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49 MHz band (49.820 MHz to 49.900 MHz, no official standardized channels...) baby monitors, wireless mics, etc. are still newly made and sold in 2019.  Iíve found 2-3 different monitors within 1 mile of me and thatís just driving around with a scanner. 





It appears that theyíre off the air or have QSYed to another (currently unknown) frequency. 107.7 FM is currently clear - and it was this morning as well.

Is the flooding/storm surge from Dorian bad down there?

The band was dead this morning.  Nothing on 162.400 or 162.550 even. 

Virginia House Radio 107.7 MHz FM Richmond, Virginia 6 Sept 2019

Still going strong at 0645 local time 6 September 2019 in downtown Richmond with ďCity On The HillĒ some good old timey banjo music. SIO 555 at best points...now experiencing some major QRM as I type this (0647 local, likely due to distant station QRM, possibly WTOPís simulcast on 107.7 MHz or WMOV-FM).  SIO 444 now.  Good signal with a few moments of dead air at 0648 local....then more music and positive ID by OM - Virginia House Radio Richmond Virginny 0648/0649 local with music underneath - always good to hear Virginia House Radio on 107.7 FM!

Heard stations on all 7 WX frequencies yesterday morning and this morning, lots of mentions of Hurricane and Tropical Storm conditions, especially when listening to the stations covering coastal Virginia and North Carolina.  Noticed that 162.450 MHz was really messy at one point, generally KZZ28 is the clear winner but at points it was almost a pure hetrodyne.  WNG586 on 162.500 MHz out of Henderson, NC was nearly full quieting in my receive as well.

They're also still quieting 107.9 MHz pretty well.  When I checked this afternoon during lunch break I could hear bits and pieces of WBQK (itself a simulcast of WXTG-FM out of Virginia Beach, VA) out of West Point, VA, but for the most part the 107.9 FM frequency was quieted.  They're throwing a wide FM signal for sure.

Not necessarily a good thing.

Exactly.  WBQK isn't exactly a local station but still.  I think the station on 107.7 FM is throwing a wide signal out there, or they're closer to 107.75 or 107.8 MHz instead of 107.7 MHz.   I need to do more sleuthing / monitoring around with my PL-660 instead of my car radio (which can only do the FM band standard 200 kHz steps).   They sound good on 107.7 on all receivers I've used though. 

I checked this afternoon around 1300 local time and they were playing music.  Yesterday at 1620-1630 local time I heard what sounded like a preacher in a church (could hear people in the background coughing and chattering from time to time).  The preacher was offering his prayers for [list of absolutely everyone].  Literally at least 10 minutes of "and pray for the..." - was still going when I switched the car off and went inside. 

They do have an interesting mix of material, the stuff I heard yesterday could very well have been live or very recently recorded.  [/list]

A lot of the stuff I've heard was obviously recorded with basic equipment in a church somewhere...lots of variation in audio quality and volume.  They've also played what sounded like old vinyls (complete with lots of pops and static cracks, etc). 

They're also still quieting 107.9 MHz pretty well.  When I checked this afternoon during lunch break I could hear bits and pieces of WBQK (itself a simulcast of WXTG-FM out of Virginia Beach, VA) out of West Point, VA, but for the most part the 107.9 FM frequency was quieted.  They're throwing a wide FM signal for sure. 

Back to bluegrass and fiddle playiní (live) recordings at 1210 local time. 


Checked 107.7 FM again around 0645 local time (1045 UTC) and music was being played, sounded like old fashioned baptist church music.  Good signal SIO 444 or better.  Fully quieting my receiver on 107.9 MHz as well.  No ID heard on 107.7 MHz - presumed Virginia House Radio FM pirate station Richmond, VA.

I tuned back in to 107.7 FM at 1210 local (1610 UTC) 27 August 2019...and only heard a carrier.  Unmodulated as far as I can tell...107.7 MHz is quieted. I checked 107.9 MHz and itís also quieted, with bits and pieces of audio from a distant station breaking in at points.

Presuming itís still Virginia House Radio on the air on 107.7 FM - itís just a carrier / dead air. 

10/11 meters / 11 meters is active 2200 UTC 26 August 2019
« on: August 26, 2019, 2215 UTC »
Some late afternoon/early evening activity on the ΣSDR - CT/MA Border (COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR).

Several stations talking on channel 6 - 27.025 MHz AM and several other in-band channels, generally the usual AM high power CB channels (6, 11, etc.).  Locals talking on channel 31 / 27.315 MHz AM and some sporadic activity on 38 LSB 27.385 MHz LSB.   The usual local FSK bursts are also coming through nicely on 27.255 MHz...no sign of distant data bursts or telemetry on 27255 or 26.995/27.045/27.095/27.145/27.195. 

Edit:  weak FSK noted on the waterfall on 27.255 MHz - channel 23 at 2212 UTC.

Channel 20 27.205 MHz is active with AM DX traffic as I type this (2213 UTC).  Lots of fading though. 

I heard a few bits and pieces of the Baltimore, MD station KEC83 on 162.400 MHz this morning about 0650 local time (otherwise, the band was meh, especially compared to the catches of the other day).   Of course, I didn't have the camera going this time because the conditions were nothing special...well, until KEC83 came in out of the blue. 

162.550 was the usual fight between KHB36 and KHB37, but neither of them were as strong as they have been in days/weeks past.  162.450 was the usual story as well, with KZZ28 coming in nicely and another station noticeable underneath it. 

On an offhand note, I have my Motorola MTS2000 VHF handheld with me today and put it on 162.450 while sitting at a red light and could copy KZZ28 just fine with the factory Motorola VHF rubber duck inside my car. 

Yesterday morning there were some hints of activity from the usual suspects.  I noticed WNG586 out of Henderson, NC 162.500 MHz coming in very nicely at points yesterday morning around 0650 local time, WNG686 was SIO 444 - SIO 555 at best points.    New Bern, NC also came in perfectly at the beginning of the listening sessions - KEC84 on 162.400 MHz


162.400 MHz - New Bern, NC - KEC84 1000w TX power
162.425 MHz - UNID, possibly WZ2527 or WZ2543 (both 300w low power fill-in coverage transmitters)
162.450 MHz - Covesville, VA (Charlottesville, VA) - KZZ28 1000w TX power, mixing with WWG33
162.475 MHz - Richmond, VA WXK65 1000w TX power (local station can be heard with antenna disconnected)
162.500 MHz - Henderson, NC WNG586 300w TX power
162.525 MHz - possibly KJY99 [Accomack, VA 1000w TX power] or another station - possibly KJY86 South Boston, VA [1000w]
162.550 MHz - KHB36 and KHB37 fighting it out (as usual)


At one point 162.400 got completely obliterated by local pager intermod. There are three high power pager transmitters in the downtown Richmond area, on 152.120 MHz, 152.630 MHz and 152.690 MHz - the 152.63 and 152.69 frequencies are very active and are located on top of high-rises with extremely high TX power/ERP - those two signals register as S9+60db on a base station receiver with a simple antenna.   When they transmit, the entire VHF band knows it. 

The NOAA Weather Radio website indicates that KZZ28 (162.450 MHz) is currently out of service.  It's certainly in service, they haven't updated their site.

KZZ28 must be located on top of a mountain - I can hear it consistently regardless of conditions on my VHF mobile radio.  I've used its signal to test antenna and receiver/transceiver combinations.  My handheld radios hear it just fine too, from my Motorola MTS2000 to my Baofeng UV-5Rs (with various antennas, including the stock antenna) to my Puxing PX-973UV and Quansheng TG-2UV dualbanders. 

Peskies / Re: English Speaking Maritime 6212 USB 1203 23AUG2019
« on: August 23, 2019, 1825 UTC »
Did they have New England / Boston accents? 

6212 kHz USB is technically assigned for duplex use per the ITU "recommended" HF SSB marine channeling plan...but its often used for simplex traffic. 

Utility / Re: Red Thunder calling First Sealord 4028 USB
« on: August 23, 2019, 1821 UTC »
That's awesome, Josh.  Seems like 80m/75m is popular all over the world for non-ham stuff (military, fishing fleets, broadcasting, etc).  Doesn't the military technically have the right to use any frequency they need to use on a secondary (or primary) basis per NTIA rules?  I know they can (and do) use frequencies in the 6 meter band as part of the SINCGARS VHF FM tactical/combat net radio system. 

As far as HF goes, having the ability to transmit inside the ham bands has some obvious advantages in a serious emergency situation. 

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