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0016 just signed on with mx.
0019 Roxy Mx - "Love Is the Drug"  --  also being heard on 6959 USB (at S7) with an ~ 2 second delay  ;D
0026 Tom Robinson - "2 4 6 8 Motorway"
0029 YL ID
0030 // 6959 just went off
0031 Hot Chocolate - "Miracles"
0048 "Get Up & Boogie"
0050 ID "Cold Country Canada is situated in Canada", "We're Gonna Boogie Oogie Oogie" (OP sing-a-long version)
0056 ID, Wild Cherry - "Play That Funky Mx"
0103 ELO - "It's Magic"
0109 ID, ment of Pirate Radio Cafe - signal really fading now
0116 ID and presumed off

Presumed CCC?
Near the S3 floor, but thanks for the show!

Got "Love Rollercoaster"?

QSLs Received / Burn It Down Radio eQSL
« on: September 04, 2015, 0153 UTC »
Just received this for BID's Maiden Voyage transmission:

Thanks BID; much appreciated!

0108 "Live and Let Die"
0111 ID
0118 "Cold Country Canada 6969, the weakest pirate station in the nation"
0119 "You Can Go Your Own Way"
0123 "Barracuda", "Feel Like Makin' Love", "Cocaine"

Thanks CCC; S5 peaks here tonight with some deep fading
It is much easier to hear the mx tonight as compared to earlier shows.

Hearing mx near the floor.  Looks like it's been on for the last 20 minutes or so.

1116 AR ID, addy
1128 IDs, addy, and Star Spangled Banner
1130 off

Thanks AR; I'll catch the recorded front end of the show at work!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Liquid Radio 6925.1 AM 0040 UTC 3Sep15
« on: September 03, 2015, 0041 UTC »
Back for an encore with an SIO 333 signal.

0045 Pounding in at S9 now
0048 "Liquid Radioooooo"
0110 Gary Numan - "Cars"  --  Sig is starting to deteriorate a bit here

Thanks LR!

S4 carrier just came up; no audio.

2226 I have dance mx now.
2234 Liquid Radio ID
2300 WWRB FM Liquid Radio ID
2326 off while I was up eating dinner

Thanks Liquid; hope Oly can hear you...

North American Shortwave Pirate / Liquid Radio 6925.1 AM *0100 2Sep15
« on: September 02, 2015, 0100 UTC »
0100 Just s/on with dance mx at about an S7 tonite
0105 LR ID
0117 LR ID, and back to the music

North American Shortwave Pirate / XLR8 6955 USB *0057 2Sep15
« on: September 02, 2015, 0058 UTC »
0057 LZ - "Communication Breakdown"  --  then some audio prob?
0107 Zappa - "Dirty Love"

S7 here, and thanks for the show!

Other / Fishermen 6950 USB 0020 UTC 2Sep15
« on: September 02, 2015, 0026 UTC »
2 OMs in QSO in EE.

General Radio Discussion / A Radio Friend from the Past
« on: September 01, 2015, 1341 UTC »
Next to George Collinet and Leo Sarkisian (of "Music Time in Africa" fame), a fave VOA personality of mine.


Credits to Robert Wilkner in Cumbre DX

While on the subject of the VOA of yore, this might trigger a memory for some of the older guys.  You've probably heard a frag of this song dozens of times, and I ran across this download a few years ago.  It's the theme song - in entirety - from "Music Time in Africa", and is titled "Zamsi", recorded by a nondescript band from Sierra Leone named The Heartbeats.  It was recorded by Leo Sarkisian in the VOA Monrovia studios in 1964.


Hearing mx under a variety of ute and pesc QRM.

0128 Yes - "Roundabout"
0130 CCC ID
0134 "Cold Country Canada.  The weakest pirate radio station in the nation..."
0136 "Black Betty"
0142 Still hearing IDs
0205 still hearing audio occas

Thanks CCC!


I had to run out, and didn't jot anything down so I cannot remember the freq...

2209 a bit of "The Killing Moon" - Echo & tBM popped up here.

very weak

2256 Back on 6950 USB, and stronger with "Killing Moon"
2300 ID and T/C
2301 "you're freaking kidding me.  This isn't the real song!"
2306 ID, "Theme From 2 Mules 4 Sister Sara"    :D   , gunshots!   and horses!
2313 "Heart of Gold"
2316 IDs, "Summer in the City", "Under the Boardwalk", "I Get Around", "Sunshine of Your Love"
2328 ID, "Voodoo Chile"
2343 "Please Stand By", ID, Scottie 1 SSTV

2350 "Space Oddity"
0009 Scottie 1 SSTV (not great copy here; looking like Miley Cyrus with flippers to me)

0011 "Thanks for listening", CW, "Star Spangled Banner"
0013 off

Thanks for the clarification. and the show!

0230 on and right into mx "Burn It Down"
0234 "Hells Bells", "You Shook Me"
0246 "Freebird"
0250 "BID Radio...Burn It Down", "Head Games", "Dirty Laundry"
0304 "I Fought the Law" cover
0306 ID over Linkin Park - "Burn It Down"

S7 here

Some brave soul (who seems to have been on for the last half hour) is giving it a go.  S3 carrier and absolutely no audio here.

0015 Up to S5 with trace audio now
0020 S7 and seeing sideband rendering
0025 Moodies - "Tuesday Afternoon"
0033 off nope still there
0045 I may still be seeing the carrier, but it's getting very hard to tell for certain

Thanks Mr. Mikey!

"It absolutely will not stop...ever."

North American Shortwave Pirate / XLR8 6950 USB 0109 UTC 27Aug15
« on: August 27, 2015, 0111 UTC »
0109 "Rock Steady"
0112 off
0117 hearing more mx intermittently and faintly
0122 Trippy mx
0150 Chooglin' along at S8 now with nice audio! ("He's got the whole world in his hands")
0157 "When You're Strange" cover
0200 XLR8 ID
0205 "...the unburied dead are coming back to life..."
0208 ID over mx ("The Witch")
0215 "Ghosts"
0237 ID and back to very interesting set of mx
0241 "The Hamburger Song"

S5 here initially (what it is, what it is)
Thanks for the Halloween Preview, Radio Station X!

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