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FM Free Radio / Re: faint signal @ 87.740mhz in NY
« on: February 13, 2016, 0130 UTC »
@ff and @EliteData,
Now that is just plain crazy. Don't the politicians in NY state have anything better to do? They should go after the thieves of wall street that made so many people homeless, penniless, jobless, bankrupt and hopelessly in debt.

About 15 or 20 years ago I heard France Inter on 162 on a cold December night back before the noise level rose because of a multitude of digital devices. I was stationed in Germany in the USAF in 1968 and 1969 and remember it was on 164 back then before the worldwide frequency readjustment in the early 1980's when they revised LW down by two and MW up by one to be evenly divisible by 9 for each req. Here in the Americas we had nothing to do with the freq readjustment because our MW freqs were already evenly divisible by ten from almost day one.   

HF Mystery Signals / Re: Strange Behavior Near 20KHz
« on: February 06, 2016, 0048 UTC »
WWV is on 60khz. That is what my so called "atomic clocks" synchronize to. Long ago WWV was also on 20khz but gave it up some time ago.

Tuned in at 0020utc, now playing "dirty love" by Frank Zappa, DSB causes slow heterodyne between the 2 recovered audios, R8 & dipole.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Liquid Radio 6925AM 2/5/16 2347z
« on: February 06, 2016, 0015 UTC »
Tuned in at 2345utc, poor sig, just above low noise level, heard dance music then rock music, R8 & dipole.

My computer crashed so I'm at the library using a terminal. Yesterday at 2340 I heard dance music with a fair sig but fading away. R8 and dipole.

I barely hear anything on 6150.5 MHz AM. R8 & dipole. (edit) At 0015utc sig improved to poor, hear music and mention of a particular musician, hear 500hz tone from another stn on exactly 6150. 

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WEEK 6950 AM 2104 UTC 1/23/16
« on: January 23, 2016, 2220 UTC »
Tuned in at 2200utc, very weak, pun intended, but slowly strengthening, hear music at low noise level, R8 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0203utc, fair sig, early 70's rock tune, R8 & dipole. (edit) playing "born to be wild" at 0207utc. (2nd edit) excellent audio for ssb with some bass notes, also now playing "we are the champions". (3rd edit) email at undercoveradio@gmail.com

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: X-FM, 6875 AM, 0137, 1.17.16
« on: January 17, 2016, 0242 UTC »
Tuned in at 0238utc, good sig with light fading at times, "XFM the power of X", "holiday in Cambodia" by the Dead Kennedys, playing requests, xfmshortwave@gmail.com, I think I'll email a request, R2000 & dipole. (edit) signal has started to fade. (2nd edit) Thanks for playing my request. 

Heavy metal poking above low noise floor, heard clear ID, R8 & dipole.

Bits of audio at noise floor, R8 & dipole. (edit) heard ID then blues music.

Tuned in at 0229utc, fair/poor, fades in and out, heard rhythm and blues tune, R8 & dipole.
At 0234utc SSTV/FAX.

LOL. Thanks Chris and refmo for the pics. I'm going to cut and paste them and share them.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WDDR 3440 USB 0147z
« on: January 01, 2016, 0208 UTC »
Tuned in at 0206utc, fair sig, hear soft pop apparently from 1970's, R8 & dipole.

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