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Rough copy here in Central Iowa. Signal strength is there (S7), but the atmospheric noise and UTE QRM is making for a rough copy.

SIO 312

Thanks for the show!

Nice S9 signal here into Central Iowa tonight with the Doors LA Woman.

BTW, this old geezer prefers to hear the crazy stuff. :)

SIO 444

Missed an ID, but they were very loud here in Central Iowa with the Doors and Steely Dan. Armchair 59 copy. SIO 544

Thanks for the show!

Nice signal from RFW on 6950.

Hearing Liquid Radio on 6925 with dance music. Good signal on the Elad tonight.SIO 433

Thanks for the show LR!

Good to hear TCS tonight here in Central Iowa. It's been a while since I've had a chance to tune into anything. Heard Land of Confusion, Harden My Heart, and now 99 Red Balloons. They're signal is strong at times, but with a lot of deep fading. SIO 222

Thanks for the show John!

Toynbee radio playing the theme from the Jeffersons and other musical snippets.

They're about an S8 to an S9 here. SIO 434

Thanks, Toynbee!

I've got a carrier on the waterfall, but nothing else.

I had them here in Central Iowa, but they were very weak. I could just hear their techno beat above the noise floor.

I  have them here in Iowa as well, but much weaker. I'm only catching their signal on the stronger peaks. SIO 211

Enjoying the bonus Wolverine Radio show here in Iowa tonight. It goes well with the massive amount of cold meds I am on.

I think I have them here, but reception is pretty crappy tonight. Sounds like they're right on top of some UTE station.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unID 6935 AM 0106z 3/16/15
« on: March 16, 2015, 0154 UTC »
I am hearing some very faint audio from time to time here in Iowa, but not much more.

Off by 0337

Someone is playing 99 Words for Boobs on 6930u. Audio is overmodulated, but the signal is strong


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