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Running between an S7 and S8 here in Iowa with ZZ Top's Sharped Dressed Man, and now... Milli Vanilli?

DJ Dickweed made an appearance earlier.

SIO 444

I have them in Central Iowa peaking at an S7 on the Perseus and the SAL-20. I tuned in to catch the end of an SSTV transmission (no decoders running. Whoops!), followed by the German version of Der Komissar and a german version of Roll Out the Barrel.

Plenty of fading on the band right now, but the signal has yet to drop below the noise. SIO 333

Thanks Dr. Tim!

Listening to them now on a recording. They started out pretty strong, peaking at an S7, but faded into the mud just a few minutes later.

Caught this one on the recorder. Lots of techno music, but I didn't catch an ID.

Big signal here in Iowa tonight from WHYP. Christmas Polka followed by Run Run Rudolph. A steady S8 on the Perseus and SAL.

Thanks for the show! It's been years since I last heard WHYP.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID, 6925 AM, 0230 UTC, 12-09-2014
« on: December 09, 2014, 0234 UTC »
Tuned in to hear the Jackson 5's I Want You Back before they signed off. Decent signal, SIO 333.


Rough copy, but they are in there. Was able to make out the song 'The Backstabbers', as well as some other unidentified music.

I'm getting occasional snippets of audio here and there, but not much else. Still probably a half hour away from local sunset here though too.

I caught a little bit of audio, but it didn't last long. Now I'm barely seeing a trace of a carrier.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Recording of WDDR epic broadcast
« on: November 20, 2014, 0358 UTC »
Thanks for making this happen! I know I'm not the only one who appreciates your effort.

General Radio Discussion / Recording of WDDR epic broadcast
« on: November 19, 2014, 1506 UTC »
Does anyone have a rrecording of last weekend's epic Wddr show? I didn't have any recorder running that night, which is fine since I pprobably wouldn't of had the hard drivesspace for it anyway. :)  if anyonehas a rrecording they're willing to shareiI'd appreciate it.  

I'm still awake! How about Neil Young's Ambulance Blues? Got that one?

Ok, one more and I'll leave you alone. The Replacements Left of the Dial. I think you said you had that one.

How about Jefferson Starship's Miracles?

How about Ambulance Blues by Neil Young?

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