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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6950 KHz AM 0027+ UTC
« on: November 02, 2013, 0229 UTC »
I'm hearing Parliament and Steve Miller, but I don't have a very good copy here. They're barely bouncing the signal meter on the receiver tonight. SIO 121

Someone is playing 'Tubular Bells' on 6915, now guitar music. I have a very poor copy on them though. Don't see pirates this low on the band very often.

ID at around 0348, something about a special Halloween show, broadcasting on 6915.

ID in the clear this time at 0400. This is the Late Movie special Halloween edition, broadcasting on 6915 megahertz.

Bette Davis singing Loneliness at 0406

Late movie theme at 0408, followed by Twilight Zone music.

I heard someone on 6920 USB with music and an OM announcer. Now with occasional  laughter and ghost noises.

Sounded like Bob Marley, followed by an ID (that I couldn't make out) mentioning Halloween. Someone is now reading a story but I can't reammy make Much out.

Alice Cooper's Welcome to my Nightmare
Broadcasting from Salem, MA

Still there at 0235 with a strong signal. S7 on the Perseus.

Puzzling indeed.

I had them here fairly strong for a while. Caught the beginning of the show with a song I couldn't identify, then heard Strange Brew by Cream at the end. Hard to make out some of the robot voice IDs, but caught the last Eccentric Radio ID at about 0230. SIO 323

Missed the ID at 0210, caught part of a gmail address followed by The Witch Doctor song by Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Anyone else have a better copy?

Monster Mash at 0213
Caught part of an ID at about 0215 mentioning Radio True North.

Blasting into Central Iowa tonight at 15 over 9 on the Perseus. Big wide audio too.

Thanks for the show Wolverine!

I have them, but not very strong. Pop music with OM announcer and a British accent. Band is quiet, but the signal is low. SIO 232

Wow, this is a blast from the past. I haven't heard them since the late 90s. I hope there are more shows in the works.

I have a very poor copy on someone broadcasting on 6925. Repetitive eelectronic music (sort of like the "Japanese slot machine")  followed by a slower, more eerie piece and some dialog. Anyone else have a better copy? SIO 111

I think I heard them from the mobile tonight. I heard someone on 6940 AM play U2's One followed by Johnny Cash's I Walk the Line. Signal wasn't great, so I never caught an ID. They'd signed off by the time I got home. SIO 212

On immediately after XML with Daft Punk. The Yoshi is working tonight! S9 on the RadioJet. SIO 434

S9 +15 into Iowa on the RadioJet tonight. Some fading, but an excellent signal overall. beautiful audio too. SIO 434

Tool, followed by station ID, then off?

Thanks for the show!

Maybe he'd have better luck on eharmony?

actually, now that I think about it, probably not.  :(


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