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Weak signal with talk. Has an Undercover Radio sound to it. Seems to be a Damn Skippy relay:


Not sure what to make out of this. Very strong and fast CW signal on 6950, I was using USB for the mode with fldigi for the decode. For what its worth here is what I got:

E :ESIIE TR5IGIT ET E **S <VE>LPSL <KN>E IE H EISDO *T6 T S E E EAI EE IVA *H X 7OE774 T EITXT *ENE N*75 8 1E 9 J E N IINTNF E T EU EI AES TTID*  S3S UT SS W5TGET 99E63 EH7641 3 UN 28 42669 73372 4639OE 32ET * 488* 6 72878 68EE 56
EOIM9 88 *74 *FTEOE 78378 TFTT25 V4631 38*8E M 77124 G TTNIT 74481 Z4T5D 68M E94 T9NT1 2T1IEH 1ON28* 2233SA 2TL13S T 4AMB DETI 4J*54 4753* 48 T: :NSO1 *5W 9 917O O 6 27A A J2TII4 4TMI G W3H 3* B8 DT27 45854 92 8I455 1 * B48
TIAE55 TT365 7UA TET 8A E1 8D *1 V 26VE2<VE> <VE>S91 J2U T83 483NS 32SA7T 9B 23H 3T1TEI8 *M E588 II1163 6EMTA 2T E 3EUS I I E E E EET E SE*EE *MEAST T ENNE YAIO8 *3T53 213 BT 5655T 39185 8T71 AW9642 1J634 W2887 7TT1O 82224
IT33WA9 323* 8 7I E5T6 Z 4699 5T175 75T88 2TL92 5118 *32T1 E EAEE E EV T T T T T

MW Loggings / WCSZ 1070 AM DX Test 0429 UTC 22 August 2020
« on: August 22, 2020, 0432 UTC »
At 0429  WCSZ sent a CW station id on 1070 AM. Station is running a DX test.

I heard two blues songs not sure of the titles but one mentioned New Orleans several times. After the two songs there was a series of SSTV images which was followed by another blues song. That was followed by a message repeated four times which sounded like "this is the kind of rap you don't get used to" or something like that. Off at 0228z.



I actually had my receiver tuned to 6936 AM and set the recorder. I put 6935.5 in my title because that was the frequency reported on HFU Rocket Chat.

I'm modifying my original post of an unid station to WORK, I received this email today and was given permission to share it on HFU.

  The unidentified station you reported with SSTV images on 6935.5 khz at
0:208 UTC on 22 August was WORK broadcasting with 55 watts AM.

North American Shortwave Pirate / unid 6927 USB 0025 UTC 6 Aug 2020
« on: August 06, 2020, 0031 UTC »
Nice signal and playing Born In The USA now.
Seems to be a repeat of the July 4th broadcast.
Announcer id'ed as Zeke but did not give a station id.

QSLs Received / LRA-36 eQSL
« on: July 27, 2020, 1807 UTC »
After trying all these years I finally got it!

I belong to a group that is aviation related and the other day one of the members posted some interesting photos. The following two photos really interest me. If anyone can shed some light on them I would greatly appreciate it, I would also like to send that information back to the other group.

Here are the photos with their related Flickr page with a larger picture available.



QSLs Received / Radio 48 E-QSL
« on: July 15, 2020, 0011 UTC »
Thank you Radio 48 for such a colorful QSL.

For Sale / Wanted / Barter / Kenwood VC-20 and YK-88A-1
« on: July 08, 2020, 1548 UTC »
I have a Kenwood VC-20 and YK-88A-1 that I got in a parts radio years ago. I have no idea if the work and I'm really not inclined to test them in my R-5000. If you would like one or both contact me. My email in my subject line is good.

Utility / RAF Volmet 11253 USB
« on: July 06, 2020, 2345 UTC »
RAF Volmet 11253 USB at 2344z 07/06/2020 strong into northern Ohio.

Weak signal in the noise:


Very weak signal in the noise. Testing various SSTV images.

B/W 12 image sent backwards:

Scottie DX image inverted:

Country and Western music. Followed by a female voice: "this is a demo" "test test" gave an id but could not make it out. Weak in the noise, just above the static.

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