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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unid 6875usb, Jun 26, 2016
« on: June 26, 2016, 0334 UTC »
Have them here with music, including Robbie Robertson's Showdown at Big Sky (thanks for the shout out!) and BTO's Let It Ride. Morse code IDs, maybe CPG or DCPG? My Morse code sucks. :(

I  have them with Weird Al's Eat It, but I've got another station on the frequency as well.

I think he needs to play Gone Daddy Gone by the Violent Femmes. :)

SIO 544. Complete armchair copy, peaking at almost 20 over.

S9+ here in Central Iowa, but the noise level tonight is awful. SIO 523

Ive got them here at an S8+

You're still booming into the cornfields of Iowa at an S9+ at 0226 UTC

Could you play Walk In The Park by Beach House?

Sounds like they're back at 0200 with an instrumental version of I'm in the Mood for Love.

S8 signal here in Central Iowa too. SIO 433

I can see them on the spectrum, and I can occasionally get a snippet of audio coming in over the noise, but it's really rough.

They're rocking into the cornfields of Iowa tonight at an S9. Very nice signal!

BTW, the corn is almost waist high here.

RFW is almost 10 over 9 here in the cornfields of Iowa. Beautiful audio too. SIO 555. BOOM!

Any chance you could play The Replacements Left of the Dial for me?

About an S6 here, just above the noise. SIO 222

Close to 20 over with that amazing freaking audio.

SIO 5555555555

About a +10 here on the SAL-30. Heard a Morse code ID, but missed it. SIO 544

Surpisingly good signal considering the S7 noise floor here tonight. Instrumental music peaking just over S9.

SIO 423

Poor copy here in central Iowa, but still above tonight's S7 noise level. SIO 211

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