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0246utc s6-s7.
Best signal I've heard, first time I've made out music. Sounds similar to Dr. Who's theme song.

Bacon, BBQ, Beef, And More / Re: Grilled Beef Kebobs
« on: May 13, 2017, 0013 UTC »
MMMmmmmm, those look great. Were those marinated? 

Heard a little then faded out. A few blasts from nefarious radar.

XLR8, I dare you to play some Fantastic Plastic Machine.  8)  

0303 utc,   AAAAAHhhhh yeeaahhh, I'm not familiar with the song, but this has got to be Fantastic Plastic Machine.  Thanks XLR8, coming in well S5... Peaks of S6, coming in very well!

0215utc S5 signal with an S4 noise level but good copy with no lightning flashes to speak of.  Looks like 3KhZ wide.  Twitchin' music man, twitchin'.  

0150 utc S4-S5 I just caught the end. The sun is still up a little.  No lightning or anything. 

I've got a carrier fading in and out in CA with the sun still up.  Seems to get better as sun goes down.

I'm using an SDR. I switched my software and now can hear some music if I turn it way up. The other software had a lot of noise.

Clarinet music.
0156 I heard an ID. ...listening RAdio....send reception reports

I've got the CW IDs in CA. And some heavy metal made it through the noise floor of S4.

I heard you here Radio GAGA.  You were strong. Playing punk type stuff. I went away and then you were gone.

I've got punk music pretty good here. The levels are increasing.  On the fade ups, I have an S7 signal over an S4 noise. Makes for an enjoyable listen, thanks transmitter man or wo-man. 

I heard peskies on LSB and a faint, fading carrier here in CA around this time.


s5 here on California coast.  Signal recently came up to "enjoyable" level which for pirates mean legible with some fades.
CoolAM radio email advertisement.
Jesus rock song now.

Huh? / Re: I DXed my garage door
« on: September 24, 2016, 0029 UTC »
Thats not the important part. Wait, yes it it. It was about 250' away.

I think it says "Trump April 26th."
BUT my conspiracy side says its "Trump will go 26th."  Because you know what happens on the 26th? The Hillary-Trump debate.  So THEY are planning to make Trump "go" at the debate. 

Huh? / I DXed my garage door
« on: September 23, 2016, 1621 UTC »
I drove away from my home today and realized I didn't close my garage door. I knew that the first click would have more juice than subsequent clicks. I was tempted to click it through a chain link fence, but I saved my precious first click. It was all I had to keep me from turning around.  So I backed up to a clear shot, held the clicker high, and it worked! 

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