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I'm hearing a mix of about three stations on the frequency right now, but the strongest one is a Spanish 'pirate' playing techno. Bored pescadore?

Good signal into Iowa though, pushing an S7 on the peaks.

Tuned in just in time to hear a few SSTV transmissions (which I couldn't decode for some reason) and the national anthem.

I've got a pretty rough copy on them here in Iowa, but did manage to hear Live and Let Die and Sultans of Swing. Signal is an S4 to S5. SIO 222

EDIT: Definitely stronger as time goes by, peaking at an S6 by 0140 UTC. SIO 322

Thanks for the show!

I have them here with the Talking Heads' Take me to the River. Not very strong, but audible. SIO 322

Thanks THR!

Hearing blues music on 6925 now that Liquid Radio has signed off. Very faint, with lots of QRM and other noise. SIO 211

A strong S8 here in Iowa. A few static crashes and some occasional fades, but an excellent signal overall. Open up the filters and enjoy!

SIO 444

I've got them here in Central Iowa as well. Not strong, and interference from some Spanish stations as well, but managed to get an ID. This is a new one for me.

SIO 322

Hearing Hole's Celebrity Skin
Hey-ya by Outkast

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6945 USB 0134z 8/22/15
« on: August 22, 2015, 0250 UTC »
Big signal from RFW tonight on 6945. Currently it's music from Depeche Mode.

SIO 444

Thanks for the show DJ!

Very strong signal into Central Iowa tonight, pushing the meter to about an S8. Music from ELO and the Moody Blues. A little QRM from a pescadore.

SIO 444

Thanks for the show!

Nice signal from RFW in Central Iowa tonight, peaking at about an S8 on the Perseus and the SAL. Lots of shout outs to people on the HFU!

SIO 434

Thanks for the show!

Pretty good signal into Central Iowa tonight, between an S5 and S6 on the Perseus. Heard Ozzy and Judas Preist so far, along with a lot of static crashes as well. SIO 333

Thanks for the show!

Nice signal into Iowa on the newly acquired Lowe HF 225 Europa. Heard Depeche Mode along with a couple of other songs i couldn't ID. SIO 433

Thanks for the music!

Pretty rough copy, but audible and improving as it gets darker. Lots of static crashes tonight. SIO 323

Thanks for the show!

Got him here in Iowa at about an S6 to S7 with blues music. Sounds like there might be something underneath them, probably pescadores. SIO 333

Thanks for the show Captain!

Big signal from Wolverine Radio in the mobile tonight. Great company for a long road trip through the cornfields of Illinois. 

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