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Holding steady between an S6 and 7 here in Iowa.

I have him here in Central Iowa with Stand By Your Man. Decent signal tonight too. SIO 323

KCPR on AM at 0450 playing music and IDs in Morse code. Heard White Line Fever, but can't make much more out. Signal is just above the noise level here. SIO 212

Thanks for the show!

According to the last transmission, it was Red Man Radio, WRMR.

Whiskey Redneck Radio is on 6933 tonight with Dave Dudley songs. Nice signal into Iowa, great audio. Nice quiet band too! SIO 433 on the Perseus.

Transmitting in the name of the Temple of the Screaming Electron.

Songs include Six Days on the Road and Me and Old CB.

Moving onto Grandpa Jones music.

Thanks for the show!

I have them here in Central Iowa, but not a very good copy. The static crashes are brutal tonight. I heard some big band music, as well as "Jimmy Stewart" using phonetics (Mary and Clarence) from It's a Wonderful Life. SIO 222

Thanks for the show, MAC!

Caught the very end of the broadcast tonight, hearing the very end of New York New York. I think he ID'd afterwards, but the noise was too high for me to copy. SIO 212

I have them in Iowa with Imagine, the Shaving Cream song, and don't eat the yellow snow by Zappa. Someone was jamming with a phone patch, then they opened up with music for a while. SIO 444 in the clear 522 during the jamming.

I've got you here in Iowa with a blues song. 59+10 on the Palstar  r30cc. Station ID at 20 after,  followed by In The Summertim. 

SIO 544

Thanks for the sho! 

Plenty loud here in Iowa, with Robert Palmer's Simply Irresistible Some fades and static present.  SIO 534

Thanks for the show, Renegade!

I have them here in Iowa at 0010 UTC, but it's a very light copy. I can hear a YL singing intermittently with an OM talking, but I can't fill in many other details than that. I have a fantastic copy on our electronic dog fence though...  :-\

SIO 111

I heard them this morning here in Central Iowa as well. Really nice signal here too. An easy S9. SIO 555.

Been listening on and off to him on 1720 for a while now. Decent signal here at times, but with some deep fades into the mud. Music from Soul Coughing, stories of his encounter with aliens, and a diving trip to the Solomons.

At peaks, SIO 433.

I have a very faint copy on them here in Iowa with Prince's Purple Rain at 0445. Anyone have QSL info for them?

I caught the end of the Radio Ronin transmission tonight, with blues music and his usual greeting to his brothers and sisters in the armed forces. Strong signal into Iowa tonight. SIO 544

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