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23:31 - Two guys (Opie and Anthony I guess) making fun of the Mel Gibson tape as they play it.
Not my sort of thing, I can see why I never listened to these guys when they were actually on air.

caught on the W1NT kiwiSDR in Newton, NH. S3 - S5

Weak Signal amongst the noise on the W1NT KiwiSDR in Newton, New Hampshire
00:15 James Taylor - Everyday

just played Long Way Home by Supertramp and then off

Just to be clear, I swear this is not a misreporting of Outhouse who was also playing Supertramp around this same time.

Caught on the Vermont Mountaintop KiwiSDR.

23:44 New Agey music with a speech by Alan Watts over it
23:56 Daleks talking about destroying the bible (?)
23:57 back to Alan Watts

How to Enjoy Life by The Red Pill was not played, that was most likely just your app falsely identifying the part of the speech used in it @DaddyDave
Around S5 on the N1NTE-3 CT/MA boarder SDR

Thanks of the interesting broadcast

Spy Numbers / Re: UVB-76 On 4625 Being Spammed/Jammed By Pirates?!
« on: February 05, 2022, 2254 UTC »
both the buzzer and the jamming and are coming in quite well on the W1NT SDR in Newton, NH right now, a song is playing that oddly goes well in time with the buzzer, lol.
Here is a recording of some of the music, will make another if something more interesting plays https://vocaroo.com/1a6r3bimwJi2

23:12 a single word/phrase is being repeated over and over now, not sure if jamming or part of a real broadcast https://vocaroo.com/1e1ZU21pnB8k
23:14 Jamming seems to have stopped for now

Playing new wave/post punk/indie rock, noisy but mostly readable
03:36 SSTV that I couldn't catch in time

S2 - S3 on the W1NT Newton NH SDR

I caught this as well, should have been a bit quicker to reporting

The music was Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran

The CW was directly after the song so I'm assuming it was part of the same broadcast, but not 100% sure

was weak but readable on the vermont mountiantop SDR

0157 could finally make out the song, Frank Zappa - Dancing Fool
0201 Frank Zappa - Dirty Love

been monitoring this one for a bit, seem to be playing only Zappa, there was an ID earlier, but hard to make out
Distorted and slightly off frequency, seems closer to 4029.97

S7 on the vermont moutaintop SDR

2203 getting undecipherable music, seems to be quickly fading in and out, around S3
2205 think I can make out some Genesis.

W1NT kiwiSDR in Newton, NH

North American Shortwave Pirate / WJAN 6925 USB 2144 UTC 10 Jan 2021
« on: January 10, 2022, 2148 UTC »
2144 Blondie - Heart of Glass
2145 ID and sign on as WJAN, saying "just sorting things out" and not playing full songs
2146 Brian Hyland - The Joker Went Wild
2148 Sign off "I'll be seeing you later"

caught on W1NT SDR in Newton, NH, screwed up and forgot to get the S meter numbers, but decent signal.

2139 getting it on the W1NT kiwi SDR in Newton, NH, USA, pretty clear but low audio

S5 - S7

2114 - Instrumental downtempo music
nice signal but seems slightly off freq, sounds more correct on 6944.98, though still not quite right and distorted

S5 - S7 on the W1NT SDR in Newton, NH

not really giving a true report here, but this isn't actually Zeke, It's Sycko radio, he was mocking him and sending him a message, I recorded a small part of it.


After some tweaking in the digital domain, it sounds like maybe a British female saying "You are listening to Coastal Rock Radio."

After reading this and listening to the file back a few times (without digital tweaking) on headphones, I'm almost convinced this is correct.

Also, would it be possible for you to upload the tweeked file so the rest of us can hear it?

I am proposing WATERFALL be used as the mode name (vs USB) when logging such stations.

Maybe WF to keep it brief?

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