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North American Shortwave Pirate / unid 6927 USB 0025 UTC 6 Aug 2020
« on: August 06, 2020, 0031 UTC »
Nice signal and playing Born In The USA now.
Seems to be a repeat of the July 4th broadcast.
Announcer id'ed as Zeke but did not give a station id.

QSLs Received / LRA-36 eQSL
« on: July 27, 2020, 1807 UTC »
After trying all these years I finally got it!

I belong to a group that is aviation related and the other day one of the members posted some interesting photos. The following two photos really interest me. If anyone can shed some light on them I would greatly appreciate it, I would also like to send that information back to the other group.

Here are the photos with their related Flickr page with a larger picture available.



QSLs Received / Radio 48 E-QSL
« on: July 15, 2020, 0011 UTC »
Thank you Radio 48 for such a colorful QSL.

For Sale / Wanted / Barter / Kenwood VC-20 and YK-88A-1
« on: July 08, 2020, 1548 UTC »
I have a Kenwood VC-20 and YK-88A-1 that I got in a parts radio years ago. I have no idea if the work and I'm really not inclined to test them in my R-5000. If you would like one or both contact me. My email in my subject line is good.

Utility / RAF Volmet 11253 USB
« on: July 06, 2020, 2345 UTC »
RAF Volmet 11253 USB at 2344z 07/06/2020 strong into northern Ohio.

Weak signal in the noise:


Very weak signal in the noise. Testing various SSTV images.

B/W 12 image sent backwards:

Scottie DX image inverted:

Country and Western music. Followed by a female voice: "this is a demo" "test test" gave an id but could not make it out. Weak in the noise, just above the static.


Toronto police have laid further charges against an officer who allegedly took part in a scheme to provide encrypted police radios to tow truck drivers.

A total of 11 people are facing more than 50 charges as a result of the investigation, which has been underway since August 2019.

The accused Toronto police officer, Const. Ronald Joseph, is facing a series of charges including fraud and trafficking of property obtained by crime. Police announced last week that Joseph was facing charges of breach of trust and fraud over $5,000.

Investigators say the criminal operation put encrypted police scanners in the hands of "several" tow truck drivers working for multiple companies around Toronto.

"They used the radio's encrypted transmissions to learn about and arrive at traffic collisions before other tow truck drivers for financial gain," said police in a news release.

There are further allegations that calls made over the encrypted channels were broadcast to other tow truck drivers, who paid a monthly fee for access to the information.

Police say at least one of the radios was stolen by an officer.

Investigators from the force's Professional Standards Unit executed search warrants and made arrests over the last two months.

They have so far seized three radios, various other radio parts, six tow trucks and one loaded gun.

The Greater Toronto Area's tow truck industry has become a frequent target of police investigations over the past several years, with allegations of rampant violence and arson among drivers and companies.

Police announce arrests after probe into organized crime and violence in tow truck industry
In late May, police in York region announced multiple arrests due to an alleged turf war between companies.

York police say at least four homicides and 30 arsons over the past three years can be traced to organized crime groups operating within the industry.

CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices|About CBC

Repetive phrase:

"I strongly sugest you wake the f&%* up"
I think it was a Glen Beck program and then into music.

Weak signal in the noise finally got an ID at 0308z.

Off at 0406z:

Good props this morning. Hearing KEC63 like a local from Southfield Mi. which is just over 100 miles from my house.

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