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Fair/poor sig, Blues tune "Big long Buick", R8 & dipole, sound of chainsaw, captainmorganshortwave@gmail.com.

Tuned in at 2350utc, fair sig, rock tunes, punk rock, R8 & dipole.

tuned in at 2345utc, fair/good signal, music of the 1980's, AD by Commander Bunny, songs "video killed the radio star", "fish heads", said "The Crystal Ship, official voice of the Blue States Republic", tcsshortwave@gmail.com, R8 & dipole, missed half of program due to doing laundry & watching "60 minutes".   

Just tuned in at 0223utc, fair/poor, punk rock, heavy metal, R2000 and dipole. I don't have their email address.

Tuned in at 0219utc, fair sig, DJ Dick Weed talking about being selfish (he must be an Ayn Rand fan), Said here comes another tune on Radio Free Whatever, R2000 and dipole, dickweeddj@gmail.com. 

Just now came online. S-on with Big Ben chimes and British tune "Rue Britania(?)" at 2322utc, poor/fair sig, British sounding DJ, various british pop/rock tunes from 1960's and 70's, also punk rock and heavy metal, S-off with loony tunes theme, gave email address channelzradio@gmail.com and pmail address box 109, BRS, PA 17214. R2000 & dipole.

S-on with "testing 1 2 3 can anybody hear me" at 0030utc, good sig good audio good program as usual, "remember theme" with various tunes having that word in them. R2000 & dipole.

Blues, jazz, swing, etc, no ID yet, fair/poor. (edit) distorted audio, nice program. R2000 & dipole. (edit) song: "I think she's going to kick my @$$". (edit) captainmorganshortwave@gmail.com. Off at 0335.    

Just detect carrier in ssb mode. Northeast Illinois.

Tuned in at 0020utc but now at 0028 they went off the air, fair sig but bad QRM de data xmsn clobbering upper side band. R2000 & dipole. I emailed them at hriradio@gmail.com and it hasn't bounced yet.

Tuned in at 0135utc, strong sig & excellent audio as usual, now playing "up on the roof". Kenwood R2000 & dipole. (edit) excellent B.B.King tune, Thanks. (edit2) beginning to fade out a bit as of 0153utc, playing Procol Harum "white room".

At 2301utc very poor here in NE Illinois, have to listen in USB mode due to QRM DE Los Pescadores in the Gulf of Mexico on the lower side. R2000 & dipole. (edit) at 2303utc playing somber rock music in minor chords, possibly Nirvana. 

Saw your post, tuned in, hear nothing but noise floor.

Saw your post, tuned in at 0329utc, hear nothing but noise floor.

S-on with tune "I wanna be bad", "I'm a bad mama"(?), now playing "I got it bad and that ain't good", good sig good audio good program as usual, tunes with the word "bad" in them or about being bad, R2000 & dipole.

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