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QSLs Received / Outhouse Radio e-QSL
« on: June 28, 2021, 0330 UTC »
Recieved this very nice e-QSL for the 06/28/2021 broadcast. Thanks to Outhouse Radio for using different data modes and making the hobby better.

Spacey music on now. Some computer generated voice but hard to make out.

"This signal is not emanating from your sector"

Very interesting show, thanks.

0317z: "This is Earth Station One W ending transmission"

I believe that is what was said. Recording available if so desired.

Outhouse sent a SSTV image at 0110 and it appears that was all. No music or talk.

Utility / Canadian net 6977 USB 0322z June 24 2021
« on: June 24, 2021, 0324 UTC »
Seems to be the Canadian net with the CIW callsign and 3 digit suffix.

Very weak music in the noise on 6950 USB. Radiogenix?




Weak but readable signal with music in the noise. SSTV image sent at 0330z and 0338z.


Weak music in the noise. Thought that I heard a Radio First Termer id but not sure. it may have been a reference.

Had this SSTV at 0320z:







Relayed by Damn Skippy? This waterfall image was sent at 0420z.  No Outhouse Radio via other waterfall images.


Music on 6960 with a strong signal.

DJ Dickweed up asking for HFU reports.

Good signal, first heard you on 6969 if the matters.

Dickweed moved to 6935 because of Link 11 on 6970. There is a station on 6933 so he is now on 6955.

Thanks to a hint in HFU Rocket Chat Sycko Radio is on 3185 USB. Ststion id at 0122z.

Have a man talking about what seems to be politics. Just mentioned Nashville TN. Very weak in the noise.

Music with SSTV images.



Strong signal with piano music.

Distorted signal here but sounds like Bugs Bunny with music playing.

Of course as I hit enter it seems the station went off the air.

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