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A montage of clips from Trump and Clinton, followed by rap music. Now its Jim Neighbors and Back Home Again In Indiana.

Lots of noise here. SIO 322

They played a clip of what sounded like a NASA transmission and went off at around 0152. Good signal in spite of the awful S6 noise here. SIO 423

Thanks for a fun show!

Got them here with Devo's Whip It and Three Dog Night's One Is The Loneliest Number. About an S5, with a lot of static. SIO 322

Pretty good signal into the Midwest tonight. They're about an S6 on the Perseus +SAL pointed to Europe.

I've got them here in Iowa with big band music.

Decent signal here in the cornfields of Iowa, pushing the needle to about an S8 on the Palstar r30cc. Country music with a hushmail email address given.

Thanks for the show!

Noisy signal, but making the trip to Central Iowa at about an S4.

SIO 322

S8 signal here in Central Iowa with some fades.  Free Fallin and Last Dance with Mary Jane so far.

SIO 444

I think I have them here, but they are very faint, only occasionally popping up out of the noise.

I can kind of hear them here in Iowa, right at the noise floor.

Got them here in the cornfields of Iowa at about an S5+ with Seeger's Night Moves. SIO 333

Not very strong here, but music and comedy that follows a certain... *AHEM*, theme. Heard Rodney Carrington's Dear Penis and Big 10" Record.

Signals is about an S3 to 4 here in Central Iowa. Some strong UTE interference from time to time as well. Still listenable when they're in the clear though.

 SIO 223

Are they still on? I've got a trace of something on 6925 at 2205, but nothing I can really make out.

Solid S6 here in the cornfields of Central Iowa. SIO 434

Thanks for the show!

Techno music and Orjan Nielsen's What Its All About. S7+ on the Elad. SIO 444

Thanks for the show!

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