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Theme from 2001 A Space Odyssey. S9+ on the peaks, but definitely something underneath them.

I'm hearing them here in Central Iowa at about an S7. Tough copy, but I can hear a YL country singer.

S0+15 here in Central Iowa. Amazing signal!

Thanks for the show!

Pushing S9+ now with some good ol' hardcore. Everybody mosh!

Excellent show XLR8!

Unidentified pirate playing heavy metal on 6955u. Sounds like early metallica. Good signal into Central Iowa, pusing about an S7 on the Perseus and SAL-30. SIO 444

Big S9+10 signal into Central Iowa tonight. Currently it's Elenore by the Turtles.

He switched to USB around 0210. Audio sounds a little hot to me.

Chase by Gorgio Moroder. S9+ here in the cornfields of Iowa.

Thanks for the show!

Nice 10 to 20 over signal on the Perseus and SAL-30 tonight. Dylan's JLAW and Peter, Paul, and Mary's Puff the Magic Dragon, followed by an ID and the Ramones We Want the Airwaves.

Thanks for the show John!

A nice 20 over signal on the Perseus and new SAL-30 antenna here in the cornfields of Iowa. Sounds like George Benson!

I've got S8 static crashes here, but it sounds like an air raid. Would be a great signal if it wasn't for the noise.

SIO 412

I missed the ID at the end of the broadcast. Anyone catch it?

I have them here in Iowa as well, with an S8 signal on the Palstar r30cc and the long wire antenna. SIO 344

I have them here with numbers and letters at about an S6.

SIO 322

I have them here at an S6, Gregorian versions of Comfortably Numb and Nights in White Satin.

SIO 423

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