seemed out of place, and now back to it being a big hairy creature?... this makes no sense...
this man seems to have had a lot of ridiculous encounters with bigfoot
03:28 "all muddied up" repeating and Happy Trails song
03:29 psychedelic music
03:30 Off the air?

S5 - S6 using narrow band to get the noisy signal a bit clearer Vermont Mountaintop kiwiSDR

Kind of glad it turned out not to be a political broadcast by the way, I hear enough of those sort of rants on the broadcast bands...

Thanks for the bigfoot tales

00:22 "give me pirate radio, real pirate radio fucking pirate radio"
00:23 Beck - Devils Haircut OM "don't believe the wasted radio (?)" "god I'm fucked up"
00:27 "fucking pirate radio..." "Fucked up pirated radio" "You fuckers aren't listing to me, I don't give a shit" (yes we are ;) )
00:28 Tool - Sober
00:33 talking about how wasted he is some more "Fucking Pirate Radio" (probably not an ID), Faith No More - Epic

S7 +- on N1NTE / ΣSDR3

23:53 Music sounds like 60s garage rock
23:55 ID something about "23 (?) Pilots" and "question everything you hear" then song, sounds like a punk cover of 2000 Light Years From Home by The Rolling Stones
00:00 another ID, more straight forward one this time, and then back to 2000 Light Years
00:03 Off?
sound is very muffled and hard to make out a lot

00:08 Back with weak chanting noises with accompioning utility noise
00:13 back off, ironically the noise cleared up just after

S7 +- on N1NTE / ΣSDR3

23:05 can hear music and various IDs, very noisy can make out most things, I'm just having a day where it's difficult for me to do detailed logs

S7 +- on N1NTE / ΣSDR2

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