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North American Shortwave Pirate / KCPR 6875 usb, Jun 26, 2016
« on: June 26, 2016, 0204 UTC »
0200utc, S9, different tunes, currently a woman singing she knows what boys like. "boys like me."

0144utc Yup, I have some RFW on the SDR remote in Sedona, AZ.  S7.  Ladies singing now. Lots of interference.

Ah yas, yas yas yas.  I had it here S7 peaks with an S4 noise floor. It overpowered the lightning noise.  Big band music. Went off at 0442utc.

Heard a little over here in CA when the sun set.  Very faint, I could tell it was music is all. But its a first for me with Cold Country Canada!

0245utc Hearing punk music here. very low noise floor. Weak is coming in about as good as XLR8 tonight in to 'fornia.

0229 utc.  AAAAAaaaaaaaaaawwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahh. I can hear it. Punk type music going now. Stick it to the man, XLR8.

0200utc, I've been getting low audio for about 20min now. Quiet background conditions allow me to hear faint music with quick fade ups now and then.

Sun is fairly high, S5 signal with S3-4 noise level.
0144utc Rage against the machine. Raging in here. Lightning interferes with the audio. I just heard its a short show. OK, he just said goodbye.

Yup, I heard you XLR8. And I heard your ID at the end of your music.  I don't know the former artist, formerly known as Prince's music.  But if I were to venture a guess, I would say, thats what was playing. 

Reception was weak and fair.  Reception was better on my big vertical loop than on my wimpy grounded random wire.

Mostly the deep notes are making it through the noise of the crashing lightning bolts.  

Edit:  Hey XLR8, have you ever heard Gemini Robot by Bird Creek?  Me likey.

0310utc Some music above the noise floor. Signal slowly fades up at the moment. Percussive sounds.  Thanks XLR8.

I hear old timey music on 6925usb, nice and clear. Low noise level. A pirate station on my side of the Mississippi is a rare thing. Thanks for the show, Zed!

Above the noise level here on my 80m vertical loop. At the noise level on my random wire with antenna tuner.  Listening on my portable because its easier than firing up the 'ol SDR and the unholy Windows computer.

0245utc, Louis Armstrong heard. S6 signal with an S5 noise floor. Sounded ok. I hope they play again sometime.

Shortwave Broadcast / 8812 USB, 0154utc, March 29, 2016
« on: March 29, 2016, 1405 UTC »
This is in USB mode. I hear some Asian language at 0154utc. There's a guy and a gal, and some news show sound effects. Then there was music, woman talk, and it went off at 0200utc. 

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