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Did some sleuthing and this might be a stretch but could this be WCLX out of Westport, New York (though it's branded as a Vermont station)? Listened to their web stream for a bit to confirm and the style of music seems to match.

Some miscellaneous information - Olayomi Koiki is the radio presenter for the station on 9890 kHz. ("Radio Ominira Yoruba" - "Radio Freedom Yoruba").
He is also an announcer on Starr Radio - 9JA (London, England), which focuses on Nigerian issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f4ghcoqbn4 . It is
Koiki Media ( https://koikimedia.com/ ) that has posted videos on Youtube of the test transmission of "Radio Ominira Yoruba."

Ah, thanks for the information, I've fixed the station ID in that case.

Actually showing up as on 6974.9
22:45 instrumental hard rock
22:46 instrumental sitar music

S7 - S8 N1NTE SDR3, quite noisy

sorry for the thread where I completely screwed up the freq

00:56 S7 - S9 on the vermont mountaintop SDR, been actually listening since INXS gave us a New Sensation, going to see if I can get this on my DX-160 and report back

could just barely make it out over local noise, neighborhood noise conditions in that freq region seems pretty bad tonight, might move my setup to another room later. Central NH if that matters.
I'm going to drink the rest of my beer to soothe my radio woes.
also thanks for the Police just as I hopped back onto the internet SDR, one of my favorite bands.

01:51 ID and off
like thanks for the show, like totally.

Note: 01:10 UTC - This is unrelated but interesting. I just copied a US Military UTE with coded message on 6945.0 kHz. Same type you usually get on HFGCS frequencies. This is an unusual frequency to find this UTE.

I picked this up as well, it was stronger on my home radio than WTF was actually, very strange.

0354 Male voice talking, hard to make out over the noise, sounds like an old recording, possibly an old radioplay
sounds to be an old sci fi radio show from what I can make out.

0434 Off

around S5 - S7 Vermont Mountaintop Radio kiwiSDR, very noisy

signal S9 on the SDR in Lorain County
02.58 strange music
02.59 song (a man)

it's a different station as they already confirmed above, the thread for it is here https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,82836.0.html

0243 dance music with female vocals
0244 song abruptly cuts off to ethereal music.
0315 I'm still listening, just listening and waiting for an ID rather than trying to log every song right now.

0321 Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is?
0325 "as our show comes to an end" short speech about defending free speech w/female voice and off (still no ID)

S8 - +10 +- on Vermont Mountaintop Radio kiwiSDR

earlier was just seeing a carrier but not hearing anything so didn't bother reporting

0243 dance music with female vocals
0244 song abruptly cuts off to ethereal music.

S8 - +10 +- on Vermont Mountaintop Radio kiwiSDR

0058 The Guess Who - These Eyes

SSTV from 0120

wasn't able to catch the waterfall image that preceded it.

Sorry that I forgot to note the S Meter numbers, caught on Vermont Mountaintop Radio kiwiSDR weak and noisy at first but became much stronger.

was playing what I assumed to be christian music but I now think is the group's theme song when I first tuned in, been a mix of african music and a man talking in an african language since, sometimes full songs, sometimes just short clips.
I assume it's the same station as  https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,82767.0.html

22:20 the same song as when I tuned in again and switch to english, a man giving a political speech about Zimbabwe and it's constitution and how they aren't requesting anything that breaks it I think.
22:24 Same song again and switch back to their native language

S7 - S9 +- with some noise but very listenable on Vermont Mountaintop Radio kiwiSDR

Song is actually a version of the Ondo State National Anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPYLef-hyhA

(originally posted in shortwave broadcasts but the nature of the station seems like it may actually belong here)

seems to actually be on 6954.8? Maybe even a bit off from that, but still sounds off not mater how much I screw around with the frequency
right now seems to be playing what sounds like electro-industrial avantgarde cowboy music.
0413 OM something about "don't stop now to outhouse for playing that wonderful music" dead air "yah you figured", not sure if they were talking about outhouse or IDing as.
0414 Dead air/off?

S7 -+ on N1NTE KiwiSDR4


Kandi -

I remembered the playlist likewise (especially Bowie) and posted about it 4 weeks ago.  I am out of area now and can't hear tonight's broadcast.


Yeah, seems to be the same playlist judging from the posts, they just logged off early this time, maybe they were just doing a test.

0302 spacey rock music
0303 Off?

S7 - S9+10, nice sounding N1NTE KiwiSDR4

judging from the synth voice and the Bowie and Nue could this have been Radio Eno WENO?

0132 Gary Numan song with morse code and dogs barking
0135 ID and Cheap Trick - The Summer Looks Good on You and sudden switch to 6930
0139 ID "WDOG looking for the switch to turn on summer"

0152 The Beatles - Sun King

S7 - S9, was clear at first (and clearer on it's original frequency) but starting to fade in and out of the noise at 0142 , still mostly readable

0058 instrumental piano music
0101 ID which I heard as YF and The New Christy Minstrels - Green Green
0104 Led Zeppelin - Black Dog
0108 Badfinger - Baby Blue
0111 ID YF + Donovan - Mellow Yellow

I'm just going to listen to the rest of the broadcast.

S9 - +15 on N1NTE KiwiSDR4 with a little noise

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