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Thanks for playing the request, DJ! Merry Christmas from the Ozark National Forest!

Nice signal here in the Ozark National Forest. A couple of cut outs due to a screwy relay on the transmitter, but.still a great show.

Any chance you could play Beach Houses Once Twice Melody?

Listening out.

I have them here in Iowa with Carole King covering You Got a Friend. I can hear the other station underneath them as well.

SIO 323

Hearing them here in Iowa at 0145 UTC. Decent signal, but I don't recognize the song. ID warning me to prepare for the great reset.

Thanks for the show!

Hot these off of the waterfall earlier

Really nice signal here into Iowa tonight. During Autumn in New York, they peaked at about 20 over on the very generous SDR console s meter. I appreciated He's a Demon, He's a Devil, He's a Doll from Betty Hutton too. A nice selection for the night before the bombs fall in the Fallout universe. :)

Playing around with an old FRG-7 when I found them on the band. Very strong here in Iowa, pushing this stingy old meter past S9 with a jazz rendition of Girl from Ipanema. Now its Chuck Manjione's Free Spirit (??).

Off at 0300 UTC

Blues music with a really strong S9+10 signal here in Iowa. I've got the filters opened as wide as they'll go.

Some UTE interference from time to time.

I have them here in Iowa. The signal is strong enough, but the audio sounds strange. Hard to copy.

Male and female announcers, with snippets of classical music in between segments.

Email address is something @outlook.com, but I'll be darned if I can make out the rest.

Good signal into Central Iowa, running ten over on the peaks. Nice laid back jazz tune.

The band is kind of noisy here in Iowa tonight, but they are more than audible with The Eagles I Can't Tell You Why and Linda Rondstadt's cover of Desperado.

You beat me by three minutes. :)

I have them stronger here, with a live version of Elton John's Benny and the Jets and IDs. They're an S7 here, but the noise is pretty rough here this morning as well.


They were up to a solid S8 that go around, with a recurring ID: "You are listening to Buddha Radio, the voice of Nepal and the universe. Take out your mat, and listen."

Off again at ~1943

I can hear them here in Iowa, but they're very weak. Right now they're playing "You Make Me Feel So Young". I may have heard an ID before that, but I couldn't make it out.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WJD 6930 USB 0130 UTC 1 Nov 2016
« on: November 01, 2016, 0215 UTC »
S6 to 7 signal here in central Iowa this evening.

Thanks for the show!

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